According To The Experts: Here's How Every Sign Should Approach Quarantine

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By Lauren Rubin


These are trying times. No matter how COVID-19 is affecting you—be it actual illness, financial loss, or emotional grief from the cessation of normal life—I know that it’s hurting in you in some, or many ways. I don’t have the answers.  Many of our government officials don’t have the answers. And even the greatest scientists and medical experts don’t have the “answers”—although they do have very important recommendations for how to flatten the curve of infection, which I urge you to follow as strictly as humanly possible.


Thankfully, mysticism can assist us in our self-care.


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In times of uncertainty and strife, I typically turn to spiritual practices as a guiding light. For me, this might manifest as listening to guided mediations from my favorite teachers, using oracle cards for perspective and clarity, or journaling without censoring to cook up some much-needed inner peace. Another practice I always turn to? Astrology, of course.


There are some fantastic resources available that explain what is currently happening in a cosmic sense. This article is not that. Instead, I’d like us to take a break from trying to understand why this global pandemic is happening; take a break from reading about the latest statistics and symptoms; take a break from watching press conference after press conference, reading news story after news story. It’s time to take a break and take care of you.


The stars are here to help.


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I’ve been delighted by the communal efforts I’ve seen both small and large the last few weeks. So many spiritual advisors I admire and trust have offered up useful content regarding how to care for yourself during this confusing time. Astrology helps us understand ourselves better so we can more accurately predict the behaviors, experiences, and material things we’re most likely to benefit from (or dislike), which is why it serves as a helpful tool in self-care. Since we’re sheltering in place at the moment, all of us need radical self-care now more than ever. 

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Here’s what the experts have to stay, based on your astrology.


Below I’ve synthesized my favorite tips—straight from the experts I love most—on how the signs should seek out calm and maintain sanity during their stay-at-home orders.


Water Signs (Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio): 

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Image source: @jessica_lanyadoo, @laurenfabrizio, @nytimes

1. “Try this journaling prompt: How does a slower pace affect you? How does it feel to have more time to be with yourself and go inward?" – Lauren Fabrizio, Creative Arts Therapist and Intuitive Healer


2. “Watchthe sky, the birds, the trees. Nature documentaries. Anything that makes you laugh.” – Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous 


3. “For water signs it's all about emotional release. If you're lucky enough to be sheltering with a lover, there are infinite ways of doing this. For the single water signs, take showers or baths when you feel overwhelmed, and find time for watching or reading your favorite shows or books, especially if they illicit a good cry or peals of laughter. If you have pets, remember they don't know about social distancing so feel free to maul them with hugs and kisses.” – Jocelyn Romero, Tarot, Astrology, and I Ching Expert


4. “Focus on eating meals that feel good in your body.” – Melanie Herring, Skin + Soul Healer


5. “Make room for the inevitability of the mixed (and often wild) emotions you’re feeling; it’s okay to be all over the place. Just don’t take your overwhelm and project it onto your relationships, your worldview, or your work. Stay in the present, and do your best right here, right now.” – Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer


6. “Learn how to bake bread just to fill your house with the nostalgic scent.” Co—Star Astrology


7. “Start painting and being creative…make some thoughtful gifts for people…[and] take this time to release any built up emotion.” @iamdarianc, Astrology Memeist 


8. [And a bonus one from yours truly!] “Water babies, lean into long bubble baths, hot tea, copious amounts of Netflix, and yin yoga. Bonus points for listening to Chani Nicholas' astrology playlist for your sign while doing any of these activities.” – Lauren Rubin, Dooz Contributor


Fire Signs (Sagittarius, Leo, Aries): 

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Image source: @glowhappiness_beauty@jessica_lanyadoo, @the_numinous


1. “Make an effort to discover something new each day. It could be as small as a word or phrase of the day, or as big as starting to learn a new language on Duolingo. Sincerely X is an amazing podcast choice for gleaning new information, too: it’s a powerful collection of anonymous TED Talks.” – Lauren Fabrizio, Creative Arts Therapist and Intuitive Healer


2. “Play Captain Hook by Megan Thee Stallion…[and] sing and twerk like nobody is watching.” @iamdarianc, Astrology Memeist


3. “[This period] will be much easier to bear if you give yourself permission to slow down and receive the help that is available to you…Even in these days of social distancing, you don’t have to go it all alone. Nourish yourself and others through the simple act of connecting, heart-to-heart.” – Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer


4. “Each morning, to create spark, put on at least one beauty item: blush, earrings, necklace, etc.” – Melanie Herring, Skin + Soul Healer


5. “Fire signs alternate between consuming art and creating it. The Art of Communication counts: reaching out and talking to loved ones, writing in a journal, or broadcasting to the world. This is also a great time to tackle things on the perpetual List of things you usually don't have time to do, like fixing something, cleaning out a neglected area of your home, or training a new skill. Please also do some sort of exercise at least a few times a week; we make our own happy drugs when we workout and those will boost your immune system and mood.” – Jocelyn Romero, Tarot, Astrology, and I Ching Expert


