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By Bess Matassa –

Come closer. Slip out of those old threads and skinny dip straight back into your soul suit. Summer 2019 is made for returning to our original “essence,” a powerful siren song to do less, and simply exude more, more, more.

Ruled over by Cancer, Leo, and Virgo astro energies, this holy trinity of beach babes symbolizes the zodiac’s creative process, and the claims we stake to our singular self-expression. In Cancer, we get cozy with what lives inside of us, loving up on the freaky fantasia that graces the pages of our secret diaries. Leo sun-bleaches these sensations into the daylight, urging us to sparkle and glow, swapping shame for the unabashed celebration of our own shiny sweat. And Virgo asks us how we can alchemize this sweat, refining what we’re here to bring forward, making good on our promise to pledge allegiance to our inner code, and never, ever giving it away for free.

With this particular summer packing a pair of eclipses along the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and a Mercury Retrograde from Leo back through Cancer, ‘tis the season for returning some wet and wildness to your self-care routine, swapping out austere cleanses and crystal healing for solo dance parties of unapologetic self-seduction. How could you tend to yourself and your process like a treasured pet?

This cosmic capsule collection returns us to the bare skin of what’s absolutely essential. Think of these next three months as a private midnight swim in a pool filled with petals; let it be first and foremost for your eyes only, blooming open exactly as you are as if no one is watching. And then, slowly, let the night get heady, splashing your emo waters over the hard edges, and infusing the humid air with your signature scent … 


This Season’s Sensory Astro Guide: 


Mulberry Park silk sheets

Silk Sheets. Combining Cancer’s private bedtime dreaming with Leo’s easeful glamour and Virgo’s worthy thread-count, this Summer’s star-kissed silken sheets are a chance to treat your emotional life like a Queen. Bed down, get entangled, and dress yourself up in whatever sensations arise. 



Tofutti Cuties ice cream sandwiches

Pocket Foods (think everything from pierogies and dumplings to Tofutti Cuties + cream puffs). The Summer’s cosmic menu serves up secret treasure sweetness, mixing the inner life of Cancer with Leo’s undeniable fluff, and the perfectly poised sense of Virgoan bread baking. From clamshells to calzones, it’s a moment to fully fête tastes that reach out from the inside, remembering that you can choose to calibrate your “give and take.”



Dooz Libra pink knit sweater tee and Libra pink leather crescent handbag

Magical Realism + Vintage Scarves. Take your cues from the poetry of Latin American authors like García Márquez and Isabel Allende, and visual artists like Paul Gauguin, as you embrace whatever deliciously strange vines lurk inside and summon the boldness to celebrate the blooms that get birthed when you support these root-deep feelings. Rachel + Mia’s summertime current obsession is vintage scarves worn every which way. Symbolizing this season’s call to decide when you want to come out to play, choose to wrap them on your head or neck when in need of some emo hibernation, or sport them around a waist or tied to a bag when you’re ready to sparkle and shine. 



Miley Cyrus EP She is coming

Slow Jams. Throw your clothes on the floor and surrender to Boyz II Men’s “I’ll Make Love To You.” Think of your summer soundtrack as the campground prom of your pre-teen dreams, filtered through the emotional lens of adult experience. Cue the honeyed ache of Toni Braxton’s “Unbreak My Heart” for July’s wet n’ wild Cancer energy. Then take Leo-ruled August to love up on your unapologetic feline feeling range, set to Miley Cyrus + RuPaul’s "Cattitude." 



Coola Sunscreen

Suntan Lotion. Deliciously over-the-top sensations of coconut, papaya, and tropical fleurs come calling with lotions that conjure images of private applications and first kisses. Really rub it in, as you relish this season’s invitations to court your own carnality before offering yourself to be touched by another’s hand.


This Season’s Sensual Scopes: 


Dooz Aries glyph

This summer is all about cultivating the capacity to slow your roll and relish the ride, Aries, as you shore up any energetic leaks and learn to say “no” to endless output. Tumble into the bed of fresh blooms that's already in front of you with this Christian Dior floral print scarf, and wrap yourself up like a congratulatory bouquet.


