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Delaney DelPonti is a total Taurus boss. We got to chat with Delaney about owning a production company and how having a Libra business partner compliments her headstrong Taurus energy. Oh, and she spills her tried and true beauty secret – it's a classic.

What are your big 3 – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

My sun is in Taurus, my moon is in Gemini and my rising is Sagittarius.

3 adjectives to describe you?

Driven, passionate, funny. 

Where do you live/where are you from?

I currently live in Beverly Hills (but I don’t have the 90210 area code, who would have thought?!) I’m from Palos Verdes, it’s an hour outside of LA and very scenic. It’s much calmer than LA, I highly recommend checking it out if you want a breath of fresh air.

Dooz Taurus zodiac white bandana top

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

I’m a professional photographer and I own a production company with my business partner. Being a Taurus means I’m very strong/stubborn and that definitely comes into play when I’m on set and dealing with clients. Luckily my business partner is a Libra and she’s constantly keeping things balanced and organized. We are a great match, and a ton of fun to be with on set! 

Do you gravitate towards certain signs as friends/collaborators/partners?

I tend to gravitate towards Libras, I realized I had a lot of birthdays to celebrate in September and then it clicked! 

What’s a typical morning look like for you? How does astrology play into that?

A typical morning for me starts with rolling out of bed and checking my email. A lot of our clients are on the East Coast so we usually have a few urgent messages to answer. Once that is taken care of I meditate for twenty minutes, it zens me out and I feel clearer and ready to take on the day after meditation. Post meditation I do my skincare routine while blasting whatever rap song is my current obsession, I then try and get a workout in. If I don’t work out in the morning I usually get too caught up with my day to fit it in later. 

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope?

I don’t read my horoscope daily, occasionally I will check it out! I love to see what it has to say.

What does the work day look like for you? Does your zodiac sign help you out?

Every day is different, when I’m not on set I work from home and take calls with clients, create mood boards and plan our future shoots. I love to do lists, they are so gratifying at the end of the day being able to check off all the things you did!

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How do you style the Taurus Bandana and Belt? How do you feel when wearing your sign?

I adore the Taurus bandana and belt - they are stunning! I styled the bandana as a cover up for a day at the beach. I got so many compliments! It paired so well with my bikini and was easy to throw on, it also looked so chic. I styled the belt with my favorite redone jeans, a white ribbed top and a snakeskin leather jacket. It is such a statement piece, I would easily wear it every day with a simple outfit to give it some character!

DOOZ partnered with Actually Curious to get to know Delaney a little bit deeper. The following are a few questions from their thoughtful, question-based card game:

When do you feel most secure?  

When I’m surrounded by my friends and family, or when I’m in the ocean.

What makes you unique? 

So many things! I have giant curly hair, I love taxidermy, I pretty much only wear heels, and I’m obsessed with thrifting. 

What is guaranteed to bring you happiness?

Myself. Happiness comes from within.

To wrap up the Actually Curious portion of this interview, a featured Taurus question: What's your go-to late night snack?

Anything sweet, I have a major sweet tooth and if it has sugar in it that’s all I want. 

If you could give someone one DOOZ piece, who would it be and what would you give them?

This is such a great question, I would gift the Duo Belt. The craftsmanship is absolutely stunning and overall such a gorgeous piece, and I would definitely pick their sign. It is such an intimate and thoughtful touch to the belt, I know any of my friends would be thrilled to have such a personalized piece that represents them! 

What books are on your nightstand right now?

I’m a big reader! I’m currently switching off between three books at the moment: The Lean Startup, Practical Intuition, and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Someone hands you the AUX at a party. What do you play?

"Wolves" by Big Sean - I’m obsessed! 

What’s your one beauty secret?

The toner Lotion p50 1970, it smells like straight chemicals and formaldehyde but it is magic. I’m addicted! You get used to the smell after a while and it’s so worth it, highly recommend trying it if you can get your hands on a bottle.

If you were to select one color from the DOOZ celestial rainbow, what would be your power color and why?

I love the Aquarius cobalt blue. To me blue is so strong but also so calm. It’s a wonderful color and really speaks to me.

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day?

My favorite thing to do is light a candle and read in the bath. It relaxes me but I also feel like I am getting something accomplished at the same time. 

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What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

I am a total water baby! I adore the beach and swimming in the ocean so I try to spend my spare time there.

Any given day is incomplete without…?


What are your favorite DOOZ pieces? Which color(s) do you gravitate towards, even if they’re not signs in your chart.

I love the Scorpio Sweater-T - the deep blue is very appealing to me. 

Dooz Scorpio cotton knit sweater tee, Taurus white cotton printed bandana, and Taurus green leather keychain with zodiac sign

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