New Era, New Energy: Here’s How to Work With 2021’s Astrology

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By Lauren Rubin –


2020 is behind us. Take a deep sigh of relief with me. No, it doesn’t mean the pandemic is over. No, it doesn’t mean that the suffering has ended, or that life has suddenly shifted back to ‘normal.’ What it does mean is that a new year of fresh astrology is upon us – and this year, it’s looking a lot more auspicious. 

Some of you may or may not know that last month was a pretty major astrological moment in time. Many were lucky to physically witness the Great Conjunction, when Jupiter and Saturn met in the sky. We experienced the winter solstice together. We basked in the final full moon of 2020 in deliciously cozy Cancer. And according to many accounts, we’ve officially entered the great Age of Aquarius.

To prepare yourself for the year ahead and to inject hope into your January, let’s dive into what a few of these macro astrological moments mean for you, discuss how to work in tandem with these new energies, and follow it all with a special ritual to seal in the juicy goodness and say goodbye to what’s no longer serving you.

We are entering a new chapter of humanity in 2021. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for what’s to come.

Great Conjunction 

What is the Great Conjunction?

Every 20 years or so, Jupiter and Saturn meet in the same degree of the zodiac—visually “overlapping” in the sky—which makes them look like one giant, extra-shiny star. Some of you may have even been lucky enough to visibly spot this celestial moment! But this conjunction isn’t just here to bring beauty; it means business.

We can think of Saturn as the taskmaster planet—it’s focused on structure, caution, realism, and whipping your life into shape. Jupiter, on the other hand, is a planet that tends to bring a lot of positivity. It’s expansive, it’s wise, and it’s revelatory. When they meet up, these energies mix and create something really interesting, causing us to bring both pragmatism and dreaminess to our future goals. When these two planets meet in the sky, they help to illuminate precisely what you need to let go of and what you need to call in to make this lofty, dreamy growth *actually happen.*

Another major note? For the last 200+ years, these Great Conjunctions have occurred in material, grounded Earth signs. On December 21, 2020 they finally met in Aquarius—an Air sign—and will continue to visit one other in Air signs over the next two-ish centuries. As astrology goddess Diana Rose Harper shares, the last time Jupiter and Saturn connected in an Air sign was actually during the European Renaissance, a historically significant period of rebirth that took us out of the Middle Ages and into modernity. I personally find it fascinating to think about how that translates to what the next 200 years might look like. Robots and humans co-existing? Micro-chips implanted in our brains? The rise of designer genes? Who knows! This Great Conjunction in Aquarius clearly heralds some revolutionary change. 

One of my favorite ways that the Astro Twins describe Air signs is as the ‘winds of change.’ Just like a strong gust of wind physically forces you out of a stationary place, Aquarius is also pushing you to move forward, to progress, to embrace change—whether you like it or not. So the important question becomes, will you get on board with this new cycle, or will you torture yourself by resisting? This conjunction is asking you to embrace Aquarian qualities like authenticity, community, and progressiveness. To work with that energy, use the following journal prompts as a jumping off point:

* How can you shape your goals for the next year (and beyond) around Aquarian values? 

* What do you want to contribute to the world?

* Deep down, what really matters to you? 

* What layers can you shed to get in touch with a more unapologetically authentic version of yourself?

Age of Aquarius 

Tell me more about the Age of Aquarius.

Popularized by a song in the musical Hair, the Age of Aquarius needs some explaining. A new “age” in astrology typically dawns every ~2,100 years. (The queen of all astrology queens, Susan Miller, goes into more depth about the murkiness of that timing here). While there’s been some debate the last few years as to when the great Age of Aquarius ‘officially’ began, most astrologers can agree that the cosmic significance of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius is a predictable marker that we’re definitely wading through those ‘new age’ waters by now.

Aquarius is a visionary, focused on the greater good. It’s a sign associated with technology and ready as ever to challenge authority and fight the status quo. That description should give you some sense of the revolutionary direction that we’re headed in these next 2,000+ years. Whether it’s a spike in the use of cryptocurrency, a complete dismantling of structures that perpetuate systemic racism and social wrongs, virtual reality becoming eerily realistic, or a greater emphasis on embracing individuality and unique, non-binary identities, we’ve already seen the seeds of this begin to sprout. Personally, I find it ridiculously exciting to think about how these history-making seeds will continue to flourish and multiply in our lifetime and beyond.