Aries Etsy Vintage Christian Dior Floral Scarf




Dooz Taurus glyph

Summer explorations are on the agenda, Taurus, and as changemaker Uranus continues to transit your sign, you’re asked to shake it up and wake it up, swapping staid security for the serendipities that find you when you’re no longer searching. Delight in the winged exuberance of leaving solid ground with this Bob Mackie butterfly scarf.
Taurus Etsy Bob Mackie vintage butterfly scarf



Dooz Gemini glyph

This summer is all about defining your solid gold worth and finding some serene solace in your own intuitive cave, content to shut out the buzz and hum of the world for a while, in order to find the notes of your signature song. Define your neck line and refine your self-governed mission with this geometric scarf from Givenchy.
Gemini Etsy Givenchy geometric printed vintage scarf



Dooz Cancer glyph

Amplified by the North Node traveling through your sign, summer marks a magic pinnacle in your heart-shaped evolution, as you learn to trust in the force of your emotions without apologizing for getting too touchy-feely. Celebrate the splashy sensations of your inner world with the oversized psychedelics of this bold 70's Vera Neumann print.
Cancer Etsy 1970's Vera Neumann printed scarf



Dooz Leo glyph
Even as you gear up for your birthday season, complete with all the glitter and gold your kitten bowl can hold, this summer calls you to tap your creative “source” energy that can be found in quieter moments. Connect to your original, playful raison d’être and commit to your inner process with the whimsical intricacies of this Gene Meyer pink print.
Leo Gene Meyer printed vintage scarf



Dooz Virgo glyph

The cosmic energies of summertime call you to participate in the collective, Virgo, exploring the flavor you’re here to bring forward and then doing it without a second thought about getting it “right.” Relish taking radical energy that serves the whole world’s picnic with this splashy Liz Claiborne fruit print.
Virgo zodaic sign Liz Claiborne fruit print vintage scarf


Dooz Libra glyph

While you sometimes go along to get along, Libra, this astro summer asks you to tap into your sense of distinction, summoning a trust in the authorial rights to run your own life without compromise. Set sail into uncharted waters, trusting in your capacity to steer, with this nautically-inspired Codello scarf.
Libra zodiac sign Vintage Codello nautical scarf


Dooz Scorpio glyph

It’s time for beach blanket bonfires of the soul, Scorpio, as you take stock of your storyline this summer, diving deep into what you truly desire, and cultivating even more risk tolerance as you reach out and grab it. Delight in the power of what you long to possess with this Roberta di Camerino scarf that ties the knot.
Scorpio zodiac sign Roberta di Camerino vintage knot scarf


Dooz Sagittarius glyph

This summer finds you diving deep into pools of intimate intensity, and whether it’s a brand new bonfire fling or a re-upped commitment to self-romance, let yourself soften into the sensation of sticking around for all the feelz, Sag. Celebrate your wild pony passions with this playful Moschino animal print scarf that’s crafted for embracing all your carnal jungle urges.
Sagittarius zodiac sign Moschino animal print vintage scarf


Dooz Capricorn glyph

While you’re a hyper-competent camper, often given over to dramatic feats to prove your self-sufficient worth, this summer is made for traveling two-by-two, reaching out to your fellow humans for help, and celebrating even your smallest successes. Relax the hustle with this Céline chain-link scarf as you cloak yourself in communal efforts.
Capricorn zodiac sign Vintage Céline chain link scarf


Dooz Aquarius glyph

It’s a cosmic summer for sporting your heart on your sleeve, Aquarius, as you swap some of your notorious detachment for sweet, sweaty attachments, finding pleasure in the sensation of revealing some secret longings and holding what you love close. Don’t be afraid to let your true colors show with this red, white, and blue Christian Dior.
Aquarius zodiac sign Vintage Christian Dior red white and blue scarf


Dooz Pisces glyph

As the zodiac’s original dream queen, you’d sometimes rather tuck in for a midsummer’s slumber than embrace the light of day, but this summer is all about harnessing sunbaked clarity to see what’s ready to be left behind. Capture your own castle, and build deeper trust in your capacity to make bold moves, with the majestic minarets of this Bellotti scarf.
Pisces zodiac sign Vintage Belloti scarf


Bess Matassa


Check out the Summer Solstice look book to see how we styled the summery, mouth-watering Dooz hues. 

Dooz astrology Summer Solstice campaign featuring Pisces and Taurus


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