May 2019 Scopes

By Madeleine Botet de Lacaze – Astrology for Artists –

Aries Sun / Aries Rising

May is all about the courage to express with the voice of your heart! Listen to your body and your needs; accept and release. Slow down. Connect with nature.  And value what you have. Explore your personal roots to discover more about your fire and drive. Endings are a good thing - especially as they give room for something new to emerge. Manifest growth! Wear the Taurus Sweater-T to help you ground and value yourself. 


Taurus Sun / Taurus Rising

A bud becomes a rose; an acorn grows into an oak. You are at your blossoming phase, Taurus. You feel a new wave of energy, inspired to take innovative approaches. Set intentions, connect with the heart and visualize transformation. Anything can happen during your month! Wear the Sagittarius Céleste Bag to help you embrace freedom. 


Gemini Sun / Gemini Rising

Imagine yourself floating… You are dissolved in water, immersed in oceanic totality, where there is only unity and oneness with the rest of Creation. This is the time to embrace your imagination. Give space to the feelings that emerge this month, they are seeds for new beginnings. Wear the Pisces Sweater-T to help you dream from the soul. 



Cancer Sun / Cancer Rising

The alchemy of this moment calls for renovation - enrich your creative process, affirm yourself in life, be grateful. Feel the abundance in your relationships. Connect with your tribe, your community. Being with friends that bring good vibes will expand your understanding of yourself and will make you shine. Wear the Aquarius Sweater-T and be a part of the gang!



Leo Sun / Leo Rising

May is about initiative - gaining responsibility, setting boundaries. It is also about developing self-respect while being tested. You may have to face obstacles. Push through them in order to find new and authentic ways for doing things. It’s an inspiring crossroads that has the power to shift your life, connect you with who you are and what you want. The universe will push you to grow by presenting opportunities. Are you ready for this adventure? Wear the Capricorn Céleste Bag to introduce structure into the mix.



Virgo Sun / Virgo Rising

Your active mind wants to innovate. Discard old patterns of thought and shake off tired opinions. Presently, it’s all about connecting with your authenticity. Follow your curiosity — study something new. Staying open and centered will take you in a new direction of expansion and growth. Wear the Sagittarius Sweater-T to help you find your arrow! 


Libra Sun / Libra Rising 

This is an intensely emotional time and most probably your equilibrium has been shaken. May reveals your personal secrets so that you see them in a different way. You are discovering more about yourself and what you need to feel loved and nurtured. Write things down to get clarity and step firmly into the unknown. ​Wear the Scorpio Céleste Bag to feel confident!



Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Rising

Relationships mirror what we love about ourselves and what we lack, don't like, wish for. You can't ask of another what you can't give to yourself. In May, you might meet someone new or see an opportunity to reinvent a relationship, particularly with yourself. Uranus is in the mix bringing insights to how you might move forward. Wear the Libra Sweater-T to help you find balance.



Sagittarius Sun / Sagittarius Rising

This month it’s all about one breath, one moment, one step at a time. Keep going; life is a journey. Shakespeare wrote: "It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves." Re-center, focus, and bring new possibilities. Pay attention within, that’s where all the resources are. Wear the Virgo Sweater-T to gain patience!


Capricorn Sun / Capricorn Rising

The sun is our vital force. We are constantly fed by it. Life on earth is entirely dependent on this energy; it's the heart of beating at the center of the solar system. Things haven't been easy for you, but now is the time to connect with your sun within – to be honest with yourself and embrace the life of creativity. When in doubt, wear the radiant Leo Céleste Bag!


Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising

You need to get lost to find yourself again. Even if it feels overwhelming, venture outside of your comfort zone. You need to connect with your roots, your past, your origins. In the process, don't forget to nurture yourself. Wear your own Aquarius Sweater-T and your intuition will heighten!


Pisces Sun / Pisces Rising

You have much to learn and reflect upon. The messenger Mercury wants to talk, instruct, and express himself. This month is all about communicating, networking, and reaching out. Your genuine appetite for knowledge is well-founded as long as you actively listen to your own questions! Wear the Gemini Céleste Bag to help you gather information you seek. 


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