How To Navigate Mercury Rx

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By Nia McDow –


Mercury Retrograde is once again here and it's about to put you through some of its highs and lows. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know for this Mercury Retrograde. Mercury Retrograde starts today May 10th until June 3rd in Gemini and will be in its post-shadow until June 18th. It’s important not to look at Mercury Retrograde as a transit that’s out to get you, Mercury is the planet of communication, so the best thing to do is to better your communication skills. This season is all about learning & growing so that in the end you come out stronger than before!

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Advice for Mercury Retrograde 

Relax, reflect, close old chapters & prepare to start a new.

Relax Reflect & Meditate: When you’re thinking about what to say, or making a decision try to avoid making it immediately. Allow yourself time to think. Reflect & meditate on the thoughts, don’t feel like you need to rush.

Communicate, communicate, communicate: With this transit often miscommunication occurs. The best way to avoid this is to make sure your thoughts and words are clear when communicating with others.

Don’t open old chapters that have closed: Mercury retrograde means…ex’s! Past friendships, lovers and situations may come into your life during this transit. If the chapter was closed and locked, don’t open it!!! If there are unresolved thoughts or events, engage with caution. Don’t jump into the deep end, and trust your instinct.

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Themes of Mercury Retrograde For Each Sign – Check your Sun, Moon and Rising

Aries: Communication

Aries this Mercury Retrograde will have you feeling restless, you wont really want to talk things out as misunderstandings will frustrate you more than usual. It’s important to keep this in mind, so that it doesn’t cause more stress and anxiety.

Taurus: Opportunities

Taurus, past opportunities are going to come to light this Mercury Retrograde, keep in mind what’s meant to stay in the past and what you allow into your present and future. 

Gemini: Communication in relationships

Gemini theres a lot of energy surrounding ex friendships and lovers this Mercury Retrograde, remember that everything happens for a reason and sometimes its not necessary to look back.

Cancer: Boundaries

Cancer you’ve really been working on yourself and trying to create a solid foundation, this mercury retrograde focus on your boundaries. You may find yourself

Leo: Relationships

Leo the theme for you is relationships, this could be a past of current relationship where you need to make sure the communication is strong or the relationship may fall apart.

Virgo: Anxiety

Virgo the energy around this Mercury Retrograde is going to have you feeling more restless and anxious than usual, make sure to indulge in self care and relaxation to ease your way into the next few weeks.

Libra: Rest

Mercury Retrograde is a perfect time for you to pause, relax and reflect Libra. Rest and self care are going to be your best friend for the next few weeks.

Scorpio: Stability

Finding Stability in your foundation, allowing the energy of this retrograde to guide you in the right direction.

Sagittarius: Friendships

Sagittarius this will be a great time to focus on your friendships and communication surrounding your community. It’s best to avoid any drama, as well.

Capricorn: Slowing down

Similar to Libra, it’s going to be a great time for you to relax, reflect and enjoy some self-care. You will feel yourself battling with the ups and downs of this energy. Allow yourself to slow down.

Aquarius: Get Some Sleep!

Aquarius expect a lot of sleepless nights to be coming your way, find a nice routine that can help ease your mind and energy as the next few weeks are going to be rough for you.

Pisces: Relief

Whatever you go through during this Mercury Retrograde will provide you will relief in the end, trust the process and try not to control the outcome.Dooz themes of mercury retrograde 2022 for each zodiac sign

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