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Ultraviolet Image of Saturn – NASA
The Ultimate Guide to Your Saturn Return

By Lauren Rubin –   Ahh, your Saturn Return. It’s so astrologically major, it deserves its own post.  Whether you’ve never heard of one before, yours has just begun, or...

Dooz Virgo muse wearing printed white cotton bandana in her zodiac sign
Virgo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Sheida Arbabian

Sheida Arbabian is a very organized Virgo with a shockingly similar birth chart to Beyoncé. She even has a passion for contemporary dance, much like Queen B. Sheida caught up with...

Dooz muse Michelle Salem in the Scorpio navy cotton knit tee
Scorpio #DOOZMUSE Diary: Michelle Salem

Michelle Salem is a Scorpio with the coolest style regardless of what coast she's living on. Michelle caught up with The Scope to dish committing her friends' Sun and Rising signs...

Dooz astrologer Grace McGrade in the Leo orange knit sweater tee
Leo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Grace McGrade

Grace McGrade is a Leo Sun and a full-time astrologer. We're thrilled to announce Grace as our partner astrologer to bring you lots of zodiac fun in 2021. Grace loves writing horoscopes...

Dooz muse Patrick Kelly in the Virgo tie dye cotton zodiac bandana
Virgo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is a Virgo and founder of gender-neutral fine fragrance company, Sigil. The Scope caught up with Patrick to chat power colors, the importance of lip exfoliation, and disrupting the...

Dooz muse Erin Dykstra styles her Leo tie dye cotton zodiac bandana in her hair
Leo #DOOZMUSE Diary: Erin Dykstra

Welcome to #DOOZMUSE Diary, where we spotlight friends of the DOOZ community to take a glimpse at their lives through an astrological lens. This week we spoke with Erin Dykstra, a Leo....