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An Interview with Lio Mehiel, Filmmaker, Actor, and Artist

We are super excited to be here with Lio! While Lio is a Gemini at heart, today they wear Scorpio because they look “better in navy blue” and because their creative partner is a Scorpio – both great reasons! Interestingly, when Scorpio shares what it possesses with its partner, it is itself enriched!


Today you chose to wear the Scorpio Sweater-T with the Scorpio Céleste Bag. Why is that?


“I’m a Gemini sun, Gemini rising (double Gemini) and Capricorn moon, so I’m very rational with my emotions. But, I’m wearing Scorpio today because it’s navy blue and I look better in navy blue. In addition, my creative partner is a Scorpio and she’s constantly reminding me of that. I mean, you wouldn’t think that Gemini and Scorpio would go well together, but they do! We make movies together, we make installations together, and we make TV together.


That’s not surprising! Scorpios have tremendous staying power and will see any matter through to the bitter end, regardless of the effort it requires. We are getting to the bottom of it… Lio, please tell us about your Gemini traits that add to your creative practice?


“So Geminis are known as the twins, meaning they have this sort of duality to them, which I think, really works in my creative practice. One moment I’m extremely optimistic and excited and passionate and the next moment I’m kind of like ‘what are we doing? This isn’t right.’ That sort of flip-flopping, I think, is pretty natural for Geminis. My creative partner sometimes wishes I was more together. Also the fact that Gemini is the twin makes a lot of sense in that I’m genderqueer. I’m non-binary. I kind of move through the world as both a masculine and a feminine person, which feels like it’s right for my astrology also. I think Geminis are very charismatic and they talk and are very much extroverts, which allows me to lead teams of people and feel very energetic and buoyant.”


Charismatic, indeed! Ultra-talented as well. Lio does it all: actor, artist, writer. We are curious about a weird birthday memory. Anything to share?


“When I turned 21, I went to Las Vegas for my birthday. I’m one of 8 – I have five sisters and two brothers, which is gnarly as hell. We’re all different signs by the way, which is interesting. So, we went to Vegas for my 21st birthday and we were partying and it was kind of dark in this club, and I was convinced for the entire night that I was dancing with 2Chainz. This man was calling himself 2Chainz, he looked like 2Chianz. But then I found out (after looking at a weird selfie of us) that, in fact, it was not 2Chainz I was partying with all night on my 21st birthday. I thought it was, so it’s kind of the same, right?”

This story definitely resonates with a Scorpio’s craving for intensity and a Gemini’s need for a wide variety of social contacts. Thank you, Lio, for being so open with us and honoring your creative partner by wearing the Scorpio Sweater-T and Scorpio Céleste Bag!

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