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Astrology is more than just your sun sign. Did you know that the planet Venus in your birth chart affects your preferences in love, romance, beauty and personal style? In ancient Roman and Greek mythology, Venus (or Aphrodite) was the goddess of love, beauty and fertility. She rules over the signs of Libra and Taurus; who are all about indulgence, beauty, self-worth and aesthetics.

By identifying where your Venus sign is and how it’s aspected in your birth chart, you can understand more about your personal style and why you gravitate towards certain items from an aesthetic perspective. The sign and house that this beautiful planet is placed in indicate what (or who) you’re attracted to and how you express that attraction; especially when it comes to your taste in fashion and beauty.

Below, find your Venus sign and learn more about this beautiful goddess energy in your unique birth chart. Not sure how to find your Venus sign? Visit this free birth chart calculator here.


Venus in Aries

Pantone Fashion Color - Summer FigBold is the first word that perfectly describes a fiery Venus in Aries. In its detriment, the planet Venus must work harder to be expressed. Regardless of sun sign, when looking for clothing, you seek out an item that will make you stand out from the crowd. You are a risk taker when it comes to style and have no issues wearing the latest trends if you are one of the first to rock it. You can have the tendency to become bored, so variety is the spice of life for you. It cannot become stale or else it will end up in the donation pile! What is a power color for you if you’re a Venus in Aries? A bold and blazing red, of course!

#DoozMuse Rihanna repping her Venus in Aries

Rihanna's Instagram Photo – Wearing a Red Dress



Venus in Taurus

Pantone Fashion Color - Nile GreenVenus is at home and extremely comfortable in the earth sign of Taurus. Quality over quantity is the theme with you in terms of personal taste. You love to indulge in beautiful and luxurious items. Since you are typically good with money, you prefer to invest in one high quality item versus stocking up on a lot of low-quality, cheap or tacky items. You love anything that’s exclusive, handmade, intricately beautiful with a touch of earthiness. What is the best color choice for you if you’re a Venus in Taurus? A soft, earthy green with a touch of class.

#DoozMuse Lana Del Rey repping her Venus in Taurus

Lana Del Ray



Venus in Gemini

Pantone Fashion Color - MeadowlarkWant to appeal to a Venus in Gemini? Keep it light and happy! Gemini is a social, communicative and verbally expressive air sign. One minute you may love a shirt but then change your mind the next! You are all about self-expression and are attracted to new ideas and concepts; if there is an item with a statement or quote displayed on it you are more likely to invest. Style must not only appeal to your eyes but engage your mind! Bright colors, playful prints and themes all appeal to a Venus in Gemini. What is the color choice for you if you’re a Venus in Gemini? A bright and playful pale yellow. 

#DoozMuse Lizzo repping her Venus in Gemini

Lizzo's Instagram


Venus in Cancer

Pantone Fashion Color - Almost MauveThe water sign of Cancer is all about the home, family and your ancestral roots. When Venus is in this emotional water sign, the planet of beauty takes on this energy in terms of your personal style and taste! Traditional, subdued and timeless items appeal to a Venus in Cancer. You absolutely love shopping at vintage or consignment shops, as the past and nostalgia are always something that catches your eye. You do not get bored as easily with style and tend to hang on to items for an extremely long time. Family heirlooms that have been passed down through generations are items that they cherish and never get rid of. What color would you love if you’re a Venus in Cancer? A pale and comforting cream white. 

#DoozMuse Kacey Musgraves repping her Venus in Cancer

Kacey Musgraves

Venus in Leo

When a Venus in Leo goes shopping, you most likely will choose items that will make you the star of the show. Venus in this fire sign takes on the Lion’s love for being the center of attention. Animal prints, colors like yellow, gold or a royal purple will all appeal to you if it turns heads and gains attention! Leo is all about playful creativity in astrology. Self-expression, fun and play is extremely important to this Venus sign and your personal taste must reflect that. If it’s not something that brings you joy, you will get bored and move on to the next thing.

#DoozMuse Dua Lipa repping her Venus in Leo





Dua Lipa

Venus in Virgo

Pantone Fashion Color - EmperadorWhen Venus is in Virgo, it’s in its fall. This is not negative, it just takes your Venus a little more effort and work to be expressed. When Venus is in the analytical and practical earth sign of Virgo, your style reflects this same energy. Showing off is a complete turn off to a Venus in Virgo and when you choose style and beauty options, you prefer something that you can put to good use. For you, the perfect shopping trip means finding the perfect bag for work, or a warm winter coat with classic style that you will use season after season. Not only is practicality appealing but also cost as they are frugal and think before spending. The perfect tone for you? A rich, chocolate brown that can go with almost everything.

