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An Interview with Eleni Greenblatt, Stay-at-Home Mom

Leni is a Scorpio but today she is channeling her inner Virgo, radiating intelligence and vitality. Getting to know Leni, we feel the orderly side of her – she thrives on precision in her life.


Leni, you are a Scorpio, can you explain why you gravitated toward Virgo?


“Intuitively, I’ve gravitated to this burgundy color a lot. From a Dooz perspective, I could be a Virgo. So, it made me wonder and I looked up Virgo qualities. It turns out, I can identify with many of them! I always try to see the beauty in everything, even if it’s just fixing the toilet paper roll better or moving a chair over an inch. But at the same time, it can be obsessive. So, if someone moves that toilet paper, I have to move it back. That is really me on top of being a Scorpio.”


Yes, Virgo’s main task is the prevention of disorder. What are some of your Scorpio traits?


“I’m a strong Scorpio. Scorpio loves to be adored by people they’re with – my husband adores me. Scorpio is devoted, also very diligent.”


Scorpios possess personal magnetism and hypnotic powers. They never deal with life superficially. These days, you devote all of your energy to family. Tell us about your two beautiful daughters, what are their signs?


“My older one is a Gemini, true Gemini – two different people. She loves to do everything. My younger daughter is a Capricorn. She has a very strong personality. She’s full of life.”


Are your daughters close?


“My daughters are super close; they play all the time together, they fight all the time together. But they’re great. They’re the opposites of each other but in a great way.”


We would love to hear about your past career. Can you tell us about it?


“Hmm… I had wild 20’s, for sure. I worked in the nightlife industry for ten years and I was all over. I worked in NYC, Las Vegas, LA. I would fly everyday from LA to Vegas for work. It was crazy. I did that for ten years and then decided that I really need to settle down and figure out what I want to do. And I met this beautiful club promoter who was also in real estate. She introduced me to the real estate world and that’s where I went.”


What is your stinging side like?


“Scorpios are definitely intense. If you wrong us, we will never-ever forget. We can move on, have a relationship or friendship but there will also be that memory in our mind of how you wronged us. Also we are always early or on time, because we want to scope out the situation. We want to make sure everything is cool and copacetic before entering. And we’re also very private, really private where we’ll find out everything about you but you’ll know nothing about us, unless we allow you to. It takes a lot of time to get to know a Scorpio and get into their world.”


You're right about that! Do you have a funny memory from the time you were working in the nightlife industry?


“This can be really scandalous, though.”


Let’s hear it!


“OK, I was working as a bar manager at the most famous strip club in Las Vegas. All of the celebrities would go there. And there was this narcoleptic stripper who would fall asleep on the clients. She was stunningly beautiful and these guys could care less. It was craziness!”


Wow, you weren’t kidding! Favorite geometric shape?


“I would say, I love a diamond shape and a circle. Those are my two favorites.”


Leni, we love your creative vitality. Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your crazy stories and experiences. You look gorgeous in your Virgo Sweater-T and Virgo Céleste Bag ensemble. We hope your daughters will wear Dooz someday!

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