But most importantly—how does this apply to your own life? Well, you must weave this new celestial direction into your goal-setting and future plans, or you’re sure to meet some serious discomfort. 2020 was a great example of the dawning of this new kind of energy; we saw many jobs become largely remote, we witnessed in-person doctor’s visits turn into telehealth appointments, and so forth. I’ve heard older generations complain about these changes and long for things to return to ‘normal,’ but I must state this clearly: The old normal doesn’t exist anymore. Resistance creates discomfort. Embrace this new direction to get into flow.

One of Aquarius’ most important qualities—and one that will define this age—is that of social responsibility. Societally, we’ll be moving away from a “me me me” attitude and instead asking, how can we work to make the world a better place for everyone? How can we stand in solidarity, rather than harp on our tiny differences? My favorite thing that astrologer Diana Rose Harper said as she gave her astrology forecast for 2021 is that we’re being called to focus on our future vision for the collective now. It doesn’t matter if you won’t be alive to see it come to fruition in your lifetime, or if it doesn’t personally benefit you; it is your (our) responsibility to lay the foundation for a brighter future for our entire community and for the communities of tomorrow.

On that note, it’s imperative that you ask yourself how you can join hands with your community to focus on cooperative humanitarian goals. 

Get clear on your values and the change you want to see.

Research or brainstorm ways you can get involved and take action in 2021. 

Working with this energy will only serve to amplify your own flow, peace, and abundance. This is your homework as we enter a new era.


Ritual with candles, sage, and notebook

A simple ritual to start the New Year:

I’ve designed this ritual to be performed whenever it works best for you. There is no pressure to perform it in early January. Whenever you feel ready to reflect on 2020 and work with the energies of 2021, engage with any part of the following that calls to you:

  1. Setting: It’s important to perform your ritual in a space that feels sacred. Whether that means going to the ocean (living in California, I was fortunate to be able to do that in January) or simply creating an energetically sacred space if you want to perform this in your bedroom, ensure the setting feels safe, sweet, and ripe. Do something symbolic to open your ritual. That can look like doing a mini meditation, using sound-making to start the ritual, or doing some type of movement to signify opening the circle.
  2. Elements: I love when rituals incorporate each of the four elements—Water, Air, Fire, and Earth. It makes the ritual feel well-rounded and deeply connective. Working in each of the elements looks different for everyone. Maybe you’re somewhere you can actually build a fire; if not, a candle at home will suffice. Maybe you get to put your toes in a pool; if not, a bowl of water on your altar works just fine. Air can be represented by something like a feather, a diffuser, or even a handheld fan. Bring Earth into your ritual with anything from crystals and rocks to your favorite houseplant.
  3. Intuition: Get your tarot cards out. Infuse your energy into the deck and when you’re ready to pull, ask the cards something like, “What is your biggest message for my growth in 2021?” Continue pulling cards for additional clarity if needed. Reshuffle the deck and in the second round, ask something like, “What should I work to leave behind this year?”
  4. Magnetism: Once you’ve received your messages, make an inspired list of what you want to focus on calling in this year. That can look like a list of goals, manifestations, resolutions – whatever feels most resonant. Keep them in the theme of the astrological events listed above, and in line with what the tarot revealed. Remember to infuse Aquarian values into your future goals and plans; it’s the way forward.
  5. Release: On a separate sheet of paper, write down what you’re ready to leave behind this year, per the tarot’s guidance. Once completed, prepare to permanently let it go. This can look like: throwing the paper into the ocean, (safely) lighting it on fire, dissolving it in bowl of water, or burying it in the backyard. Trust your inner wisdom to know that it will remember what it needs to let go of, and let this physical ritual represent the process already beginning.
  6. Seal: Close your ritual. Use the same method from step 1 or try something different. The semantics don’t matter as much as the symbolism does. Closing the energetic circle seals in all of the goodness from this ritual.

Happy new year, #DOOZMUSE! May 2021 bring positive change, progress, and deeper alignment.


Lauren Rubin

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