How To Step Up Your Dating Game This Libra Season

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With the stress of the pandemic and the upcoming election, I have just one directive this season: Lean into Libra’s flirty vibes and see how you can amp up the amorous part of your life. Whether that means updating your approach to dating, adding more romance to your current relationship, or re-defining what self-love means to you, now is the time to go full heart-eyes emoji.

During this characteristically difficult time, we all deserve a little more love. Keep reading for some celestial guidance on how each sign can enhance their approach to love, romance, and dating — whether you’re single or already attached. 



Full steam ahead is your usual mode of being, but this Libra season, you might try to change your approach. While a self-assured, sexy, and forward person can be a total catch in the dating world, that vibe can also be off-putting to some. It can actually appear inauthentic, like a formulaic approach rather than one tailored to the person you’re interested in. To switch things up, dear Aries, channel some softness and attentiveness towards your potential partners. Though we all know you could carry a conversation with a wall and have enough fascinating stories to last a lifetime of dinner convo, your new Libran prescription is to let your potential mate do more talking. Ask more questions about them—especially deep, interesting, stimulating ones that will keep you entertained—and let them take the lead in pursuing. Consider it a fun experiment to take a back seat!

Are you an Aries that’s coupled up? Passion has always been the name of your game, but this season, I encourage you to find creative ways to cultivate that feeling without heading straight to the bedroom. One idea? Try this blindfolded taste-testing game; it’s equal parts sensual and silly, and requires you and your partner to put your full attention onto each other—not the TV, your cell phone, etc. Plus, it involves an adventurous element, something your sign needs to feel excited and alive. (Especially in quarantine.)



You’re kind, cuddly, and a bit of a homebody which is why you tend to thrive is committed, long-term relationships. But if you’re currently single, sweet Bull, it’s time to switch up your tactics. You crave closeness and cuddles, but is that at the expense of finding the right person? As an Earth sign, it’s in your nature to want to settle down and find someone to get cozy with; but instead of ending up in another sort-of-good-but-not-great partnership, steal some inspo from Libra. They take things slowly and weigh their options (à la balancing Scales) to ensure they’ve picked the best possible partner. To emulate that energy, make sure you get clear on your non-negotiables, must-haves, and red flags before your next date. That way, you can’t get distracted by roses or candlelit dinners and unwittingly end up settling for someone who provides physical company but isn’t exactly your best match.

If you’re already a partnered Taurus, play up your love for sensuality by taking an (online) course with your lover in relaxing spa massage. Being on both the giving and receiving end of said massage will enhance your deep connection and bring you even closer through the language of physical touch.



You and Libra are some of the flirtiest signs in the zodiac, known for your immeasurable charm. But I’d like to ask – is that charm serving as a cover up? Dare I ask if your flirty approach is a way to actually keep potential partners from getting to know you on a more vulnerable and intimate level? One recommendation for this season, my Twins, is to tone down your inclination to be a ‘player.’ Instead, try to show up to the proverbial first date table with your heart on your sleeve. Can you find ways to be more genuine and vulnerable, and let the sexier vibes come as a reward? Your goal this season is to win them over with your candor and intelligent opinions, not with your famous coquetry.

For coupled up Gems, bring a dose of spontaneity into your relationship. You may be married, living together, or otherwise traditionally partnered up, but we all know a Gemini loves some unpredictability and adventurous fun. If you feel comfortable dining out (masked up, pretty please!) take yourselves on a six-course date where each course, from pre-dinner drinks and appetizers, all the way to dessert and coffee, happens at a separate establishment. Alternate picking where you go so each of you remains surprised as you restaurant-hop throughout the night.



Cancer, you have the sweetest heart on the planet but that also leaves you more susceptible to being hurt. Instead of entering the dating scene seeking someone you can help (there goes that maternal nature of yours!), try looking for someone who wants to take care of you. If you can tamper your desire to shower your partner with affection for the first few weeks, you’ll get a crystal-clear picture of their ability to tend to your needs. Once you’re certain that they can be equally giving, your supernatural love and kindness will come as a delightful and well-earned surprise.

