An Art Modality For Every Zodiac Sign

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Grab the watercolors and the molding clay, my starry-eyed sweets. With a new year upon us, it’s time to reactive and reawaken your creative side. There are countless art projects and unique materials out there to be explored, whether you’re a classically trained artist or have never picked up a paintbrush.


Think you’re not creative? Think again.


Creativity is an inherent element in human nature. Art skills—like any skills—are often learned over time, but there are plenty of art forms that don’t require precision or training to get started. Most importantly, art doesn’t have to be made with the end goal of public consumption.


Let me rephrase that again for emphasis: art can be made for you, and only you. In fact, art actually has therapeutic benefits.


According to Creative Arts Therapist Lauren Fabrizio, art making has been shown to reduce stress; “it is a sensory-motor modality that mobilizes the parasympathetic, restorative energy and can induce effects such as lower blood pressure, and improved heart-rate variability.”


So whether you’re feeling low thanks to Aquarius season’s bleak winter weather, or you’re having stress dreams about your to-do list, art can be the answer. Even depression, trauma, and feelings of ennui can be explored through art.  As Lauren notes, “even if the subject matter is difficult or painful, the act of creation can be cathartic, allowing for a release of intense feelings.”


So, how does this factor into astrology?


Astrology is all about getting to know yourself better and growing through the process of self-discovery. When you understand your proclivities, your strengths, and the “why” behind many of your behaviors, you become more self-aware and expansive.


Art can do just the same: It allows you to excavate your own depths and facilitate healing. So whether you’re looking for a “go-to” art making option or you’re seeking a new creative challenge, read on to discover a list of art modalities for each sign. As always, you may read this article based on whatever planet you’re hoping to get in touch with (e.g. you can read for your Sun sign, Moon sign, Venus sign, etc.).



I always think of youth when I think of Aries. Just like the Fool card (which they’re represented by in Tarot), Aries embody a playfully naïve and spirited energy as the ‘youngest’ sign in the zodiac. And if you’ve found a material more whimsical and childlike than glitter, please give me a call. Aries, you’d do well by playing with glitter paints or making an entire picture out of glue and loose glitter. Just be warned that you might be covered in the stuff for weeks to come—though I’m sure your vibrant, fiery selves won’t mind. 

Lola Rose Thompson Art 



Taurus is a corporeal sign (think luxe loungewear and body butters) so it’s no surprise I’d assign some sensuality to their craft. Sketching or painting nudes is a wonderful way to emphasize physicality in an elegant way that suits a Taurus. Take things abstract, try to draw a nude without lifting your pen from the page (a la @flowsofly), or even paint your own form. However you choose to approach this task, feel into the feminine vibes. Remember: photorealism doesn’t have to be the goal, so don’t get tripped up about the end result.


Sydney Halela Art



Lively, energetic, and communicative, Gemini loves a good conversation-starter. So for the twins of the astro world, I’d suggest a unique craft: the art of coaster-making. Geminis can create artful, abstract designs that’ll have their guests utterly impressed by simply dropping alcohol inks into resin-filled coaster molds. Alternatively, mix powdered pigments or paints into the resin to create a different type of striking design. These eye-catching coasters can be put on display at your next soiree, my lovely Gems, serving as a source of both entertainment and pride.


Lauren Asher Art



Gift-giving is the ultimate love language for Cancers; they simply love to make others feel cared for. With that in mind, a style of art that doubles as a thoughtful present suits this sensitive sign. Marrying the easy, watery nature of watercolors with the precision of masking fluid creates an opportunity for show-stopping art. Simply trace your design lightly in pencil (be it a quote, a drawing, or geometric shapes), cover the lines in masking fluid, and then get to work with the watercolors once the masking has dried. (Here’s an easy tutorial for making gradient watercolor washes, and one on using masking fluid to get you started.) My sweet Cancer Crabs will now have a piece of art that serves as a greeting card or a desk-friendly work of art for their loved ones. 


Sarah Foat Art



Go gold leaf-crazy, Leos. Your sign is ruled by the metal gold, so it’s only natural that your shiny selves would do great by working with gilded materials. Embellish a sketch with sheets of gold leaf or make an entire portrait or painting using the liquid version. The best part is that even the simplest and most rudimentary drawings can look extra special with a dash of gold, so almost no technical skill is required.


