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An Interview with Enga Domingue, Student, Lifestyle Advisor, Retail Sales Associate, and Model

Enga is a polished, accomplished, ambitious Capricorn. She’s a student slash lifestyle coordinator slash retail sales associate slash style advisor slash model – there's nothing this girl doesn't do! One of her many recent accolades is being the face of Glossier’s Skin Tint and Stretch Concealer (check her out on slide G4). We are literally drawn to the vital forces that define her personality.

Capricorns have great faith in their own power. What traits of that sign are you attuned to?

“As a Capricorn, I would definitely say that I’m hardworking, organized, structured, disciplined. But I come off, I guess, most of the time, as a little bit indifferent.”

Capricorns don’t like to depend on anyone. How does that indifference pan out in interactions with others?

“I would say that being perceived as ‘indifferent’ makes it harder for people to feel close or comforted by you. But I would like to think that I’m combating that. I am starting to feel a little bit warmer and more connected to others.”

Above all, Capricorn represents endurance. Tell us more about your strong personality.

“I think that I am really loyal, a good friend, lover and family member. I think that whatever I do, I do it 3,000% and if you’re my friend, I treat you as if I knew you my entire life.”

The best way for a Capricorn to achieve her goals is by maintaining integrity and clarity in all of her pursuits. Can you tell us a bit about what you’re studying in college?

“I am studying advertising and graphic design. It has allowed me to combine my creative strengths with my organizational, more structured patterns. It’s been really fun so far. I genuinely enjoy it.”

That’s great you love what you’re studying. Do you have a weird birthday memory?

“I don’t have a weird birthday memory, but my best friend and I are born one day apart, four hours apart. Our moms are best friends and were pregnant together and gave birth on the same night. So we celebrate our birthdays together every year, and that’s beautiful!”

How special! What draws you to the zodiac?

“I think that astrology is really telling. If everyone allowed for astrology to be a part of their studies or to be a part of their daily lives, the world would be a better, more thoughtful place. Having astrology in my life from a young age has made me a very understanding person. I always take into account the different personalities and the complexities of human nature and human personas.”

How did you come to astrology so early in your life? Who introduced you to it or what brought you to it?

“My parents, my dad mostly, taught me about astrology. From a very young age, I was aware of the more esoteric and spiritual side of things. From re-aligning your chakras to having a balanced solar plexus.”

By any chance, do you have a favorite geometric shape?

“A triangle. Definitely a triangle. I feel like most capricorns would say square, but I think triangle for sure. Three things, that’s sexy, ménage à trois and all that stuff. So yeah. Three.”

Thank you, Enga! As a Capricorn, you are born with the ability to utilize everything you see, hear, and learn. Your Capricorn Sweater-T and Capricorn Céleste Bag are a perfect reflection of that!

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