Feeling The Tension? Here's What Astrology Has To Say

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By Lauren Rubin –


It’s not exactly an astrologically *breezy* moment in time right now. Good old Mercury retrograde is (somehow) back again—at least for the last time this year!and we’re also swimming through the intense and shadowy waters of Scorpio season. Additionally, we’re approaching a powerful New Moon on November 14th that’s also in Scorpio, amplifying these heavy, mystical tides. The cherry atop this somewhat chaotic sundae is the upcoming presidential election, which is emotionally weighty in more ways than I can count. All of this is to say, you deserve a deep breath so take one with me right now.

Now, what does this all translate to? The current astrology likely suggests that you’re not having the easiest go of it right now. Your mood might be more tense than usual, you may require more sleep and alone time than you’re typically accustomed to, and some of your behaviors might be driving you insane—like losing your keys or regrettably texting your ex.

Thankfully, DOOZ is here to save the day. The most important thing to remember about “tougher” astrology is that it doesn’t = bad. It simply asks you to pay attention to the energies of the moment and adjust accordingly so that you can work with what the cosmos are doling out. (Or protect yourself, if that feels right, too).

Keep reading for a dive into the moment’s current astrology, plus tangible ways to work with—not against—the present energies for the most possible harmony.



What does it mean for me right now?

Scorpio is a water sign associated with mystery, depth, and intensity. Highly emotional yet fiercely secretive, Scorpio is perennially ~in their feels~ so you may be personally picking up on that energy over the coming weeks. Famously, Scorpio season always falls during Halloween/Samhain, so even in these days and weeks following the end of October, the spooky, otherworldly vibes remain. As Chani Nicholas so perfectly states about this season, “Scorpio knows that decay is just as important as growth in nature's great cycles.”

It’s also crucial to note that an unbalanced Scorpio can be jealous, resentful, and spiteful, wielding it’s sharp, stinging tail. I share this because you should be extra mindful that these energies may be present in yourself and others right now. (Especially as it relates to the election, since a certain racist, orange-tinted official has admitted that he won’t accept a loss with grace or peace.)

Your DOOZ-Designated Action Plan:

  1. Be a little more private than usual – whether that’s posting less on social media, spending more time by yourself, or simply sharing a little less in conversation. In more extreme cases, that could even mean taking yourself on a (safe) staycation away from the hustle and bustle to be alone with your thoughts and your processing. Scorpio is a notoriously mysterious sign, and now is your moment to borrow some of that secrecy and carve out a little more private time with your inner monologue.
  2. As I mentioned earlier, Scorpio can swing more easily than most into jealousy and possessiveness, so be acutely aware that you’re under the influence of that lunar vibe right now. Try to avoid any situations that might trigger such feelings, or repeat daily affirmations about your sense of emotional security and non-attachment if you can’t avoid provocation.
  3. Get in touch with the powerful sensuality of this season. Scorpio is often associated with sex and intense intimacy, so develop your own recipe for enhancing that energy. Ideas include:
    • Nurturing your creative side, because creative energy = sexual energy. Feed the artistic side of yourself any way that feels right, but bonus points if you make it extra Scorpio-like by picking a moodier craft such as painting with red wine.
    • Amp up your partnered exploration in an exciting, connected way, such as filling out the Yes, No, Maybe list.
    • Women in particular hold a LOT of trauma in their hips, so try some simple yogic hip rolls to break up that negative energy and enhance feelings of personal sensuality.
    1. Dark hues like black, maroon, and navy are Scorpio colors, so incorporate them—lipstick, painted nails, a Scorpio Sweater-T, you name it.



    What does it mean for me right now? 

    Not so fast — before you breathe a sigh of relief when you note that Mercury Retrograde ends tomorrow, keep in mind that you will still be influenced by its shadow period (the “retroshade”) for up to two weeks after it ends. According to the beloved Astro Twins, “after a planet is retrograde, it goes through a period called ‘stationing,’ where it’s adjusting to the U-turn. We may feel its effects ramping up or winding down like the lingering fumes of a car with a bad exhaust system.”

    What exactly does that mean for you? Essentially, you should still be on your Merc Rx toes and stay vigilant until November 17th. I wrote a post about Mercury Retrograde a while back—that covers what it means, what to pay attention to, the positives of this astrological moment, plus things to lean into and avoid for less bumpiness—and it’s still a great resource I’d recommend as you navigate the retroshade. Refer to that post plus the action plan below, and you’ll hopefully sail as smoothly as possible through the choppier waters of the next few weeks. 

