Astro Lessons: Here's What Each Sign Can Learn From Virgo

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Welcome to this installment of Astro Lessons, where we’ll take a look at Virgo—an analytical, orderly sign with a memorably sharp sense of humor—and find out what the rest of the zodiac can learn from The Virgins.

The start of Virgo season is one I always look forward to. While it does herald the end of Summer, it also serves as the delicious precursor to Fall. I’m always called at the start of this season to get my life in order—to go through my closet, plan out the rest of my year, and order new pens and notebooks. And it’s no wonder: As a sign focused on organization and control, Virgo is like the physical manifestation of a to-do list.

I also like to think of Virgos as the “life coaches” of the world. They tend to be quite health-conscious by design, and their regimented nature allows them to create practical systems and answers for any of life’s woes. If we think of a Pisces like a therapist (diving into your feelings and the nature of your wounds), then Virgo—the direct opposite to Pisces in the zodiac—is the life coach, creating a clear system with actionable items to turn your issue around. Virgo’s brain is simply designed to give you honest, clear, and critical advice. (They’re truly the best problem-solvers in the zodiac—you can quote me on that.)

So in honor of Virgo season, let’s dive into what each sign can learn from these ultra-practical peeps.



Aries are full of self-pride: they know they’re hot, smart, and cool, and they’re not afraid to let you know that. I find that confidence absolutely intoxicating, but in an unbalanced moment, that can manifest more like self-centeredness than self-certainty. Rams, I’d never tell you to stop being your own champion, but a dash of mutability could serve you well. Virgo is a mutable sign, characterized by its ability to remain flexible and shape-shift when necessary.  The Virgins of the zodiac are also not particularly flashy, and instead communicate their confidence through quietly seductive certainty. So instead of demanding all the energy in the room, dear Aries, try operating a few notches below your usual glimmer. I promise that your natural radiance is so strong, it doesn’t need to eclipse everyone else’s to light up a room.



Stability doesn’t have to be bad, but sometimes you can get a liiiiittle too stuck in your ways, huh, Taurus? Something admirable about Virgos is that they are in a perpetual quest for self-improvement, whether that’s via reading new books, updating their wardrobe, or finding new and better ways to fuel their body. While I know you probably have your system down pat, dear Bull, why not zhuzh things up a bit? Perhaps you can read an article on intermittent fasting and see if you want to give it a go, or brush up on feng shui and give your space a sprinkle of fresh energy. Whatever it may be, finding new ways to inject change into your structure can only serve to make your life stronger in the long run. And who knows—maybe your old routine might get a new lifelong update!



Since Gemini is always collecting new connections, The Twins might not be the most dependable pals to every single person in their circle. (And how could they with that many connections?!) On the flip side, Virgos make a point of being dependable and stable in their friendships. Known for cultivating lifelong relationships, The Virgins of the zodiac are there for you through thick and thin. While every person in your little black book might not get the full Virgo treatment, sweet Gemini, could you try to whittle down who’s really in your inner circle? Try categorizing your friendships into three tiers (all valuable in their own right) with the first tier representing those you feel your most comfortable around; the ones you could call at any hour of the night to bail you out of jail; the ones you can tell your deepest secrets to. Once you’ve clarified your true ride-or-dies, attempt to be a little more available to those loved ones—even if that means missing out on other social gatherings, or turning down friends in other tiers that want your attention.



As a water sign, Cancer has a deliciously dreamy imagination. In fact, the Crab’s characteristic warmth, loving nature, and maternal energy mean that they easily develop fantasies about their relationships. I’m a water sign myself, so I’d never discourage that continual dreaming—but a dash of earthiness could aid your practice, dear Cancer. Since Virgo is an Earth sign and a mutable sign, they’re known for their practicality and flexibility. That means that if the girl they’ve been dating for weeks ends up dumping them, they’ll move on to find someone new before you know it. Since Virgos aren’t deeply attached to fantasy, they mostly operate in the Earthy realm of pragmatism. Cancer, you’re naturally less adept at being matter-of-fact, so try to put some conscious effort into remaining practical and flexible— à la Virgo—in your search for love. (Repeating nightly mantras about your adaptability and sensibility should help.)



