Virgo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Sheida Arbabian

Sheida Arbabian is a very organized Virgo with a shockingly similar birth chart to Beyoncé. She even has a passion for contemporary dance, much like Queen B. Sheida caught up with The Scope to discuss goals of becoming a choreographer and holiday traditions from her childhood. 

What are your big 3 – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

I’m a Virgo Sun, Leo Moon and Libra rising. My chart is basically the same as Beyoncé so I might qualify as a psychopath. I don’t know much about astrology to give my personal insight, but what I do know about myself is that I’m overly dramatic and constantly overthinking. 

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

Modeling pays the bills, but my true passion is for contemporary dance – I am working towards being an established choreographer.

Dooz muse wears printed white cotton bandana in Virgo sign as top

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope?

I do not read my horoscopes but I do get a cryptically accurate reading from Co-star...does that count? 

What's your favorite holiday? (Yes, your birthday counts as a holiday!)

My favorite holiday would have to be Halloween, I love everything from the weather, the leaves, to the dressing up and the spookiness of it all. I love having a good reason to dress up and eat candy.

We all miss parties, gatherings, and events of all sorts. If you could plan your ultimate shindig what would it look like? Who would be there? What would go down?

If there’s one thing this year has taught me is to be grateful for the little things in life, I don’t care for the parties and gatherings. All a girl needs is a nice dinner at my favorite restaurant with my girls, no masks or tequila scented hand sanitizers involved.

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve given recently? How are you approaching gift giving this holiday season?

I usually give gifts by hosting a special night for my loved ones followed by a nice dinner. This year I will be cooking and baking for everyone I love (pandemic and all) because we’re on a tight budget!

If you could give someone one DOOZ piece, who would it be and what would you give them? Would you pick their sign?

My roommate, E. I’d definitely pick her sign, she’s a Libra and has taught me so much about astrology.

#Dooz muse Sheida Arbabian wears Virgo printed white cotton bandana

DOOZ partnered with Actually Curious to get to know Claire a little bit deeper. The following are a few questions from their thoughtful, question-based card game:

What were the holidays like for you growing up?

The holidays were sweet, my mom (who is a Virgo as well) and I would put up and decorate a color coordinated tree the first few days of December. I caught on very early that Santa wasn't real when on nights of Christmas Eve I’d find my mom wrapping my gifts, I’d just sit there and watch her from the top of the stairs eating those dry coconut cookies I left out and drink that glass of milk.

What foods remind you of home?

Steak, plantains, rice n beans. My fav!

I wish I could share _____ with human kind.

My organizational skills – then maybe I wouldn’t have to do most things myself.

Imagine yourself in the future. What will your greatest life accomplishment be?

My greatest accomplishment will be having no regrets and remaining true to myself.

To wrap up the Actually Curious portion of this interview, a featured Virgo question: What are three crucial routines that you keep?

I must not be a Virgo because I can hardly keep a routine together.

Dooz muse Sheida Arbabian wears Virgo white cotton bandana

Festive string lights or scented candles?

Scented candles.

Early bird or night owl?

Early bird.

Someone hands you the AUX at a party, what do you play?

Hey google! Play “Itty Bitty Piggy by Nicki Minaj”

What’s your one beauty secret?

I only apply mascara on the outer corner of my lash line to create a cat-eye effect, does that count as a beauty secret?

How would you style your DOOZ pieces for a night out?

I’d wear the Virgo Céleste Bag with an all black outfit and my platform boots.

If you were to select one color from the DOOZ celestial rainbow, what would your power color be and why?

It would have to be the Virgo burgundy. I usually gravitate towards darker colours and nothing says sexy but classy more than burgundy.

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day?

I play music and stare aimlessly at the ceiling or out the window. I also journal when my anxiety is at an all time high.

Any given day is incomplete without…?


What are your favorite DOOZ pieces and why?

I love the Céleste Bags. The bag is a perfect, simple piece to add to an all black outfit!

Dooz zodiac leather half moon handbags in Virgo burgundy, Sagittarius fuchsia, and Aquarius cobalt

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