Anna Pietrzak Art



Coloring between the lines can actually result in some stunning work. (Great news for my order-loving Virgos!) Just ask Josie Lewis, whose mesmerizing, repetitive style of art turns basic shapes and repeated motions into colorful, frame-worthy pieces. Try using one of her free downloadable templates if you’re in the mood to follow directions, or try coming up with your own shape, pattern, or movement to repeat over and over until it becomes art. Plus, according to Lauren Fabrizio, “skills practiced in art making – such as experimentation, relying on one’s intuition, tolerating mistakes, and increasing comfort with vulnerability – can be extended into day to day life." Great news for all of us perfectionist-focused folks.


Josie Lewis Art



Libras are experts in aesthetic taste and they simply love to be surrounded by beautiful things: gorgeous people, exquisite homes, and striking art. Because Libra is associated with partnership, a show-stopping abstract diptych to hang over a couch or in the entryway will be the dazzling focal point they’re looking for. Since Libras are patient and thoughtful, they’re also willing to put the time into art that requires multiple layers. Here’s a great video to get you started with the abstract acrylic style; just repeat for a second twin canvas, or place two canvases together to create one massive painting, then separate at the end for dramatic effect.


Lauren Asher Art 



Scorpios are mysterious. So is the outcome of an acrylic pour. Fluid painting, or acrylic pouring, is the perfect option for these guys because it’s fluid (ideal, since they’re water signs) but it also requires an element of surrender and embracing the unexpected. The best part? An acrylic pour can never be repeated exactly the same – so each piece is totally and complete unique, just like each and every Scorpio. Dearest Scorpios, plan to channel your famous intensity into the preparation—color choices, how you choose to layer the paints, etc.—and then let it all out in the cup. Check out this resource for all things needed to begin.


Lauren Asher Art



Sagittarians are philosophical and like to look at the bigger picture in life. They’re also known for being curious and explorative, and as avid lifelong learners, they undoubtedly have plenty of magazines and newspapers lying around. Your assignment, my darling Sag? Collage art. This is your chance to pore through all of your reading material in the quest to find your perfect collage elements. Zoom in, and the final product will represent your personality and interests; zoom out, and it will tell a grander story of your choosing.


Otha Davis III aka Vakseen 


Caps are goal-oriented and productive by nature, and as an earth sign, they’re also quite tactile. Jewelry-making is the perfect craft for these celestial sweets since it requires repetitive motion and commitment—something success-driven Capricorns are seriously suited for. In addition to working with metals or string, you’re highly encouraged to play around with various crystals and stones. In particular, try garnet or turquoise, two crystals associated with this sign. Stringing beads is an easy way to get started with jewelry-making, but if you want to get more advanced and work with wire, check out this tutorial online.


Robin Mollicone Jewelry



While people often think of Aquarius as a water sign, they’re technically air babies. And what’s more airy than…space? In this case, a watercolor-based galaxy painting would be perfect for Aqua folks. Since many Aquarians already feel a bit like aliens (they’re known for being a little strange or eccentric—in a good way!), painting a galaxy might actually feel like home. Looking up at the painting later will remind them of the vastness of the universe and the significance of protecting this planet. Aquarians are natural humanitarians, so that's sure to stoke their altruistic fire. 


Paulina Nachman Art



Pisces have a certainly slippery quality to them. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, Pisces are mysterious, hard to pin down, and forever “in their feelings.” For this reason, working with alcohol inks on yupo paper (a type of slick, satiny paper) allows these Fishes to go with the flow and blend the inks into wispy, ethereal clouds. Looking for some direction? Astuary Art has a great channel on YouTube with plenty of videos for these ever-emotional water signs to get started.


Astuary Art by Marissa Recker


The start of a new year encourages us to expand and explore, so be open-minded to new art forms and to creating art for the purpose of joy and restoration.  Experiment with one, some, or all of the various art modalities above, regardless of your star sign. Follow directions or make up your own. Explore art-related hashtags on Instagram. Visit art museums and read the piece descriptions. See what materials were used and create a work of your own.


If you’re interested in taking the curative benefits of art making a step further, consider working directly with a Creative Arts Therapist like Lauren Fabrizio. “I find that using art with my clients helps them to find their voice and connect to their own authentic creative expression," she shares. "Creating art in the context of a therapeutic setting can be additionally beneficial, because the art therapist brings skills and knowledge to facilitate a healing process.”


Eager to get your hands on some paint in a therapeutic setting? Search for Creative Arts Therapists like Lauren in your area here.


– Lauren Rubin

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