What To Expect From Eclipse Season

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 By Nia McDow –


What is Eclipse Season?

An eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth align. It creates chaotic, dreamy and one of the kind energy. We’ve just had our first solar eclipse on April 30th in Taurus and the second one is set for May 15th at 12:15 am (EST). If you have Taurus or Scorpio placements you will really be sensitive to this energy, however it effects every sign.

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On April 30th you may have encountered an event surrounding a foundation in your life, drama or a downfall. This event is important because it will effect at-least the next 6 months of your life. I recommend writing about this day so that you can revisit it in the future, it may hold answers that unreal themselves within the next few months.

April 30th – May 15th  (the two weeks between the eclipse). These two weeks are going to feel dream like. They have neutral energy compared to the two eclipses. You may experience vivid dreams, insomnia or trouble sleeping. Think of this time as a calm before the storm.

May 15th 12:15 am EST - Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio – Sun in Taurus. Think of a Lunar Eclipse like a strong Full Moon. The theme is surrounding letting go, but to a larger scale. The truth will become known and we are letting go of the negativity surrounding us that no longer serve us. This will be something difficult to end and it may not occur immediately but it's going to feel good releasing this chapter.

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Follow these tips and tricks for a smooth Eclipse Season:

1. Don’t manifest around an eclipse.

Eclipse energy is unpredictably up and down, it’s best not to manifest during this time.

2. Don’t be hard on yourself.

We all get down on ourselves from time to time, whether we can control it or not. With the strong energy you may find yourself judging yourself more and harder than usual. Now that you’re aware, try to be easier on yourself. You are in the place you are suppose to be, the universe always has your back. Don’t worry

3. Release negativity or anything that no longer serves you.

Anything or anyone that is no longer bringing you peace and happiness should go. The lunar eclipse will make these things obvious, listen to it. It will help your growth.

4. Rest, Relax & Self Care.

This energy is exhausting. Indulge in self-love – buy something you’ve had your eye on, get yourself a nice meal and relax. This will help you get through eclipse season and come out stronger!


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