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An Interview with Caroline Guzmán, Actor

We sat down for an interview with Caroline to acknowledge her Gemini Moon, which, BTW, usually implies quick wit and resourcefulness. Caroline is an actor in NYC, gearing up to embark on her MFA.


Can you tell us a little bit about your birth chart? What part of it are you manifesting today?


“I’m a Virgo Sun, Libra Rising, and a Gemini Moon, and I am wearing Gemini.”


You know your stuff. Which of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs do you associate with?


“I relate most to my Gemini Moon. As I’m growing as a person, evolving, I’m more in tune with my Moon because it has to do with inner emotional life. So it definitely feels like my most authentic self.”  


Geminis must develop a sense of confidence to succeed, which is important for an actor. They also thrive in the context of an audience. What other qualities do you nurture in support of your career?


“I enjoy being emotional, and I enjoy connecting with people on an emotional level. I think that’s what drew me to acting. I push myself towards vulnerability, as scary as it can be sometimes.”


Gemini Moon needs to verbalize emotions in order to feel connected with them. Can you talk about a weakness?


“Yeah, a weakness… I blame my Virgo for a tendency to get very controlling, and that is no bueno when you’re an actor. It’s really about letting go and letting yourself be wrong. I struggle with letting myself be wrong and seeing the beauty of whatever that outcome can be.”


Well it’s important to know those things so you can learn and grow, which is sounds like you’re doing! Do you have a weird birthday memory?


“My past birthday, I got a text message from an ex that I haven’t spoken to in five or six years; we were best friends in high school. It was weird because he was just like: ‘Hey, every time your birthday comes around, I think about you. And you’re a great person, and blah, blah, blah.’ And I’m like, ‘First of all, what made you think that I needed you to tell me that I’m a great person?’”


That's always unexpected when the random ex comes out of the woodwork with an unsolicited compliment! As you’ve probably already guessed, Caroline is undeniably a great person: talented, kind, and whip-smart!  Last question, do you have a favorite shape?


“When I related more to my Virgo Sun, I would’ve said a square. But now, that I’m learning to be more free, I feel it’s a bit constricting. I don’t really relate to a geometric shape. At least not anymore. I like flowing shapes, you know what I mean?”


Totally get that! Thank you for chatting with us and giving us a glimpse of your inner world, Caroline. You look fantastic in the Gemini Sweater-T and Gemini Céleste Bag. Mark our words, you’ll be seeing more of Caroline on the big screen! 

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