    Your DOOZ-Designated Action Plan:

    1. Merc Rx always requires a standard, baseline prescription: Be mindful of your communication, tone, and interpretation of others’ comments. Slow waaaay down when it comes to your reactions, crossing off your to-do list, or making impulsive purchases. Review *E*V*E*R*Y*T*H*I*N*G* multiple times, back up your electronics, and be mindful about how you’re using them—this is a time ripe for sending screenshots to the wrong person, or accidentally emailing your boss instead of your best friend. Additionally, do yourself a favor and leave early for everything.
    2. What makes this season’s Merc Rx a bit different is this little thing called…the presidential election. (Kidding, it’s not “little” at all and it earnestly requires your participation as a voter, so be sure you cast your ballot ASAP!) If you haven’t voted already, remember the influence of the present lunation and make sure to triple-check all of the important details: confirm the polling address and times, ensure you’re filling in the right bubble for your preferred candidates, make sure your signature matches the one on your license, etc. After that, be prepared for the reality that results will likely not come swiftly, nor clearly. The last presidential election that occurred during Merc Rx was the Bush v. Gore election, a famously contested race that led to some very dubious miscounting and throwing out of votes and led to over a month of confusion before Gore finally conceded. Because of this, part of your action plan should involve time-blocking your access to the election coverage. Checking in all day, every day – and checking multiple sources – is the perfect recipe for insanity, especially during these already turbulent times.
    3. Retrogrades offer a fantastic opportunity to reflect on the past and re-evaluate. A few questions to ask yourself and journal in response:
      • Do I like the path I’m currently taking?
      • Who or what in my life do I miss? Can or should I do something to rekindle that?
      • How can I best recharge in this moment?
      • What am I ready to get rid of or leave behind?



      What does it mean for me right now?

      Depending on your time zone in the U.S., November’s New Moon either arrives the evening of November 14th, or the wee early morning hours of November 15th. New Moons bring a feeling of fresh starts and an opportunity to create new goals for yourself. They’re the perfect time for manifestation and intention-setting, whereas Full Moons offer a better opportunity for release, closing chapters, and moving on. When in the sign of Scorpio, we can use this psychic New Moon to manifest goals surrounding power, transformation, and intimacy.

      Your DOOZ-Designated Action Plan:

      1. This particular New Moon in Scorpio really sets the scene for some deep shadow work. If you’re unfamiliar, shadow work involves delving into the darker, suppressed, unconscious parts of your psyche – aka your “shadow.” The purpose of this exercise is to reach radical self-acceptance and understand that both darkness and light have value. As astrologer Kyle Thomas shares, “we all have light and darkness within us, and neither side is better than the other. This is because our darkness can actually help us better understand our human nature and rather than acting on it in a harmful way, we can channel it into productive and healthier choices.” Under the light of Scorpio’s shrouded, mysterious moonbeams, this season couldn’t be a more perfect time to engage in such a practice. Try this shadow work worksheet from Holisticism, or this fantastic journaling prompt/tarot mashup video from Anya Esma. (Skip to 12:03 if you just want the prompts.)
      2. To further work with the power of this lunation, try this Scorpio New Moon ritual:
        • Create a sacred space. This can be more tangible, such building or utilizing an altar (here’s tips on how to create one), or design an energetically sacred space by using meditation and calling on ancestors, guides, God, or the universe to set the space for your practice.
        • Light a candle, if possible, which you will blow out at the end of the ritual to signify its closure.
        • You have two options for your goal-setting manifestation practice here: Affirmation-style journaling, or vision board creation.
          • If the former, close your eyes and spend a few minutes feeling into the sensation of bliss. What does your body feel like when you imagine that everything is going perfectly? Open your eyes and journal about these reflections. Then, switch over to the more left-brained side of your mind: What does your life look like when you have that sensation of bliss in your body? Write about what you want your life to look like affirmation-style, as though it has already happened. Repeat these affirmations daily.
          • If creating a vision board, make sure you have a collection of magazines, scissors, glue, and a thicker piece of craft board or paper to assemble. Additions like paint, glitter, and stickers are welcome, too. Cut out images that resonate with you and that reflect what you’re striving for. When the vision board is completed, place the creation in a highly-trafficked spot so you can be reminded regularly of your goals and intentions.


      As a final reminder, if you haven’t voted already, please get out there and cast your ballot. Triple (yes, I mean triple!) check your voting plan to ensure you have every detail in place. Additionally, be prepared for the reality that a conclusion about the election is unlikely to come quickly or straightforwardly. That said, be sure to take good care of yourself this Scorpio season. This is an intense moment to be living through but we’ll get through it together.


      – Lauren Rubin

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