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By Sophia Kountakis


Saturday, September 7: My first day attending NYFW.

As a fashion and beauty micro-influencer, I am fortunate to attend a few fashion shows – something I’ve always dreamed about. I have my outfits planned out and the makeup looks to go with them. I am a Pisces, so naturally I gravitate towards sea and ocean-themed everything. My look for today is blue and green with neutral hues to balance out the colors. I recently found out my ascendant and moon signs are in Scorpio, which means I’m all water! 


9AM - I wake up nervous – I have a lot to do before my first show at noon! First order of business:  take photos for a Glossier giveaway and post it to instagram. I’m currently a Glossier Affiliate, which is super exciting because it’s a goal I have been working hard to achieve. I love what Glossier stands for, “Skin first, makeup second”, and I totally believe in that. I purchase a lot of Glossier on my own, so it’s nice to receive a small amount of revenue when people purchase through my links. I create weekly tutorials on Insta-stories and occasionally post tutorials on IGTV. 

Glossier products 


10AM - So, let’s get into it! I do a “Get Ready With Me” makeup tutorial via Instagram stories to show how I coordinate my beauty look with my first outfit. I use eyeliner to create a graphic blue shape that comes across my crease. My pro tip: draw small lines while looking straight ahead at the mirror. Don’t move the skin around your eyes or tilt your head too much, this distorts angles of the liner. If you have hooded eyes, draw over the fold of the eye while looking straight to create a continuous wing. I always ground my arms to a desk for stabilization and just take my time. If I mess up, I clean it with concealer or a Q-Tip. 

Sophia Kountakis' Makeup Look #1


10:30AM - Now, back to the outfit... My dress is from COS and has a blue and green watercolor print. My heels are from Marais USA and my bag is a pale blue Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag. My earrings are also pale blue and they are made from polymer clay from the brand Kitsu. In other words, I am a living, breathing, water sign for the first show – how Pisces of me.

Sophia Kountakis' Outfit #1


11AM - I finish getting ready and head to Chelsea to see the Nolcha shows. As a creative person, it completely fulfills a part of me to witness design, fashion, and humans come together to create a piece of work that can be seen, touched, and interacted with.


12PM - The show starts! This particular show was from a Chinese designer. It’s so fascinating to see fashion trends from other countries because they see fashion through a completely different lens. 


12:15PM - After the show, I go outside to take photos of my outfit with my trusty photographer, aka my boyfriend! My boyfriend is a fellow Pisces, and I feel lucky that we get to create images together. We see each other’s direction and he understands my vision for an outfit, while pushing me to try different things. 


2PM- Finally back at my apartment in Brooklyn to eat a late lunch.


3PM - I get back on Instagram stories to transition my makeup for the next look. I fill in my eyeliner to create a very thick, blue, graphic, winged eyelid. I apply cobalt blue eyeshadow with a small flat brush and carefully fill in the lines from the eyeliner. I do this until the shadow is about half way through my lid, then I add some iridescent white eyeshadow and blend it with the blue shadow so to create a gradient across my lid. I touch up the rest of my makeup from the morning by going over it with some foundation powder to take away any oil or creasing. Simple as that!

Sophia Kountakis' Makeup Look #2


4PM - I change into my next outfit, which is much more simple and sophisticated. My top is very formal and completely hides my figure. I love how fashion can distort the human body. 

Sophia Kountakis' Outfit #2


5PM - I head to the Target 20th Anniversary Pop-Up on the Upper East Side. Target brought back all of their designer collaborations from the past years, so I went shopping for some Missoni items.


7PM - I rush back downtown to Pier 59 to attend my last set of shows for the night at Oxford Collective Design Studio, where multiple designers show their collections at once. There were six different small designers, and the outfits were interesting and simple. 


9PM - Dinner date with my boyfriend at Boucherie, a French restaurant, where we unwind, drink lots of wine, and reminisce about the busy day we had! 


Sunday, September 8: My day of rest.

I really need some downtime to refuel my energy and collect my thoughts.


Monday, September 9: My last day of NYFW!

9AM - I wake up and plan my outfit for the day. I want to wear something dreamy with a simple cut. When researching designer Hogan McLaughlin, whose show I’ll be attending tonight, I learn that he designs a lot of long hems and simple cuts. To compliment his aesthetic, I choose  a simple, long t-shirt dress and pair it with some red croc-embossed boots for a fun pop of color.


9:30AM - Now for the fun part – makeup! I want to create a natural, feminine look for today. I start with a pink shadow for the base of my eyelid and then layer a shimmer shadow on top. I love shimmer tones in all colors and intensities because they make anyone’s  eyes pop! 

Sophia Kountakis' Makeup Look #3 


10AM - I head to pick up my Dooz Pisces Céleste Bag, which I’m borrowing for the show tonight! I’ve been eyeing this piece for a while – I love its lime green color because it matches all of my ensembles for the weekend. I meet up with Rachel and Mia, the co-founders of Dooz, at Cha Cha Matcha and I discover that they are Pratt Institute alumni. I’m currently a grad student at Pratt, so I think to myself, “this was meant to be!” We discuss our day, get to know each other’s zodiac signs, and talk about the show I am attending tonight. I can’t wait to showcase this bag! 

Dooz Pisces lime green leather half moon handbag with extended strap


12PM - Lunchtime with my friend. A creative mind has to eat!


2PM - 5PM - Back at school and time for my studio class at Higgins Hall, which is where all the architecture students  design and construct. Right now in studio, we are doing research for a civic center. This year is the experimental studio, so we are diagramming our research instead of presenting it as a written survey. My professor is currently living in Switzerland, so we Skype call him for class – gotta love technology! The session is very quick, but we have lots of corrections to make before next studio class on Thursday. 


6PM - I rush back to Manhattan to catch the Hogan McLaughlin show at Pier 59! I love every single outfit that comes down the runway. The collection has structure, color blocking, geometric cuts, and different materials pieced together. I get to meet some influencers I follow on Instagram and I even come face to face with Kelly Cutrone in the second row! I take photos of every runway show I attend because I find it  fascinating to capture the movement within a split second.


7PM - Home and I cook myself some pasta to reward myself for a long weekend.


10PM - Ahh, bedtime at last! A Pisces needs to sleep well in order to take on the rest of the busy week.


Sophia Kountakis


Cover image courtesy of Sophia Kountakis

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