Leo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Grace McGrade

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Grace McGrade is a Leo Sun and a full-time astrologer. We're thrilled to announce Grace as our partner astrologer to bring you lots of zodiac fun in 2021. Grace loves writing horoscopes because "it’s like understanding the energetic weather. Knowing the weather helps you know what to wear, and in the same way, knowing astrology helps prepare for my day." Speaking of knowing what to wear, did we mention she has killer style?

What are your big 3 – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

I have Leo Sun located in the 8th house, meaning that I am creative, dramatic and heart-focused, exploring life themes related to the hidden mysteries of life and personal transformation. I have a Gemini Moon in the 5th house, so I seek comfort through my curiosity and need for both information and play. I am a Sagittarius rising, which makes me idealistic and adventurous.

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

I am a full-time astrologer and reiki master, and I think my leonine characteristics exude passion for all I do. I think that my eighth house sun makes me ferociously psychologically analytical, and I crave depth and intimacy in my work. I am obsessed with understanding the divine intelligence working through us, which is so pronounced and apparent when working with the medium of astrology. 

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope? 

I like to say that the planets don’t cause anything, but they are a mirror for everything. I love getting to write horoscopes because it’s like understanding the energetic weather. Knowing the weather helps you know what to wear, and in the same way, knowing astrology helps me prepare for my day. I can have more empathy for what everyone is undergoing when I understand the astrological climate. Astrology is my life, but not in a superficial way. It grants me access to a higher vantage point.

Dooz astrologer wears the Leo orange cotton knit sweater tee

What's your favorite holiday? (Yes, your birthday counts as a holiday!)

I love Halloween because it occurs at the same time as Samhain, which is when the veils between this realm and the spirit realm where considered to be the most thin. I feel the most connected to nature around this time.

We all miss parties, gatherings, and events of all sorts. If you could plan your ultimate shindig what would it look like? Who would be there? What would go down?

A Midsummer Nights Dream Fairy Tale Soiree at the Doheny Mansion. Fairy costumes are a must. All of my ex lovers are there, including everyone I’ve ever dreamt about. We would paint each other in biodegradable glitter then fight to the death. Or for my hand in marriage.  

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve given recently? How are you approaching gift giving this holiday season?

I was given beautiful Tree of Life necklace for my birthday, and that symbol means a lot to me. I am gaudy and theatrical when it comes to giving gifts, and my generosity reaches almost maniacal heights, and becomes a slightly manic, competitive thing. I am going to try to exercise a little more financial practicality this year.

Dooz Leo zodiac orange knit cotton sweater tee

DOOZ partnered with Actually Curious to get to know Grace a little bit deeper. The following are a few questions from their thoughtful, question-based card game:

What were the holidays like for you growing up?

I grew up having Christmas in England, so our holidays were very traditional. Mince pies, Christmas crackers with cheesy jokes and silly party hats. It would snow most years.

What foods remind you of home?

Fish 'n chips.

I wish I could share _____ with human kind.

Psychic powers.

Imagine yourself in the future. What will your greatest life accomplishment be?

Helping people feel seen and heard.

To wrap up the Actually Curious portion of this interview, a series of featured sign questions: Leo – If someone gives you $100 and tells you to Treat Yo Self, what do you do?

I go see Angela, a psychic facialist who also does Reiki. 

Moon in Gemini – Who’s a person you’ve gotten to have a conversation with that totally blew your mind?

Susie Cave.

Mercury in Virgo – What are three crucial routines that you keep?

Employing visualization, my daily walk, and drinking yerba mate.

Mars in Libra – Who was your childhood crush, and where are they now?

My childhood crush was a boy named Dennis who had one blue eye and one green eye. He’s still in England, probably married. If you’re reading this Dennis, call me!

Pluto in Scorpio – Do you believe in magic?


Sagittarius Rising – I feel most free when ______. 

I’m traveling. 

Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn – They say it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert. If you could instantly complete 10,000 hours of one skill, what would it be?


Saturn in Pisces – What’s the best thing to do on a rainy day?

Draw, paint, collage. 

Dooz astrologer wears the Leo orange knit tee with zodiac sign

If you could give someone one DOOZ piece, who would it be and what would you give them? Would you pick their sign?

The Leo Céleste Bag, even if they are not a Leo, as we all need some self-love.

Festive string lights or scented candles?

Scented Candles

Early bird or night owl?

Night owl

Someone hands you the AUX at a party, what do you play?

Binaural Beats used to aid in astral projection.

What’s your one beauty secret? 


How would you style your DOOZ pieces for a night out?

High waisted leather pants and a high ponytail.

If you were to select one color from the DOOZ celestial rainbow, what would your power color be and why?

Orange! The color of happiness and personal vitality. 

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day? 


Any given day is incomplete without…?

Seeing deer.

What are your favorite DOOZ pieces and why?

I love the simplicity and shape of the bags! The Leo Céleste Bag speaks to me.

Dooz Leo orange knit sweater tee, Leo orange leather handbag, Leo orange leather keychain with embossed sign


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