How To Use The Power Of Attraction Through Color

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By Nia McDow –


Could you imagine what the world would be like if we had no color? How do you think it would make you feel? Colors hold a lot of power and we don’t even realize it. Bright colors can make us feel happy, dark colors can make us feel cozy, and wearing your favorite colors make us feel confident! Color is important to our eyes and how we perceive the world around us, so much so, that the colors we choose to wear can not only impact our emotions, but the emotions of those around us. That’s right – you can use colors to impact and attract different types of people.

Color Psychology has been ingrained in our society for years. It's used in a lot of occasions, holidays and seasons. Ever wonder why we pull out all of our brighter colors for summer, and our darker colors for fall? Gravitating towards these colors is not just about fashion trends – as the seasons change, so do our moods along with the colors we want to wear. So why not use colors to your advantage? Here's a list of recommendations for colors you can wear to change your mood and attract the people you want to surround yourself with.


Dooz aries zodiac knit sweater tee top red color psychology


Attracts: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

“Nothing attracts attention like a red dress.” – Laura Bush

Have you heard the myth that wearing red lipstick attracts people to your lips? Well, it may be true! Red is a color that screams power, strength and determination. If you want to attract anyone at all, red is the color to wear! It symbolizes love and desire and in astrology is often associated with Aries. If you’re trying to attract an Aries or any of the other Fire Signs, red is the perfect color to wear.


Dooz orange rust leo zodiac sign tshirt astrological symbol color empowerment


Attracts: Virgo, Gemini

“Orange is the happiest color.” ― Frank Sinatra

The color orange is a combination of both red and yellow – two bright, bold and beautiful hues that invoke cheerfulness and love. Orange is a color that invites creativity, success and communication, so wear orange if you’re looking to attract someone with mercurial placements such as Virgo or Gemini.


Dooz half moon crescent handbag pink libra color theory empowerment zodiac


Attracts: Taurus, Libra

“Pink isn’t just a color. It’s an attitude too.” ― Miley Cyrus

Similarly to red, pink is also associated with romance and love but in a softer form. While red is powerful and energetic, white is serene and pure. The mix of red and white creates a calming feeling of hope, intimacy and vulnerability. In a way, pink is an emotion. If you want to attract those inspired by the planet Venus, such as Taurus or Libra, this is the shade for you.


Dooz virgo burgundy brown color empowerment zodiac signs


Attracts: Capricorn, Virgo

“The color brown, I realized, is anything but nondescript. It comes in as many hues as there are colors of earth, which is commonly presumed infinite.”  Barbara Kingsolver

Unlike the previous colors, brown is seen as more serious and stable. It can be found a lot in nature, and we tend to become drawn to it during Autumn. Brown is associated with wisdom and respect. Lighter browns are considered, dependable whilst dark browns are considered predictable. Want to attract someone who leans more on the serious and logical side of life like a Capricorn or Virgo? Brown is the perfect color to wear to catch their eye.


Dooz celeste bag half moon crescent shape handbag womens purse taurus green leather 


Attracts: Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

“Green is a label for a certain attitude to life, a certain kind of respect that one might have for the very source of things that we take for granted.” ― Annie Lennox

When you see the color green, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Nature, health, serenity. The color green is a calming and nurturing color, attracting those who seek stability and mindfulness. If you’re trying to attract someone like an Earth Sign or even a Water Sign, consider putting on something green next time you’re planning your outfit.


DOOZ gemini zodiac sign celestial astrology fashion sweater tshirt knitwear yellow color empowerment


Attracts: Leo

"Yellow is capable of charming God." – Vincent Van Gogh 

Yellow is bright, vibrant and often associated with happiness, summer and joy! In fact, yellow is scientifically proven to heighten awareness and energy levels. So if you’re feeling a bit blue, why not put some yellow on to brighten your mood? If you want to attract someone who always embodies happiness and loyalty, such as a Leo, this is an ideal color to grab their attention.


Dooz aquarius zodiac sign cobalt blue color empowerment fashion mood


Attracts: Everyone

“A certain blue enters your soul." – Henri Matisse

The color blue, like green, is a calming color. Think of things in nature like the sky or the ocean. Blue is provoking, reflective and spiritual. It also happens to be the most popular color in the world. Wearing blue is one of the most universally attractive hues on the color spectrum. No matter who you’re trying to attract, blue will always be a good choice!


Dooz sagittarius purple fuchsia knit top astrological color psychology


Attracts: Pisces

“If you want to make a statement, wear purple.” – Baron Davis

When you mix red and blue together, you create the gorgeous shade of purple. Purple symbolizes creativity, independence and royalty. Purple also speaks to our curiosity as we associate it with imagination and fantasy. If you’re trying to get the attention of someone with an artistic flare, like a Pisces, purple is the perfect color to grab their attention as it manifests creativity within us.


Dooz white lunar celeste bag womens purse half moon crescent shape leather handbag


Attracts: Gemini, Sagittarius

"I call white the most powerful non-color; it's clean, optimistic, powerful." – Jason Wu

Often associated with new beginnings, white is the color of wholeness, innocence and purity. New Moon’s are the perfect time to wear white, as it symbolizes a clean slate or the start of a new journey. White's freshness and brightness make it one of the most inviting and motivational colors. Wearing white will attract those who are optimistic or like to try many things all at once such as a Gemini or Sagittarius.

Dooz eclipse black celeste bag womens leather handbag half moon crescent shape color empowerment


Attracts: Scorpio, Aquarius

"Black is always elegant. It is the most complete color in the whole world, made of all the colors in the palette." – Ricardo Tisci

The color black is the most complex of the ten. While it can be interpreted both negatively and positively, black has the power to command attention in whatever scenario it shows up. Black exerts elegance, confidence, power and sophistication. It also gives off a mysterious nature that draws people in. Wearing black can attract the curious type of individual, like a Scorpio or Aquarius.

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