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An Interview with Niki Takesh, Comedic Actress and Designer

We’re here with Niki, our one-of-a-kind Aquarius. Not only is Niki hilarious, outgoing and outspoken, she is involved with so many creative things, sunglass mogul being one of them. She’s looking artsy (even for a comedic actress). She’s flirty, likes the moon and roses – OH, and her birthday is on Valentine’s day!

Originality, along with a vision of the future, mark the brilliance of Aquarius at its shining best. Talk about your strengths.

“I actually do have strengths, which I think is rare for a lot of people. I don’t really take anything seriously, which is definitely a strength, but it’s also a weakness. But mostly a strength. I’m really funny and a lot of people aren’t.”

Aquarians’ outward appearance of calm and detachment can be deceiving. Any weaknesses?

“Sometimes, I’m too chill and it backfires. I’m late or forget things, not worrying enough, which leads to some disasters.”

Weird birthday memory?

“It depends on your definition of weird. My birthday is Valentine’s day and basically all my birthdays have been weird because of that. My 21st birthday in Vegas was definitely interesting. There was a rollercoaster and a bathtub. I won a lot of money. I saw Britney Spears in concert – well, that was my 22nd. My birthday is always weird because it’s Valentine’s day and people take their relationships really seriously. It’s always fun because it’s Valentine’s day."

Sounds like you go all-out for your birthday! Favorite shape?

“Are hearts geometric? They are, right? If not, they are now.”

They say that an Aquarius’ heart belongs to the world… Dooz loves your sense of humor and cool-headed charisma. That was a fun interview, very entertaining! We will be reaching out to you next Valentine’s day! Embrace your quirky side like Dooz Muse Niki in the Aquarius Sweater-T and Aquarius Céleste Bag.

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