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Dooz muse Emily Loveras wears the zodiac Gemini Knit Tee in golden yellow
Gemini #DOOZMUSE Diary: Emily Loveras

Gemini muse Emily Loveras is an NYC-based college student and content creator. She prides herself on being adventurous, social, and ambitious, how very Gemini.. The Scope caught up with Emily to discuss her...

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Dooz muse Layla-Jane wears the Libra blush pink cotton knit sweater tee
Libra #DOOZMUSE: Layla-Jane Saad

The Scope sat down with Libra #DOOZMUSE, Layla-Jane Saad, to chat about connection, authenticity, and how astrology memes brighten up any given day. Join us to get to know Layla-Jane and dish about...

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