Summer Solstice – Look Book

Photography by CP//FC Studio –


Summer Solstice symbolizes the vitality that summer implies – it’s a celebration of light, a reminder of the light within each of us. The Dooz collection is highlighted in a sun-soaked element to embrace the time when one should feel connected to the outside world. 


Dooz Summer Solstice Taurus

Dooz Summer Solstice Pisces

Dooz Summer Solstice Libra and Cancer

Dooz Summer Solstice Cancer

Dooz Summer Solstice Sagittarius

Dooz Summer Solstice Libra and Sagittarius

Dooz Summer Solstice Gemini and Aquarius

Dooz Summer Solstice Libra, Aquarius and Gemini 

This summer we're obsessed with vintage scarves, finger foods, and dousing ourselves in suntan lotion... with a high SPF, of course! Want to see what the summer has in store for your sign? Check out Summer Solstice – Sensory Astro Guide to get a taste of summer. 


Cover image and other images by CP//FC Studio 

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