6. “[Finally pick up] meditation: Get an accountability buddy (game-changer) and text each other each time you complete your daily sit.” – Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous


7. “Stay home and come up with the cast of your biopic.” Co—Star Astrology


8. [And a bonus one from yours truly!] “My fiery dolls, keeping your body moving is the perfect recipe for a healthy flow of qi. Learning one of the many dances trending on Tik Tok can inject positivity, laughter, and vitality into your quarantine. (Plus, if you’re over 18, I swear learning one of these dances will fill up an entire day. Boredom, who?)” – Lauren Rubin, Dooz Contributor


Earth Signs (Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus):

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Image source: @midnightbeeglow, @nytimes, @laurenfabrizio


1. “Earth signs will benefit from projects that are physically hands on: ‘artisan’ is your new buzz word. Working out counts, and personally (as a Capricorn) I've got a lot of kombucha brewing and have been doing jump rope and karate in my car port. Remember you don't have to be ultra-productive every day. Right now, being gentle with yourself and relaxing is fighting off the fear and melancholy which might even be more dangerous than the pandemic we're enduring.” – Jocelyn Romero, Tarot, Astrology, and I Ching Expert


2. “Practice a routine every day…[but also] light some candles and relax.” @iamdarianc, Astrology Memeist


3. “Ground yourself with structure by showering each morning and setting aside a few minutes in the evening to put things away.” – Melanie Herring, Skin + Soul Healer


4. “Your nature is to cope with upsets by doing something, and if you feel too out of control or helpless, you’re bound for Trouble Town. Create finite, achievable tasks for yourself that reinforce your sense of agency. Running ideas on a loop or trying to figure things out in a frenzied way will neither empower you with solutions nor promote peace of mind. Calm your heart by busying your hands this week.” – Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer


5. “[Cook some] soup. Meditative to make, easy to digest, and a great way to use up random refrigerator leftovers.” – Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous


6. “Therapeutic artmaking can serve as a great way to induce calm and feel grounded during this time of uncertainty. Try low-stress options such as creating a mandala, getting into coloring books (you can print these from online), or work on some collaging.” – Lauren Fabrizio, Creative Arts Therapist and Intuitive Healer


7. “Eat half of the food you’ve stocked up on in one day.” Co—Star Astrology (Comfort eating is a thing, and I totally support it if you feel called to it during these anxiety-provoking times!)


8. [And a bonus one from yours truly!] “Known as the ‘grounded’ ones, Earth signs might suddenly be feeling a little ungrounded—am I right? If so, try time-blocking your days to retain a sense of order. But be sure to block out dedicated time for full-blown rest in that schedule. Big Productivity™ will have you believing you need to maintain the same level of pre-coronavirus achievement day-to-day, but taking screen breaks, napping, and zoning out with a good book are genuinely useful right now too. Reframe your idea of what ‘success’ looks like when taking care of yourself is now your #1 priority.” – Lauren Rubin, Dooz Contributor


Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius):

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Image source: @underlifemaps, @akrfoundation, @laurenfabrizio 


1. “[Read] Tribe by Sebastian Junger. A reminder that not only are humans built to thrive in times of adversity, but that throughout history global catastrophes have brought us closer together.” – Ruby Warrington, founder of The Numinous


2. “Create a feeling of being in your flow by dressing like you’re going to work on a casual Friday or to meet a friend for coffee.” – Melanie Herring, Skin + Soul Healer


3. “Listen to a storytelling podcast to feel that element of human connection and conversation. My recommendations include The Moth, Mortified, Modern Love, Be Here Tomorrow, Meditative Story, and Poetry Unbound.” – Lauren Fabrizio, Creative Arts Therapist and Intuitive Healer


4. “It’s unrealistic to function at your regular pace when there’s this much turmoil in the world. Your energy is likely to come in fits and spurts this week, and the best thing that you can do for yourself is to slow down and get present—even if that means feeling some unpleasant feelings. Granting yourself permission to be off is a reasonable step towards getting back on, my social friend.” – Jessica Lanyadoo, Astrologer


5. “Torrent all your favorite movies and share them with friends.” Co—Star Astrology


6. “Air signs need consistent fresh air flow so during the day open all the windows and let the air and light in; do this during the nighttime too if weather permits. A plus side of this crisis is that air pollution is dropping dramatically so take advantage of it. Keep your mind stimulated, this is the perfect time to learn something new.” – Jocelyn Romero, Tarot, Astrology, and I Ching Expert


7. “Dive into conspiracy theories…use that big brain to learn something new…[and] shop online but don’t get too crazy.” @iamdarianc, Astrology Memeist


8. [And a bonus one from yours truly!] “If you weren’t a journaler before, now is the time to start, my airy angels. While your sociable selves are probably already on top of having happy hour FaceTimes with friends, your inner chatter deserves attention too. Do a brain dump journaling exercise to sort through any feelings of overwhelm, or write a letter to yourself in five years explaining exactly what you’re feeling, thinking, worrying about, and doing right now. Getting your thoughts out of your head and onto the page is some seriously powerful medicine.” – Lauren Rubin, Dooz Contributor


– Lauren Rubin

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