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It’s a Tuesday morning, I am flying to NYC from LA. There are a few reasons for my trip. Firstly, am visiting my daughters Mia and Nastasya. Secondly, finishing up a project in Bridgehampton — I scheduled a final inspection for Thursday. Tomorrow I will have to make sure that all’s ready. Also, I will be attending a birthday celebration for my ex-husband upon arrival. By the way, both of my daughters are cooking dinner. Yup… He happens to be my client. Libras are all about relationships.

Today, in order to make the flight, I had to get up earlier than my customary 8 a.m. Checked Instagram — monitoring new followers on Dooz — Mia’s brand.

Next, usually follows another routine, a meditation with my husband. It takes us about 25 minutes. We convene in a special place, overlooking a terrific fig tree in our secret garden.

Alla Kazovsky's photo of a fig tree

Alla DIY Ally Meditation Garden

The space (AKA converted 3-car garage) is conducive to a very meaningful Falun Dafa practice we do together. Meditating with your partner — that’s a Libra activity right there! For me, a triple Libra, attaining tranquility is everything.

Being in a carefully considered environment is utterly important. That must’ve been my internal motivation for becoming an architect. An architect of my own life.

Alla DIY Ally Meditation Space

A Libra in me is afflicted with aesthetic sensitivity.

When at home, I always eat the same thing for breakfast: a waffle topped with plain yogurt and marmalade accompanied by a cup of freshly steeped Earl Grey tea or hot water.

Typically, I treat each day as a separate project. On Thursdays, my husband takes me to Santa Monica Beach where I walk for an hour as he rollerblades. On Saturdays, we hike in Temescal Canyon. On any other day, I plunge into work, which I love, right after breakfast. As a Libra, I thrive on balance.

When traveling, I bring something to work on inflight. I need to be productive; I am a Virgo rising. Today, the plan is to devote a portion of the time to my own birth chart.

My fascination with astrology began about a year ago because of zodiac-inspired Dooz. Having done three charts for the immediate family, I am in the process of dissecting my own. Using Steven Forrest’s approach, I am practicing how to look at the planet in the sign in the house as a unit. My Sun, Moon, and Mercury are all in Libra.

Alla Kazosky's birth chart

To understand the significance of this configuration completely, it’s important to address each sign-planet-house combination separately.

According to Steven Forrest, a BIRTH CHART is a “lesson plan.” Since lessons are relevant only in the areas of ignorance, it presents an evolutionary challenge of fixing what’s wrong and living up to my potential.

Time flies! We’ve landed. An Uber ride and finally in Williamsburg!! The elevator opens right into the apartment. The place is quite familiar, as I’ve designed the interior.

Apartment Interior

Alla Kazovsky's photo of Misha's apartment

So wonderful to see everyone. We are talking, eating. The meal is simple, yet so flavorful. Our dinner menu consists of:

A Libra is supposed to tolerate paradox.

It feels like we saw each other just yesterday. But somehow, I can’t get enough. I’m recharged with affectionate energy. Overwhelmed with a bitter-sweet feeling of being really close yet distinctly apart. Tearing up. I long to hold on. A Libra through and through, I am utterly vulnerable and sensitive.

It was great while it lasted. Jet-lagged, I am sitting alone. But tomorrow is another exciting day for Libra the architect. Action. Climbing the proverbial mountain. Before going to bed, I check Instagram.


- Alla Kazovsky


Cover image and other images courtesy of Alla Kazovsky

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