Leos, the Lions and Lionesses of the world, certainly love to be the star. With a mane and a roar so glorious, it’s only natural that they gravitate towards taking the focus. However, that can sometimes translate to monopolizing a conversation amongst a group of friends, or preparing what they’re going to stay next instead of listening intently. Now let’s be clear—Leos are totally captivating and make great storytellers, but my sweet Lions, it’s not always about you. In fact, when you take the focus off of yourself and place it onto a loved one, you can really deepen the connection. Take a page from Virgo, a notoriously fantastic listener. Ruled by the communication planet of Mercury, Virgos are amazing at the integration part of conversation, rather than the output element. So the next time your friend calls to vent about her boss, see if you can practice not speaking—except to ask additional probing questions—for a full 20 minutes. Becoming a more active listener is bound to transform your relationships and make your closest friends feel extra special in your presence.



The epitome of ‘seeing both sides,’ Libras will do two things when doling out advice: 1) As people-pleasers, they tend to acknowledge and validate whatever their friends want to hear; and 2), they usually feel obligated to play devil’s advocate and explore both sides of any argument. Since Libras are represented by the Scales, this element of balance is important to their character—but it’s also what makes you so characteristically indecisive, dear Libra. On the other hand, Virgos are excellent advice-givers because they’ll give it to you straight: Full bluntness, no bullshit. Know that you’ll get honesty and well-thought out, practical solutions to your problems if you go to a Virgo friend for feedback. They won’t hesitate to share their honest opinion, even if it stings a little. So Libra, can you take a page from The Virgins and aim to share your honest opinion when giving advice? After all, your friend came to YOU for YOUR perspective—so don’t hesitate to share what’s really on your mind.



Scorpios might be known for their jealousy, but who can blame them? As a water sign, they feel extra intensely—but since they’re on the more secretive side, they’re less likely than other water signs to air those feelings out. In turn, jealousy can run rampant in the imaginative inner world of a Scorpion’s mind. With Virgos, on the other hand, it’s pretty difficult to make them jealous. Not only do they have blinders on to anything but their own way of seeing the world (Virgos are notorious for believing they’re always right), but they’re also quite analytical. For this reason, unless there’s a glaringly obvious issue in the relationship, they won’t use their imagination to make up a potential reason for jealousy. Scorpio, see if you can adopt some of that practical chill and only let the cold hard facts emotionally sway you. 



While you and Virgo can both be quite witty and share a fantastic sense of humor, here’s where you differ: Sagittarians are obsessively attached to freedom, while Virgos are fiercely bound to order. Sagittarius, you’re almost always seeking out new experiences, trying new things, and forever jumping from one concept—or place—to the next. I’m all for this free-spirited behavior, but a little order and self-restraint could actually help some of the amazing ideas bred in that philosophical brain of yours actually come to life. If you want to move from the research phase into actually getting something done, borrow some of Virgo’s orderly, task-oriented energy.



Though you and Virgo share many qualities as fellow Earth signs—like list-making, orderliness, and a proclivity towards perfectionism, to name a few—there’s still something you can learn from the zodiac’s Virgins. In particular, one of the things I love most about Virgos is that they tend to be surprisingly on top of what’s culturally relevant, cool, and trending. In fact, your favorite Virgo is often the friend that knows about that cool speakeasy before it gets big, or hops on a new jewelry trend months before you see it sweep Instagram. Take a beat from Virgo and spend a smidge less time climbing the corporate ladder, sweet Capricorn, and a little more time exploring the unexplored.



Aquarius isn’t exactly a rule-follower. Their fierce independence makes them want to carve their own path and do their own thing, sometimes just for the sake of proving their individuality. But what Aquarians could benefit from is a little bit of rule-abiding in order to achieve their end goal. Since you’re such a big visionary, dear Water Bearer, a touch of order and organization—aka playing by “society’s rules”—can actually help your big dreams about social justice reform or environmental protection truly come to life.



Pisces, sometimes your boundaries are not as clear as they should be. As a selfless sign with an ultra-big heart, you might find yourself befriending—or even dating—people you don’t actually love all that much. Either that, or you find it easy to make excuses for pink (or red) flags in potential partners, since you tend to seek out the good in everyone. Unfortunately, this can lead to settling—or worse, ending up in a toxic situation. While an unbalanced Virgo can be overly critical with impossibly sky-high standards, a balanced one knows what they want and deserve and won’t settle for anything less; and since they’re ruled by communication planet Mercury, they won’t shy away from telling you what’s bothering them so you can change or hit the door. Pisces, borrow some of this attitude from Virgo and get clear on what your standards are so they’re easier to apply when sifting through new potential friends or partners.  


In honor of Virgo season, try to implement some of the advice above if it resonates with you. In addition, tell your favorite Virgo how much you love them and more importantly, how grateful you are for their advice. Since Virgos can be overly critical of themselves, genuine praise about their value in your life is priceless for this sign.

Lauren Rubin


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