#DoozMuse Bella Hadid repping her Venus in Virgo

Bella Hadid

Venus in Libra

Pantone Fashion Color - Sweet LilacVenus is also at home in the air sign of Libra. Representing balance, harmony, love and beauty in astrology, this Venus sign is attracted to just that. You absolutely love anything aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. You simply want your surroundings to be lush and joyful. Venus in Libras are not only attracted to beauty but you understand how to create and manifest it; many of you can become visual artists, make-up artists or stylists. Harmony is important so you tend to choose items that match and mesh well together. A color that is sure to please you? A lovely blush pink to add a touch of beauty.

#DoozMuse Hailey Bieber repping her Venus in Libra

Hailey Bieber

Venus in Scorpio

Pantone Color Swatch BlackThe most intense Venus sign of all? You guessed it! Venus in the watery sign of Scorpio. You feel deeply and take love, beauty and romance seriously. Venus is in its detriment in this sign, so there is more effort involved for your Venus attributes to be expressed. You have a preference for sultry style with darker or intense colors. Your love is passionate and loyal, so you do not become bored of your wardrobe easily. Everything that you select is carefully chosen. You value your individuality in the sense that you do not care about the latest trends or what is deemed popular. It’s all about what speaks to you personally in terms of style. The best option for this Venus? Black, of course.

#DoozMuse Zoe Kravitz repping her Venus in Scorpio

Zoe Kravitz



Venus in Sagittarius

Pantone Fashion Color - Pink PeacockGet ready for a good time! When Venus is in this adventurous fire sign, there is no telling what you will be wearing or where your next travel destination is. You are the Venus sign most likely to visit the souvenir shop or an exotic boutique to pick up the most eclectic item you can find. You are attracted to anything that can expand your perspective and knowledge! This Venus sign is all about keeping things light, fun and easy. This also is reflected in your personal style and taste. You gravitate towards anything that you can throw on with ease and run off to your next escapade. An eclectic hot pink will speak to your soul!



#DoozMuse Kendall Jenner repping her Venus in Sagittarius

Kendall Jenner's Instagram

Venus in Capricorn

Pantone Fashion Color SwatchWhen Venus is in the structured and conservative earth sign of Capricorn, going to a museum featuring classic works of art versus modern art is more enjoyable to you. You are all about tradition, purpose and order; your wardrobe reflects this as well. Similar to your other earth sign counterparts Virgo and Taurus, you are all about quality and longevity in the fashion and beauty items you choose. You want something that is going to last if you are going to spend your hard-earned money on it. A burnt orange will speak to you!



#DoozMuse Miley Cyrus repping her Venus in Capricorn

Miley Cyrus

Venus in Aquarius

Pantone Fashion ColorThis is the most eclectic, original and innovative position for Venus to be in! When in the air sign of Aquarius; style and beauty is expressed in the most unique way possible. Trends also mean nothing to you with this Venus sign. You are attracted to modern and forward-thinking design when it comes to the items that you wear. Matching isn’t of concern to you, it’s all about the statement you are making. How can a Venus in Aquarius best express themselves? Bright aqua is sure to catch your eye  

#DoozMuse Olivia Wilde repping her Venus in Aquarius

Olivia Wilde

Venus in Pisces

Pantone Fashion Color - ArcadiaDreamy romance is in order when Venus is in the sign of Pisces. In its exaltation, the energy of Venus is easily expressed when in this emotional water sign. You are attracted to the ideal style that will reflect your deeply romantic nature. Lace detail, carefully created patterns and soft ethereal colors all appeal to you. You are someone who can curl up with Romeo & Juliet on a rainy day or takes pleasure in romantic comedies. You dream of the ultimate love; and they also feel the same when choosing options that reflect your personal style. You won’t purchase something unless you are absolutely in love with it! Your perfect color? A soft mint green.

#DoozMuse Elle Fanning repping her Venus in Pisces

Elle Fanning


Next time you can't decide what to wear, turn to your Venus sign and become your own style goddess.

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- Adama Sesay, Astrologer at / @lilithastrology / YouTube


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