Your Horoscope for Aries Season

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By Nia McDow –
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We're kicking off the astrological new year with a bang – we're partnering with astrologer Nia McDow to bring you the hottest astro-content under the sun. With a BA in psychology and MA in psychosocial studies, Nia applies her expertise of human interaction and connection to her astrological readings. 
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The start of Aries season also marks the date of the spring equinox, so get ready for a little extra pep in your step! As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is associated with independence and new beginnings. Read below to find out what this season has in store for you!
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Themes: Communication | New Beginnings
Aries, it’s your season, and the astrological new year has officially begun. This Aries season you guys are really addressing your past, you may find yourselves overthinking but don't allow yourself to lose sleep! Relationships and Social interactions will bring you peace this Aries Season. And with an Aries New Moon coming, allow yourself to be open and creative as new possibilities surround you.
Happy Birthday Aries, Enjoy!
Tarot Reading for Aries: Nine of Swords, Six of Pentacles, Page of Cups
 Themes: Relationships | Finances 
 Something has been holding you back Taurus, but you are finally encountering your awakening, do not ignore the signs it lead you to a soul connection.
Tarot Reading for Taurus: Two of Cups, The Moon
Themes: The Past | Career
Gemini - Paying attention to where you place your energy, Gemini you have learned a lot from your past and its time to take that knowledge and apply it a new project. Don’t allow yourself to become distracted by any negativity or drama from others.
Tarot Reading for Gemini: Six of Cups, The Moon, King of Swords
Themes: New Beginnings | Letting Go
You may find yourself emotionally attached to someone or something that is being deceitful or disrupting your peace, its time to let go and start a new beginnings.
Tarot Reading for Cancer: Seven of Cups, Knight of Wands, Seven of Wands
Themes: Balance 
Leo - You may find that a decision needs to be made to provide balance into your life, you must prioritize what is most important to you.
 Tarot Reading for Leo: Two of Cups, Judgment, Two of Pentacles
Themes: Transformation | Clarity
You will encounter understanding and clarity in your life, think of this as a time to transform and grow within yourself.
Tarot Reading for Virgo: Ace of Swords & Five of Cups
Themes: New Beginnings | Transformation & Drama 
This Aries Season we have a Full Moon in Libra which will be transformative for Libra placements (check where you may have Libra energy in your chart). Use this energy to emotionally reflect inward onto yourself. You may find a big decision coming your way.
 Tarot Reading for Libra – The Hermit, Knight of Swords, The Tower
Themes: Healing |Satisfaction
Allow yourself to lean on others when you become stressed, this will allow balance to your life and healing. This Aries season will provide you with opportunities and projects to be grateful for.
Tarot Reading for Scorpio – Ace of Cups, Two of Pentacles, Temperance
Themes: Joy |Fear of Failure
 You will find happiness in being practical with your decisions, clarity will come after time of confusion 
Tarot Reading for Sagittarius: Seven of Cups, The Sun, Knight of Pentacles, Five of Cups
Themes: Career | Finances 
Aries Season is all about manifesting abundance for you. Trust in what the universe has to offer and use the Full Moon in Libra to manifest things in your realm of money and career.
Tarot Reading for Capricorn: Eight of Wands, Page of Pentacles, Judgment
Themes: Creativity |Gratitude 
It’s important that you open yourself to transformation within your inner circle. Relationships will be at the forefront of your focus this Aries Season.
 Tarot Reading for Aquarius: Nine of Swords, Six of Swords, Ten of Cups
Themes: Communication| Love
 You may see many things involving your future with regard to your relationships. Take this time to open yourself up to compassionate communication and understanding of others. 
Tarot Reading for Pisces: Queen of Cups, Two of Wands, Three of Wands

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