Astro Lessons: Here’s What Each Sign Can Learn From Gemini

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By Lauren Rubin 


Welcome to this installment of Astro Lessons, where we’ll take a look at Gemini—an outgoing, mutable sign ruled by Mercury and represented by the Twins—and find out what the rest of the zodiac can learn from these curious chameleons.

In pop astrology, Gemini is known as a somewhat controversial sign. (Although, I have to say—save for Trump and Kanye, I don’t really get it.) Sure, an unbalanced Gemini can be two-faced, disingenuous, and self-serving in their pursuit of personal pleasure at the sake of others’ expense. But a balanced one? What a catch.

Geminis can be vibrant. Magnetic. The most fun friend you have. Intelligent, resourceful, and amazing orators, too. Geminis light up a room, stoke a conversation, and literally are the party.

So in honor of Gemini season, I want to dive into what each sign in the zodiac can learn from these charming Twins. Whether you’d do well by embracing their witticism or taking a page from their book on mutability, there’s a quality that each and every one of us can adopt from dear Gemini.



In some ways, we find a lot of similarity between Aries and Gemini. Both are known for their energy and dynamism, and boy do they both love to argue. But when it comes to the art of debate, there is a key difference between these two. While Gemini somewhat innocently argues—(either side, might I add)—for the sake of creating thought-provoking dialogue, headstrong Aries mostly argues to make a point: their point. With a fiery Aries, it tends to be their way or the highway.

In fact, Rams are known to hold major grudges.

Conversely, Geminis are notorious for their inability to maintain a long grudge. Fun is their top priority, so they see no need to stew and simmer over a days-old argument. While I’d never tell an Aries to tamper their fire (it’s what makes them them!), trying to be less intense about the grudge-holding and less aggressive in their arguments could be a major win for these folks. Remember, Rams: debates can be healthy, and even spark curiosity. You don’t have to destroy your opponent.



Let’s get out with it: Geminis don’t like routine. Dare I say some of them are allergic to it? They have a characteristic adventurous spirit and an iconic “say yes” attitude that translates to some enviably cool life experiences. But to your average Taurus, routine is king. Patient, methodical, and determined, Bulls thrive with consistency and regularity. And while there’s nothing wrong with stability in your schedule—it’s what makes Tauruses so great at accomplishing their goals!—sometimes, life can be made better with a dash of unpredictable flavor.

Taking a page from Gemini’s book, I’d suggest Taurus learn to be a little bolder and more audacious at times. While it may feel uncomfortable and take some practice to work that impulsively adventurous muscle, you can’t deny that some of the most exciting and memorable life experiences come when we say, “fuck it, why not?” to something daring and new.


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Sensitivity is one of the first words that comes to mind when I think of a Cancer. Although…whether you see that sensitivity or not is another story.

The Crabs of the zodiac aren’t always willing to take off their hard shells and let you see the tender meat—deeply caring, empathetic, highly sensitive—housed inside. Sensitivity is a superpower, and you won’t change my mind about that. But Cancers could benefit from watching how Gemini responds to the world.

Geminis are tough. You can debate with them all day long, and they won’t take the argument or your opinion personally. For them, heated discussion and investigating different viewpoints is just plain interesting. They’re also great at taking a joke without turning it into a reflection of their worth. Generally, Geminis run high on self-esteem. So Crabs, let’s attempt not to read every argument or offhand comment as a personal attack. Deal?



Leos value honesty, which can be a helpful and even beautiful quality. But in the wrong situation, this can come off as incredibly blunt and rude. Brutal honesty has its place in the world, but not every relationship dynamic in your life can handle it, dear Lion.

Why not borrow from Gemini, one of the four mutable signs in the zodiac? Mutable signs are characterized by their adaptability and shape-shifting skills; they remain flexible, so that they can tailor their approach and behavior to the present situation. This is why über-charming Gemini has such an incredible success rate of making others feel special. In turn, they tend to get what they want and get farther in life thanks to those next-level wooing skills.

All I’m offering my fiery Lions is to consider when adaptable charm might be more valuable than sharing a blunt opinion—say, in a networking situation, or with a significant other—and see how much greater your return is.


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As an Earth sign, Virgos are pretty down to earth and aren’t known for being flashy. In fact, Virgos can be notoriously hard to read until you get to know them on a more intimate level. Discovering more about the inner life, interests, and opinions of this deeply private sign isn’t the easiest task you’ll come across.

Though I’m not here to suggest a personality change, I do want to make clear to my Virgins that being a little more materialistic doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

In fact, consider Gemini’s approach. They use an interest in fashion and self-presentation to communicate originality, personality, and zest. You don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb in the crowd, but why not buy yourself a piece of statement jewelry, an “it” bag of the moment, or rock printed pants that will turn a few heads? Bolder fashion and accessories can communicate a story about your inner world, helping others understand you better. Try communicating your personal flair through some jazzy new garb and see how the world responds differently. 