Have a sweetie already? Nostalgia is on the docket this Libra season. Make a cute Tik Tok video showcasing silly moments that make you love your partner so dearly, or go through old photos together (I recommend casting your photos onto a big TV screen so you can view them like a movie) and re-live cherished past memories. Bonus points for turning those photos into a book that makes for a cute coffee table piece and a truly endearing present.



You may often find yourself in relationship situations where you’re treated like a queen, dear Leo, but at what price? Oftentimes, it’s at the price of your partner’s sense of power. If you’ve ever found yourself in an entanglement or two with someone who you find less cool, less smart, less interesting, or less attractive than yourself so that you win all the attention, it’s time to re-evaluate. Single Lions, in line with the balancing scales of Libra season, I’d strongly encourage to you to seek out an equal. You may feel less in control when matched with a truly appropriate partner—not your favorite feeling, I know—but the benefits outweigh the sacrifice. In fact, when you find someone who is a genuine equal, you can actually amplify one another instead of stealing someone else’s shine to fuel your light.

For Leos in partnerships, some two-way spoiling is just what the doctor ordered. While you notoriously love attention, Leo, you’re also incredibly selfless and derive satisfaction out of pampering others. Set up a date night that feels as special as Valentine’s Day – complete with gifts, favorite foods, and general luxury –  and take turns spoiling each other. The night could become so memorable, it may even turn into a new kind of anniversary you decide to celebrate annually!



Your exacting standards are what makes you you, Virgo, but impossibly high expectations won’t serve you too well in the dating game. While it’s crucial to maintain your list of non-negotiables when it comes to finding your future partner, there’s no need to be overly critical and picky—especially at the get-go. My best advice? Leave room for magic. If you develop such specific standards that no human is good enough, you won’t leave space for a bit of stardust to surprise you. Lean into Libra’s fair and balanced vibes by giving potential partners a fighting chance. If they make any mistakes or don’t seem 100% perfect on date number one, don’t let that be a deterrent. Employ a new rule—red flags aside—to give someone three dates before making a decision.

If you already have a significant other, play up your romantic side. As a secretly amorous sign, you love old-fashioned romanticism and displays of affection. Combine that with some generosity and lenience when it comes to your partner’s flaws, and write up a list of all the reasons you think they’re so amazing. Not only with this re-center your mind on the amazing qualities of your lover (rather than focusing on any imperfections), but it will also serve as a wonderfully romantic token for the one you love.



No advice needed, babe. Shine this season like the beautiful, charming, flirtatious creature that you are. Revel in your season’s loved up vibes!



When you fall in love, you tend to do fall hard, dear Scorpio. But that means you’ll either act totally aloof and unreachable with partners, or if you finally decide to let them in, you’ll basically melt into one being. That kind of intensity can be unbelievably special, but on the other end of the spectrum, it can seriously hurt. Single Scorpion? Make a conscious effort to schedule two nights a week to yourself so you don’t become too co-dependent on a new partner or on the pursuit of dating. You can use those nights to see friends or to have a solo self-care evening; no matter how you use that time, be sure you purposely carve out “you” time each week, sans dating, to keep your attachments healthy and to practice good romantic boundaries.

Already with someone? As the private investigator of the zodiac, you have a natural desire to snoop—sometimes out of jealousy, but other times out of a more innocent desire to know your partner as deeply as possible. Instead of turning to those seedier methods to dive deep, play a game that really illuminates each other’s deepest thoughts, desires, and secrets. Actually Curious or We’re Not Really Strangers or are two great options that will give you several date nights’ worth of healthy, connective deep dives.



