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An Interview with Aliza Fox, Freelance Photographer and Visual Artist 

We meet with Aliza, a freelance photographer and visual artist. As a Leo on the cusp of Virgo, she has a delightfully positive personality. We sat down for a heartfelt chat and learned a lot about the way she embodies both her Leo and Virgo qualities.


Do you consider yourself a true Leo, a sign of self-expression, or are you more of a Virgo, who is adaptable and mobile?


“I am a true Leo only with the people I’m closest to. Otherwise I do have a tendency to give off some Virgo; it oscillates between the two.”


What do you give off to the people you’re closest to?


“I’m definitely more of a Leo in that I’m bolder and louder, and unapologetic. With the general public, I’m a bit, I wouldn’t say ‘reserved,’ but polite and more accommodating, chill, go- with-the-flow. Whatever everyone wants, I’m good with. But when it comes to my art, I’m very much my Leo-self. This is my vision. This is what I want to do. Not sorry about it. Can’t go any other way. Period.”


Leos are spontaneous, playful, and influential. Tell us about your photography. What’s your favorite subject?


“Actually, I don’t enjoy photographing people but love shooting garbage on the street. Everyone makes fun of me for that. I just find that discarded objects create interesting shapes and tell an interesting narrative. My photography is a way of making art – a lot of times it’s something that looks like a painting by the end of my process.”


Very cool! Do you have any weakness that you are working on?


“I think I have a lot of, I don’t want to say sensory ‘issues,’ that’s a weird thing to say, but I pick up on a lot of different sensory things – sometimes it’s really great and makes me really detail-oriented and sometimes it’s super overwhelming because I’m reacting to all of these different emotions and all of these little details. Sometimes, it’s hard to focus because of it.”


Perhaps, it just means that you are super sensitive. Leo rules the heart and is the sign of generosity. On a separate note, do you have a favorite geometric shape? Maybe a shape that you like to photograph?


“If I do have to choose, it would be a fluid circle. I don’t know if it’s found in my photography, but I do like circles.”


A funny birthday memory?


My birthday memories have to do with me trying to leave town. I’m always on a plane, somehow, for my birthday. Usually crossing over time zones, so I have a double birthday in that scenario. That’s definitely a Virgo thing – trying to flee the scene, do my own thing, escape the attention. But maybe it’s also a little Leo; I’m making a statement like, ‘Bye!’”


We really enjoyed this heart-to-heart, Aliza! Thank you for getting to the bottom of where you’re coming from and for sharing your motivations with us. We can’t wait to see your work in a gallery one day! The rust color of the Leo Sweater-T and Leo Céleste Bag looks incredible on you. 

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