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Libras are ruled by Venus (the planet of love), so it’s no surprise they’re strongly associated with partnership. In fact, when Libras settle down, they make some of the best partners in the zodiac.

Unfortunately, this quest for partnership can become obsessive for some. Whether that manifests as hopping from bed to bed, or jumping from one serious relationship to the next, it’s important for Libras to remember: a partner is not responsible for making you feel whole.

This proclivity towards partnership is fundamental for the Scales, but their greatest benefit will come from finding independence and cultivating comfort with singledom first. Take Gemini, a sign that is adventurous and social by design. They fill their lives with excitement from every angle, not just from a romantic partner. So what can Libra learn from the Twins? Try taking a self-imposed sabbatical from dating to explore more solo adventures or find fulfillment in your friendships. That way, you can avoid the dynamic of seeking a partner to make you feel “complete,” and instead view a significant other as a wonderful addition to your already booming social scene.



A possessive but loyal Scorpio wouldn’t dare flirt with another person once they’re “all in” on a relationship. And while I’m certainly not suggesting that anyone cross the line in their partnership, a healthy dose of innocent flirting—with the bartender, your Uber pool seatmate, the mailman—can actually be good for some Scorpions.

Gemini is a notoriously flirty sign, but not in a way that should anger you; they just naturally spread their charm everywhere they go and enjoy the lift they get from a casual flirt. I know some Scorpio’s will agree when I say you guys might benefit from toning down your relationship intensity just a touch, no? Shifting the dynamic from obsessive to something a little healthier, like devoted, is the ultimate sign of balance for starry Scorpions.

One way to do this? A little innocent flirting here and there—à la Gemini—can keep your partner off an unrealistic pedestal.



While Gemini is always open and adaptable to new ideas, Sagittarius is pretty attached to their opinions about what is right and true. Admittedly, as philosophical thinkers and intellectuals, Sagittarians are often justified in those well-researched opinions. But the dynamic of always being the teacher doesn’t continuously serve you, dear Archer.

Gemini is always looking at the other side of things, and forever willing to adjust their opinion based on a constant influx of new knowledge. In fact, that’s why some people call them two-faced: they can argue either side in a debate! If Sagittarians can take a beat from Gemini and learn to be more flexible in their opinions (aka, if they can learn to be students again), they’ll only become smarter, more curious, and more empathetic. And doesn’t that sound like the ultimate goal?



I have some important news, my Mountain Goats. Sometimes, intelligence and money don’t cut it when it comes to the kind of success you’re aiming for. In fact, charm is so important that it can actually get you farther in life than a great education or a fat chunk of change. Since Capricorns are business-minded, they already know the importance of networking. But be honest: can you guys improve upon those skills?

Take a page from Gemini, an ultra-charming sign that knows just what to say to make their conversation mate feel like the most important person in the room. Geminis use their magnetism and mutability to shift their networking approach—aka, they know how to ‘read the room’—and I promise you, it takes them farther than you can possibly imagine. Start focusing on increasing your EQ and sharpening your communication skills and see your success skyrocket.



Fiercely independent and unique, Aquarians can sometimes appear cold or distant because of the value they place on individualism. That is to say, the Water Bearers don’t waste any energy trying to change who they are to fit in or appear relatable to others. While I personally admire their staunch commit to being so themselves, it can come off as impersonal. Relating to others doesn’t have to come at the cost of “being you,” Aquarius!

Gemini’s versatile, inquisitive nature naturally makes others feel welcome. It’s not that Gemini puts on a different personality in each conversation; rather, they take an interest in what matters to their cohorts and simply adjust their topic of conversation or approach. As a fixed sign, Aquarius might initially find this difficult. But learning to embrace a little bit of mutability doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice of your individuality. It simply makes you an even better citizen of the world.


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As a Pisces myself, I’m the first to admit we’re not the best communicators. In fact, one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is to just…tell people? what’s going on? in my head? Revolutionary.

Pisces is a notoriously deep and emotional sign, but much of that intensity and turmoil is experienced solely in our heads. When unbalanced, Pisces tend to isolate, convince themselves they’re misunderstood, and close off to others. So, the first lesson the zodiac’s Fish can take from Gemini is take some of that processing out of their heads and into their throats.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, and Geminis tend to work through their problems or thought processes by talking out loud to a friend or loved one. So the next time you’re feeling sad or tortured, Pisces, can you try to talk to a friend instead of suffering in silence? I promise if you promise.


In honor of Gemini season, try to implement the advice above if it resonates with you. In addition, tell your favorite Gemini how much—and why—you appreciate them. They love praise (as long as it’s genuine!) and will be the first to compliment you back.

Lauren Rubin 

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