Sag, you’re notoriously a bit hard to catch — but is part of that because you can’t find someone good enough? A free spirit, a philosopher, and often a world traveler, you’re always on the move, always learning something new, and always up for an adventure. Since your potential partner needs to be able to keep up with you, take an honest look at your approach to dating: Where are you finding your dates, and what is your system for vetting them? To find partners that are more in line with what matters to you, consider joining a Zoom meetup in your area or take a virtual trip with an online group to Italy or Japan. That way, if you happen to meet someone cute, you already know they share fundamental interests with you.

Partnered up? Find ways to inject adventure and big time dreaming into your relationship. Spend the night planning a fake trip, including a full itinerary (hey, maybe you can take that trip in 2021!) and revel in all of the exciting details together. Or take turns hosting a themed dinner night based on the cuisine and culture of another city or country. Decorate the kitchen, dress accordingly, and research authentic dishes to make it feel like you’ve actually transported yourself out of your tiny quarantine apartment.  



Instead of approaching love like a business deal, Capricorn, you could learn to be a little more spontaneous and open to surprise. It’s easy for you to view a partnership like another to-do list item to check off, but especially while you’re young, allow yourself room to experiment. This Libra season, if you’re single and searching, can you commit to going on at least two dates with someone who falls out of your normal type? Say "yes" to a date with that girl who didn't go to an Ivy League school, or to that guy who doesn't have a 10-year-plan but shares your love for Mumford & Sons.

If you're already partnered, make your Friday date night more exciting and impulsive; try this trend from Tik Tok where you go the grocery store, liquor store, etc. and walk down an aisle with your eyes closed until your partner says "stop." Grab the first item you see and you'll end up with a hilariously unplanned mix of food, drinks, and entertainment that will surely make the evening memorable!



You like to do things differently, Aquarius. That could mean marrying really young or never marrying at all; that could mean choosing unusual, eccentric partners or even participating in non-monogamy; but oftentimes, that looks like acting a bit aloof and distant when dating. That said, letting people in and helping them warm up to you is a much more fruitful path to romantic success. If you’re a single Aqua, try suggesting a first date scenario where you feel your most authentic self to create a better chance for genuine connection. This could look like meeting at an animal rescue center to play with puppies, or going stargazing and talking about space. I know your independence and alternativity are important to you, so there’s no need to have a ‘traditional’ first date or to play by society’s ideas of romance.

For coupled up Water Bearers, lean in to the causes that matter to you. Nothing turns you on more than someone who cares about social justice and equality, so why not each pick a cause you care about and have a fun-spirited PowerPoint night? Present your organization and why you think it deserves attention over a round of drinks and appetizers.



Pisces are known to be homebodies (they often prefer a bath and a nap over a night out on the town) but as we all know, the perfect partner won’t come knocking on your door while you’re home watching Netflix in pajamas. Take a page from flirty Libra’s book this season and make an active effort to be more of a social butterfly. While there are less opportunities these days to meet someone in the wild, there are still ways to put yourself out there mid-pandemic. Dine safely outdoors at a restaurant and if you spot someone cute, drop your number on a piece of paper at their table before leaving. Walk your dog in highly trafficked neighborhoods and wear an eye-catching mask as a conversation starter. (I’m personally lusting after these iridescent sequin ones.) Consider it a life experiment and see how many ways throughout a given day you can make yourself more approachable, like taking a walk through a busier part of the park instead of that solitary trail you tend to take.

If you’re already booed up, sprinkle some fantasy into your partnership. You regularly need a little magic to feel that spark of connection, so I’d suggest trying the infamous 36 questions to fall in love. Alternatively, play into your imaginative side and have a night of “pretend engineering” your future together. Pick out your dream home, dream décor, dream children’s names, and so on. The best part? These findings can actually fuel your manifestation practice!


Happy Libra season! I hope this astrologically-guided romantic advice is useful and beneficial to you. But no matter what you take from this article, be sure to dedicate time these next few weeks to reconnect to the abundant self love that resides within you.


–Lauren Rubin


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