1st House of Self and Identity: Feat. Allie Barbone

An editorial series where we interview inspiring creators, trendsetters and  entrepreneurs through the lens of the twelve houses of the zodiac. Each house represents a different theme of your life – from your most personal inner world to your interpersonal connection to the outside world. Read along as we explore each theme!

We begin our series at the First House, associated with one's true essence, personal identity and expression. In other words, your first impression. Meet #DOOZMUSE Allie Barbone, a young artist and graphic designer from Georgia. A total earth baby, Allie expresses herself through the mediums of fashion and art. She chats with us about the First House as it relates to her personal interests, articulating who she is, and trusting her instincts.

DOOZ First House self expression and identity with Allie Barbone

Where do you live/where are you from?

Currently, I live in Brunswick, GA, which is on the coast of Georgia right by two stunning islands (St. Simons Island & Jekyll Island). I was born in OC, California but was primarily raised in Atlanta, GA. (-:

What do you do for work?

I have been a full time student for some years but I will be graduating college in May and will begin working with the Boys & Girls Club of America as a Youth Development Professional.

What are your Big 3 (sun, moon, rising)?

Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn, and Rising in Virgo. So, I’m a total earth baby!


How do you express who you are? 

I express who I am through my style and my artwork! I like letting my style speak for me, it really lets people get a sense of who I am before they even talk to me. I think that it’s kind of fun, especially when people tell you their first impressions of you and your outfit. I also express myself through my artwork, my art account is @welcomeback2hell, it depicts all of my thoughts & feelings that I have a hard time verbally communicating. So, those are the two ways I really express who I am.


What is your general aesthetic - when it comes to your living space, your personal image? 

I would describe my general aesthetic as crafty, artsy, unique, fun, vintage and colorful. I love my space to really feel like me so I surround myself with unique furniture, trinkets, and art that make me feel genuinely happy, and that means COLOR & all things FUNKY & THRIFTED!


How do you keep a positive attitude? 

Honestly, what helps me keep a positive attitude is my style. When I dress up and get myself ready I feel a million times better! Fashion helps me feel good about myself which helps me keep a positive attitude in day to day life.


When did you learn to trust your instincts? 

It took me a while to trust my instincts but I would say once I came to college and lived on my own, I really found who I was and began to love myself. Once I began to do that, trusting my instincts became SO much easier.


Who is someone you admire for their sense of self?

Someone I admire when it comes to self-expression, personal style, and self-love is my older sister Missy (@missssayy). She has taught me how to love and value myself and made me see things in myself that I never was able to see. Missy is one of the strongest individuals I know and I will forever look up to her and the way she radiates such kindness, love and confidence in-person and on her platforms!


How do you describe your personal style?

I describe my personal style as thrifty, fun, cute, and colorful.

DOOZ The Scope article first house of the zodiac interview with Allie Barbone

Does your zodiac sign come into play when getting dressed?

I believe all of my signs come into play with my personal style. I am practical but also creative and I believe that's what my clothing usually depicts. Sometimes I wear more far-out outfits, but most of the time I believe my outfits are things that most people can see themselves wearing. Also, I'm big on first impressions so I always want to make sure I put my best foot forward (which, of course, means to step out in a fabulous fit for any occasion)!!


A fashion rule you never break? Or do you break all the rules?!

I don’t think there is any fashion rule I follow in particular, I kind of just wear what feels right to me. I will say I tend to make more of an ensemble with my outfits. What I mean by ensemble is that I like every detail of my outfit to coordinate, from my earrings to my bag to my shoes to my clothes.


If you could give a "How To" lesson, what would it be?

My “How To” lesson would be “How To Dress For Yourself." This is a key factor in developing personal style, especially as it pertains to the first house of the zodiac. You have to pick out & purchase clothes and accessories that fit YOU and no one else. Whatever makes you comfortable and feel the most in tune with yourself is the way to go!


How do you style your DOOZ?

I decided to style my DOOZ What's Your Sign?™ Tee in a casual, cute and purely thrifted color-blocked vibe! I was inspired by the blue graphic on the tee, which dictated my color choices. Then I thought I needed a little contrast pop, so I decided to funk it up with my orange CATO pants!


What's Your Sign?™ Tee

DOOZ What's your sign? white printed tee shirt short sleeve cotton astrological

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