Leo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Niharika Chandrasekar

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Niharika Chandrasekar, is a fiery Leo who studies Economics and French at NYU, while showcasing makeup looks on Instagram to let her Leo Sun shine. Niharika sat down with The Scope to chat about goals, style, and holiday traditions (which include her mom’s homemade South Indian food). 

What are your big 3 – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

I’m a Leo and very much so. Moon is Sagittarius and rising is Cancer.

Where do you live/where are you from?

I was born in Coimbatore, India and moved to the US when I was one. Currently, I live in Princeton, NJ.

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

I’m currently finishing up my degree at NYU studying Economics and French. I also create content on Instagram and this is where my Leo side shines. Through my style and content, I can be as bold as I want and get the attention any Leo girl secretly craves. 

Dooz muse wears the Leo tie dye cotton printed bandana

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope?

The days I check my horoscope, I love going into the details regarding my career or my love life. I also love checking in on the horoscopes of my close ones.

What’s your favorite holiday? (Yes, your birthday counts as a holiday)

This is a very Leo response, but I really do love my birthday. It’s the one day that can selfishly be all about me and enjoy myself.

We all miss parties, gatherings, and events of all sorts. If you could plan your ultimate shindig what would it look like? Who would be there? What would go down?

My ideal party would be a monochrome dream. I’d invite all my closest friends and have them wear all red. The venue would ideally be red, too, so once you come in you feel like you've escaped reality and entered into another world.

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve given recently? How are you approaching gift giving this holiday season? 

My 21st birthday was spent at home because of the pandemic, but my family created a whole day full of activities for me. My favorite was the water balloon fight. The past couple months have been hard for many, so any gift that can bring a smile to their faces and a sense of comfort is a good gift to me.

Dooz muse wears Leo tie dye cotton bandana and matching makeup

DOOZ partnered with Actually Curious to get to know Niharika a little bit deeper. The following are a few questions from their thoughtful, question-based card game:

What were the holidays like for you growing up?

Coming from an immigrant family, the holidays were a really cool mix of my own culture and the American norms during the holiday season. 

What foods remind you of home?

Homemade biryani and chicken curry.

I wish I could share _____ with human kind.

My mom’s homemade South Indian food. It is truly life changing!

Imagine yourself in the future. What will your greatest life accomplishment be?

I hope to continue changing the norm and standards for Indian women and young girls. My greatest accomplishment would be if I could work towards that mission on a large scale through my career or passions.

To wrap up the Actually Curious portion of this interview, a featured Leo question: If someone gives you $100 and tells you to Treat Yo Self, what do you do?

I would get my nails done and then spend the rest at a thrift store.

Dooz muse styles the Leo tie dye bandana as a top

Someone hands you the AUX at a party. What do you play?

Nana by Polo and Pan.

What’s your one beauty secret?

My grandma and mom taught me to always put coconut oil in my hair once a week to help with growth and shine.

How would you style your DOOZ piece for a night out? 

I would wear the DOOZ Leo Bandana as a top with leather pants and black heels for a fun going out look!

Dooz muse Niharika in the Leo tie dye bandana

If you were to select one color from the DOOZ celestial rainbow, what would be your power color and why?

Red or orange are definitely my power colors. My favorite outfits have been fully red or orange because it's incredibly empowering to walk around with a monochrome outfit and stand out. 

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day?

Warm glass of water and New Girl helps me relax after a long day.

Any given day is incomplete without…?

A five minute personal dance party.

What are your favorite DOOZ pieces? Which color(s) do you gravitate towards, even if they’re not signs in your chart.

I love the Key Keepers. I think it’s always fun to have your essentials, like your keys or wallet, looking cute and matching your personality in your day-to-day life.


Dooz Leo orange leather keychain, Leo tie dye cotton bandana, and Aries red leather keychain

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