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By Linda Yahya


I must admit that I’m a bit of an ~astrology enthusiast~. It is having a bit of a moment right now thanks to apps like Co-Star and The Pattern. But in a bigger sense, also within the context of the amount of uncertainty we face right now (and for many, much worse). There’s no doubt the world is going through unprecedented times, and I think there’s a yearning towards seeking some form of ‘tried and true’ guidance, like the stars. Not that they can even attempt to predict what’s to come with this pandemic, but adding some astrology to your life can certainly help with forming calming rituals. At least it’s the case with yours truly.


Ever since I uncovered an ‘All About Leos’ book at the tender age of eight, I’ve been on a journey of self-discovery through planets and nodes. While the typical ‘strengths’ that are assigned to Leonine humans include passion, optimism, gregariousness and loyalty (no wonder my mom asked the divine universe to have me born a Leo instead of my scheduled birth in September - she really wanted a strong feline woman!), I now understand that someone’s birth chart is beyond complex and there are a myriad of factors that could attribute to one’s personality. SO, here’s a typical day in my life, through the lens of a Leo (☉ Sun, Gemini Rising ⇡ and Virgo Moon ☽).

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6:30 AM

I’m normally NOT a morning person, but I’m also a bit of an insomniac with energy to burn. I can’t stay in bed too long and so once my alarm goes off, I’m up. The first thing I do every morning is grab a glass of (charcoal-filtered!) water, splash some apple cider vinegar in there to promote gut health, and get ready for my AM workout. I’m not really a gym person, either (of course, not now, but also ever), so my routine consists of 20ish minutes of jumping rope while the new season of Made in Chelsea - if you know, you know - plays in the background to make the time go by faster.


7:30 AM

After the rope jumping and a shower, I take five to sit with one of my favourite crystals, Citrine, and set an intention for the day. Citrine encourages self-expression and creativity (plus, I’m really attracted to its orange colour). Side note here - I’m no crystal expert, but I do have a theory on their power: crystals are derived from the earth, as is the chemical makeup of our bodies. We’re all vibrating and I think there’s a correlation between our vibrational frequencies and those of crystals on some sort of an ethereal plane. That’s as far as I’ve gotten and regardless of whether crystals are more placebo than anything, I do love that little morning moment to help me start my day.

Crystals –  Luminosity Crystals


8 AM

Almost my favourite part of the morning - choosing an outfit! Typical astrological lore says Leos love to dress up and have trouble taming it down during the daytime. I am, in this sense, guilty as charged. I don’t have an artistic eye as it pertains to art or photography, but I do love to express myself through clothing. Dramatic puffy sleeves take the reign this AM.

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8:15 AM

This is where my day differs now than what it was a mere month ago. While I used to be out the door for my hour-long walk to work at this time (listening to The Daily podcast), I now settle into my ‘work nook’ at the dining room table. My boyfriend, a Sag sun, is the coffeemaker in the house, so a cup is usually waiting for me before I dive into work (very, very fortunate to have the privilege of an active job at this time).

The Daily Podcast 

I work at Craft PR, a public relations firm based in Toronto. We mainly work on consumer brands, and truly no day is like the last - really! As a people-first agency in the truest sense of the term, we have a flexible policy, which includes working from home - even when it wasn’t mandatory - and unlimited vacation. Our president is inspiring and remarkable (running her own business and raising a family to boot). I’m forever amazed watching her lead with fervour and empathy and so happy to be learning from such a powerhouse (she is a Capricorn, after all!).

Craft PR – Linda


12 PM

I get way too excited about lunch. Anyone else feel like days now revolve around planning meals, making said meals, and cleaning up after meals? Regardless, even in non-coronavirus times, I was always counting down to lunchtime. It’s a moment to take a bit of a break and reset for the rest of the afternoon.


These days, my partner and I take turns making each other lunches and dinners daily. Today, we’re having a hearty salad with many things. Sweet potatoes, beans, beluga lentils? Yes, yes and yes. The weirder, the better.


5:30 PM

Give or take, my work day is usually wrapped around this time (unless we’re working on a launch or an event). Under more normal circumstances, I’d be walking home at this point (snow, rain or shine!), listening to other podcasts like Dolly Parton’s America or Spooked, and making plans with friends to check out the latest new restaurant or head to someone’s house for a get-together. Toronto is definitely a food lover’s city, with new openings happening almost weekly. Tonight, though,I prep for a happy hour Zoom call with friends (themed, duh!).

 Craft PR – Zoom Meeting


7 PM

Dinner time is more creative time. With so many amazing dine-out options in the city, we were never ones to cook at home. But now, with time on our hands, we’ve begun to play around in the kitchen and I LOVE it. We put on some tunes and find a shakshuka recipe to try our hands at. My partner is vegetarian and I’ve become one by proxy over the years. I honestly don’t miss meat much. We’re very into playlists - we throw on 100 Elements w/ YL followed by this Sift playlist by my Cancer friend Dani. Cancers are super intuitive and she must channel that energy when making her playlists - they’re always bang-on in the vibey department.

NYT Cooking – Shakshuka


9 PM

We settle down on the couch over some wine and The OC. We’re re-watching Season 1 and let me tell you, Seth’s jokes still stand the test of time. In this “new normal”, as overused as this phrase is, it’s easy to let anxieties take over. Forever the optimist, I’m instead trying to focus on the once overlooked joys of life - as Summer’s familiar twang washes over me.


– By Linda Yahya

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