What's Your Astrological Element?

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By Nia McDow –


You know your sun sign and the basic characteristics that come along with it, but do you know which element you belong to? This may seem like an insignificant detail but it can help you determine things like: why you are the way you are, what signs and placements you're compatible with, and so much more!

Let's dive deeper into all four of the elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water. As you read along, make sure to take a look at your birth chart to see which of these elements is most dominant in your chart. This will determine why you may not feel as connected to your sun sign, or why you attract certain elements into your life.

Four elements earth, fire, air, water zodiac signs astrology lessons

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Zodiac Signs / Placements: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius

Compatibility: Fire Signs are generally most compatible with Air Signs and other Fire Signs

Known for their energetic, outgoing and bold personalities, fire signs usually take the lead in situations and aren’t afraid to express how they feel. Each of the zodiac signs take charge in their own way.

Aries – You are a cardinal sign, meaning you initiate and you're a natural born leader. You can make decisions in the heat of the moment and you work extremely well under pressure. You get sh*t done – no questions asked.

Leo – As a fixed sign, you're the balance between flexibility and stability. While you're typically labeled the "main character," you are passionate and trustworthy. You're the most caring and loyal lion in the jungle. You take pride in spreading your love, and are you're extremely loyal towards your friends and family.

Sagittarius – As a mutable sign, you're flexible and open-minded. You strive to guide people towards different perspectives and realities. You want to experience everything life has to offer and explore the deepest parts of the world.


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Zodiac Signs / Placements: Gemini, Libra & Aquarius

Compatibility: Air Signs are generally most compatible with Fire Signs and other Air Signs

Air Signs are known for being intelligent and social. Their minds are innovative as they are constantly searching for ways to make the world a better place.

Gemini – You are a mutable sign, which means you're more flexible and open-minded. While you're one of the most misunderstood signs, you have a constant thirst for knowledge and you always seize everything the world has to offer. Your curiosity knows no boundaries.

Libra – You are a cardinal sign. A natural leader in social circles, you make for a great speaker and activist. You seek harmony amongst others and yourself. You are driven by love & beauty, and you dream about providing balance to the world.

Aquarius – As a fixed sign, you are open yet stable. You may be "strange" according to some, but your unique way of thinking and your free vision of life gives makes you the most interesting person to talk to in any room. You have an ability to open peoples' minds to places they may not have gone before.


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Zodiac Signs / Placements: Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces

Compatibility: Water Signs are generally most compatible with other Water Signs and Earth Sign

Known for being intuitive, emotional and spiritual, water signs' feelings drive their hopes. They connect with others through empathy and understanding.

Cancer – You are a cardinal sign, so you're emotional, initiative and you take lead. You may not think of yourself as a leader, but Cancer placements embody Mother Nature. You have an unreal ability to understand your emotions as well as others, and you make any environment feel like home.

Scorpio – As a fixed sign, you are firm but flexible. Unlike your sister signs (Pisces and Cancer), you tend to hide your deepest emotions. Your ability to be a chameleon amongst emotions enables you to be a great problem solver and incredibly intuitive. Your can't-quite-figure-you-out energy leaves others feeling puzzled, but you always know what’s on your minds.

Pisces – A mutable sign, you're open to new ideas and perspectives. You're a big dreamer, living most of your life above the clouds in a fantasy world (often due to your spiritual intuition). Your ability to cross between the known and unknown is what makes you so otherworldly.


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Zodiac signs / Placements: Taurus, Virgo & Capricorn

Compatibility: Earth Signs are generally most compatible with Water Signs and other Earth Signs

Earth is the element that keeps the other elements at bay, which is why it's no surprise that Earth Signs are known for being grounded, rational and stable. They move through life using logical thinking, but don’t let that fool you – they sure know how to have fun! Earth signs usually have incredible taste in food, fashion and music. They are also reliable, loyal and emotional. You absolutely need an Earth Sign in your circle.

Taurus – You're a fixed sign, so you're balanced and flexible. You are able to create the perfect work-and-play world for yourself. Always finding the beauty in every interest you hold, you have a strong ability to make anything look and feel like love.

Virgo – A mutable sign, you are open minded and flexible. You are super analytical and you want to know how to do everything to perfection. Your observance and fast-learning capabilities mean you can figure out problems immediately.

Capricorn – You're a cardinal sign, which means you make a great leader and initiator. Similar to Cancer, you have a connection to nature in a paternal essence. While you're often mistaken as "cold" due to your serious nature, you're actually very sensitive and loving. In fact, your serious demeanor has to do with your unmatched ability to never back down from a challenge.



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