Your Cancer Season Forecast

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By Nia McDow –


June 21st: Sun enters Cancer

After a long, beautiful, and somewhat chaotic Gemini season we move into Cancer season. This energy is going to feel dreamlike and emotionally charged. Cancer season will bring deep and complex emotions to the surface. Be empathetic and allow yourself to be open to experiencing this energy of feeling. Cancers constantly remind us how beautiful emotions can be. Happy Birthday Cancers! And I hope everyone enjoys Cancer Season!

June 22nd: Venus enters Gemini

With Venus entering Gemini you may feel bored in your romantic relationship(s). If you're in a relationship, try incorporating an exciting date to change up your routine. And if you’re single, this is a great time to open the door to meeting someone new!

June 28th: Neptune Retrograde & New Moon in Cancer

Neptune is the planet of dreams and spirituality. Neptune Retrograde isn’t a transit you need to worry about - it spends half the year in retrograde and offers us an opportunity to reflect on our dreams. Neptune Retrograde is here to assist you with those dreams and turn them into reality.

The Sun and The Moon will both be in Cancer during this new moon – so you know it’s going to be a powerful one. The Moon is ruled by Cancer so this energy is going to feel really comforting and ‘home like’. The outcome of this new moon is going to be optimistic, light hearted and full of blessings. – This is a great time to manifest!

This New Moon is going to be exactly conjunct – so this is a great time to do things you naturally enjoy and show your truest most genuine self. The people around you are going to accept you with open arms.  

All signs will feel this lovely energy but especially check your chart for any Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn placements. Look at what houses they are in and what that represents to see what will come to light for you specifically!

July 5th: Mars enters Taurus & Mercury Enters Cancer

Mars in Taurus will provide strength and stability to your communication. This can be a patient position, but your patience wont last long if you come into conflict. Stay grounded with this energy of action and desire.

When Mercury enters the sign Cancer, you’re going to be drawn to being alone with your thoughts. Use this energy to really rely on your intuition and feeling. You may find it harder to express yourself throughout the next few weeks as this energy will draw you into yourself. Use your heart and your emotions to guide you into success.

July 13th: Full Moon in Capricorn

On July 13th we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. Take out your crystals, candles and moon water because this one is a strong one. This Full Moon is going to be great to manifest and re-evaluate our current work life and future goals. This energy will help us make mature and logical decisions connected to work life balance and what we are achieving.

This Full Moon squares Chiron, so you may feel overwhelmed by any career demands that effect your relationships with your family & friends. This energy shows strong issues with power dynamics, government, rules and regulations. For some of you struggling in a job or career, this energy is going to show you whether its time to make a change.

Once again check where you have cardinal placements (Cancer, Aries, Libra and Capricorn) Look at what houses they are in and what that represents to see what will come to light for you specifically!

July 17th: Venus enters Cancer

After having Venus in Gemini, it’s going to fall into Cancer on July 17th. This energy is very nurturing and emotional. We may find ourselves feeling more sensitive during this time which can cause a rollercoaster of emotional ups & downs within romantic relationships. Deep and emotional conversations are encouraged as this is a great time to get to know your partner on a deeper level. If you’re single this can bring a feeling of loneliness, and I encourage you to find ways to deeply cherish yourself and your own emotional needs.

July 19th: Mercury enters Leo & Chiron Retrograde

After having Mercury in empathetic Cancer. Mercury enters the sign of Leo, expect to feel prideful about your opinions and perspectives. Use this energy and boost of confidence to be more social. Hang out with friends or attend an event you’ve been wanting to go to.

Chiron is the placement that surrounds our pain and how we can overcome them through healing. Not many people talk about this placement, however its very important in understaffing your life journey. This retrograde is meant to show us whether we have addressed our wounds or simply temporarily covered them. Chiron supplies the support we need to be able to allow ourselves the time and energy to do the proper shadow work (shadow work: inner healing of the unconscious by tapping into your intuition and understanding of ones self). So that we are able to truly heal from our wounds and allow for growth.

Chiron can seem like a scary placement because it surrounds topics of trauma, but think of her like a teacher. She is there to guide us towards the work that needs to be done.

July 22nd: Sun enters Leo

The end of Cancer season, time to welcome Leo season x

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