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The Twelve Houses of The Zodiac

By Alla Kazovsky –   The other day, I heard someone say: “We are our signs and we do our houses.” Hmm… What does that really mean? OK, I get it....

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Your Secret Weapon For Kicking Ass At Work

By: Elizabeth Bobbitt –   One of the most common astrology questions I receive is, “which sign is the worst?” And while my answer is, and forever will be, “there are...

Summer Solstice Campaign Image
Summer Solstice – Look Book

Photography by CP//FC Studio –   Summer Solstice symbolizes the vitality that summer implies – it’s a celebration of light, a reminder of the light within each of us. The Dooz collection is highlighted in a...

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Your Self-Care Rx, According To Your Moon Sign

By Lauren Rubin – “Self-care” is a buzzword these days—and for good reason, I might add. As humans, we seem to be more stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked than ever. Recently, the World...