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An Interview with Robin and Katie Adler, Mother-Daughter Duo  

Robin, a compassionate and giving mother, is here all the way from Los Angeles visiting her daughter Katie. Robin says that both of her kids, Katie and Jake, are her pride and joy, so much so it nearly brought her to tears!


Katie tell us what you do. What is Robin so proud of?

Katie: “My name is Katie, I’m Robin’s daughter and I’m living in NY. I’m on year 2 – she’s begging me to come back. I work at a creative advertising agency as a Junior Producer.”

Tell us about what you guys are wearing and about your signs.

Robin: “I am a Capricorn, but I am wearing a Pisces to represent my daughter, Katie. Capricorns are very self-aware, very self-confident, very emotional. I do like to keep things together at all times. No task or detail is too tedious or mundane, which comes in handy when raising kids and my husband. I bring a lot of harmony to the family, and I think that’s a very strong Capricorn trait.”

Katie: “I would have to agree; she does bring a lot of harmony. She keeps us together. I don’t know what we’d do without her, to be honest.”

What about Katie’s traits as a Pisces?

Robin: “Very strong-minded, very emotional. Knows what she wants and will tell you exactly what she wants. Speaks her mind, which is a little bit opposite of Capricorn, because sometimes Capricorns can be a little shy, keeping things in. That’s where Katie comes and takes it all out and tells you how she feels, whether you want to hear it or not!”

Katie: (Laughs) “Sometimes you want to hear it, sometimes you don’t!”

Capricorns are extremely adept at finding solutions to difficult problems. Robin, it seems that your weapon of choice has been your positive attitude. Have you been nice your whole life?

Robin: “I actually have to say, I’ve been nice my whole life. I just ran into a junior high school friend at the market the other day. She came up to me and said, ‘It is so nice to see you. We were just talking about you. Robin Cummings was always the nicest person and you still are so nice.’ So there you go.

Katie: “Lucky to balance me out.”

Robin: “Yes, we need to balance Katie out. Katie’s very nice, but she can be tough. She has an edge.”

Katie: “I’m tougher than you.”

Robin: “Yes, she’s definitely tougher than me. You know, she gets what she wants.”


Katie, that’s not surprising. Robin, can you share a funny birthday story?


Robin: “I think I was turning 45 when my husband Keith planned a surprise party for me. He suggested that I go to a spa in the afternoon, and then he said he’ll pick me up and we’ll go for a casual dinner. So, I went to the spa, lost track of time, and wasn’t able to shower; I put my hair up in a ponytail, smelling like a spa, all greasy. Keith picks me up and drives to Mastro’s, a really nice steakhouse. We go into the restaurant, the hostess takes us to the back, opens up the door, and I see all my closest friends there, and the first thing I said was, ‘I would have showered if I knew I was coming here!’ It ended up being so much fun and it was a real surprise.”

That’s a great story. We need to know if you guys have a favorite geometric shape. If so, what is it?

Robin: “I think mine is a circle.”

Katie: “I like that. I could agree.”

Robin: “Circle has no hard edges; it’s simple. It represents peace and harmony and keeping everyone together. A circle of life. It keeps going.”

Katie: “It’s like infinity.”

Robin: “Yep!”

Yep! Thank you, Robin and Katie for giving us a glimpse of your family dynamic. One can tell a lot about a person by knowing theirs signs! Besides, you both look great in your matching Pisces Sweater-T's and Pisces Céleste Bags!

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