Gemini Season Forecast & Saturn Retrograde

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By Nia McDow –

Gemini Season Forecast For Each Placement

Dooz gemini season forecast horoscope predictions for each zodiac sign by astrologer Nia McDow

    May 30th: New Moon in Gemini

    Our first New Moon since the Eclipse is a powerful and positive one. Over the next few days open yourself to learning and expanding your hobbies, dreams and goals. Focus on your personal intentions and reflect on the past few weeks of Eclipse Season. 

    Everyone will be affected by this energy, but specifically mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius & Pisces)

    Everyone should use this time to journal your thoughts and ideas. Meditate, manifest and reflect. Eclipse Season is only the beginning process of the change that is to come over these coming months. Keeping a record will help to document your life process.

    June 3rd: Mercury Direct

    Mercury direct is basically the end of Mercury retrograde, now there is a post-shadow which means some of that energy will linger for a short bit however the worst of it is over. This is the time to reflect on any events that occurred these past few weeks, especially surrounding communication.

    June 4th-October 23rd: Saturn Retrograde

    What is it? Retrograde is basically when a planet appears to be moving backwards. Each planet goes into retrograde around a period of time each year, with Saturn it spends about 5 months of the year in retrograde.

    Capricorn is the sign ruled by Saturn, and Saturns energy surrounds responsibility, boundaries and commitments. Which will be a huge theme of your Saturn retrograde.

    What should you expect? Once again I’m here to remind you that there is no need to panic. Retrogrades are a time to rework, reflect and re-evaluate. During this Saturn Retrograde you will be force to face anything you’ve been putting off, as much as we love to procrastinate Saturn is bringing that goal, person or event forward. We are also going to re-evaluate and re-think our boundaries.

    Some questions you may be faced with:

    Is it time I open up more?

    Is it time I create stricter boundaries?

    Who really deserves access to me? 

    Saturn will go Retrograde in the sign Aquarius therefore although this energy will influence all of the signs, the fixed placements will feel it more. Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius 

    Check your chart to see if you have any of these placements in 18 to 25th degrees.  

    June 13th: Mercury enters Gemini

    Mercury will re-enter its home sign Gemini, after being in Taurus and through Mercury Retrograde. The energy surrounding communication will feel more balanced.

    June 14th: Full Moon in Sagittarius

    Our first full moon of the eclipse will be in Sagittarius. Full Moons are all about releasing energy that no longer serves you. You will feel a lot of clarity and release surrounding people and events that occurred during Eclipse Season.

    June 20th: The Last Day of Gemini Season!

    Time to prepare for Cancer Season 🤍

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