April 2019 Scopes: By Astrology for Artists

By Madeleine Botet de Lacaze – Astrology for Artists –


Aries Zodiac Icon

Aries Sun / Aries Rising

The one thing you have that nobody else has is you - your voice, your story, your vision. A cosmic opportunity opens in April that allows you to channel your energy and light in a unique and creative way. Things haven't been easy, but the energy is beginning to move and you can start to reach things you thought were very far away. Say "yes" with confidence! Immerse yourself in the joy of free expression. ​Wear the Gemini Sweater-T to help you​ write, draw, build, play, dance, and live as only you can!


Taurus Zodiac Icon

Taurus Sun / Taurus Rising

The sky is expressing many things to you. It’s talking with intensity and calling your attention. You can feel a change coming in the air – a deep, transformative, powerful change. ​With Uranus in your sign​ there is an awakening of the self, an urge to be authentic, a life chapter closing. This will require courage to take the risk to connect with your creativity and passion, with what you really need and want. ​Change comes easy to Aquarius, so turn to the Aquarius Céleste Bag to help you along the way!


Gemini Zodiac Icon

Gemini Sun / Gemini Rising

Words give body to your voice and create your reality. Loving, caring, tender, forgotten words. Angry, respectful, healing, powerful words. You give your words poetically and authentically. Words that can’t express the immensity that inhabits you. Bring awareness to what you say, what you don’t say, what you silence, what you listen to. Wear the Gemini Céleste Bag with pride this month!


Cancer Zodiac Icon

Cancer Sun / Cancer Rising

April is here and it's time to take ownership of your intentions and goals. Focus on your creative path. When demands are intensified, you find yourself absorbing excessive information and images online, and you are no longer present. You need to pause and focus on finding creativity. You are motivated to move mountains, but must start by shaping boundaries that cultivate healing and self-care. Wearing some Pisces Sweater-T magic might inspire you to work at your own pace!


Leo Zodiac Icon

Leo Sun / Leo Rising

We are alive on this Earth, in our relationships, in our bodies. We are present. We need to choose to let go and leave behind what doesn't work for us. Dance a new dance, walk a new path, plant a new seed. What are we dedicating our time to? Which seeds are we planting? April is all about making your vision your reality. Now is the time for pursuing adventure, taking challenges, and meeting people to expand your horizons. ​Get inspired and energized by bringing your Sagittarius Céleste Bag along for the ride!


Virgo Zodiac Icon

Virgo Sun / Virgo Rising

You are focusing on reorganizing the choreography of your life. You are searching for order. This means structure of a sequence, of a process, of the steps needed to find and discover practical harmony, which is vital for your creative process. But now your ambition is growing and you feel ready to pursue your goals with courage. Trust your inner wisdom and take a chance. Wear the Aries Sweater-T to help you feel courageous and daring!


Libra Zodiac Icon

Libra Sun / Libra Rising

You know when you are about to do something different and you feel afraid of the uncertainty? When destiny comes with what you were longing for but you don’t feel entirely ready? Life is funny and magical. Life is our most important creative act. What you are looking for is yourself,  but it’s difficult to recognize or acknowledge that. Albert Einstein once said "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." Wearing a beautiful Taurus Céleste Bag will help ground you this month!


Scorpio Zodiac Icon

Scorpio Sun / Scorpio Rising

Close your eyes and visualize yourself at the top of a mountain, and like a condor, unfold your wings and fly. By doing this, you internally develop the power of vision and channel the wisdom and strength of this animal. In shamanism we call them "animals of power" and their energy is brought forth when we need to connect to our instinctive wisdom. This month you can gain vision, protection and guidance.Embrace this uplifted energy and wear your own Scorpio Sweater-T!


Sagittarius Zodiac Icon

Sagittarius Sun / Sagittarius Rising

You don’t always have to know what your next move will be. Can you trust the moment when the old passes by but the new is not yet here? This is a powerful moment to send out your wishes and desires to the universe. Create rituals as a way to mark turning points and welcome changes in your life. Know that your answers will come when your mind is clear and your heart is open. To love is to risk. Wear a Leo ​Sweater-Tto get support from another fire sign!


Capricorn Zodiac Icon

Capricorn Sun / Capricorn Rising

Feeling confused and uncomfortable is part of the journey. To embrace the new, you must get rid of what is occupying the space. Letting go isn't easy because it means achieving dissolution and facing things we choose to ignore, whether that be an idea, a dream, or an idealization. Don’t resist the change. If you feel afraid of taking a new direction it means that you have something to learn. Change is a gift! ​Carrying the Libra Céleste Bag will bring some balance and perspective to your vision!


Aquarius Zodiac Icon

Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising

You need to listen from within to affirm yourself creatively. William Blake said "The only revolution is the inner revolution." When you create work you expand your mind and find new ways to communicate and think about yourself, allowing you to face the unknown. This month invites you to leave the door open to the unknown – that’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself come from, and where you’ll go. ​Wear your Cancer Sweater-T whenever you need refuge!


Pisces Zodiac Icon

Pisces Sun / Pisces Rising

How many times have you been presented with a challenge and said "No"? You are saying "No" to your evolution! You are at the start of a challenge and your choices can shape a new narrative in your life – one that will bring stability and growth. You feel the courage to express the voice of your heart. This is a time for renewal so embrace its magic! ​The grounded energy of the Capricorn Sweater-T will help you along this new journey!


 – Astrology for Artists

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