Your Color Aesthetic Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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By Nia McDow –

We all have colors that speak to us and auras that surround our energy. Have you ever wondered which color will empower you based on your birth chart? Below we have curated the perfect mood board for you based on your placements. Want to feel at home – check your sun sign. Hone in on your emotions – check your moon! These mood boards were made to help you connect with your chart.


Dooz aries zodiac sign aura color theory red ARIES

You are known for your bold energy because you aren’t afraid to tell it how it is, which is why red is your color. It’s bright and powerful just like you.


Dooz Taurus aura color theory green moodboard zodiac signs aestheticTAURUS

Ruled by Venus and grounded with the element of Earth, you are a natural beauty without even trying. Green embodies your soft and effortless glow.


Dooz gemini zodiac sign astrology color theory mood board yellow goldGEMINI

As the most misunderstood sign, you never let it stop you from shinning as bright as you should. True gold never tarnishes, and neither do you.


Dooz cancer zodiac astrological sign color dark blue handbagCANCER

Nothing is more deeply beautiful than a Cancer. With the ability to empathize, understand and feel, dark blue is your color.


Dooz Leo zodiac sign celestial mood board color inspiration orange rust LEO

Ruled by the sun, you are the literal center of the solar system. Orange reflects your fiery personality so perfectly.


Dooz virgo astrology sign color burgundy and white lunar celeste bagVIRGO

You’re so perfect that we couldn’t choose between white or burgundy – so you get both! On your chill days you give off crisp white energy, but when you want to strut your confidence you aren’t afraid of dabbling into something a bit darker like burgundy.


Dooz libra zodiac sign pink color aesthetic inspiration mood boardLIBRA

Ruled by Venus, your ultra-feminine energy is compatible with a color like blushing pink. Your aura is flirtatious, friendly and fun.


Dooz zodiac sign Scorpio black navy blue traits and colors SCORPIO

You're an enigma and the depths of your soul are undiscovered, sometimes hiding behind the dark and mysterious color black. This mood board is inspired by the lunar energy of the night.


Dooz sagittarius sign hot pink fuchsia color women's zodiac cotton bandanaSAGITTARIUS

You're fun, adventurous and enjoyable to be around. Hot pink is one of the only colors that can keep up with your vibrant energy!


Dooz capricorn astrological sign mood board inspiration fashion aesthetic CAPRICORN

Similar to Taurus, you are naturally grounded and sophisticated.Your color olive green is inspired by the sleek success and understated power you continue to achieve.

Dooz aquarius zodiac sign traits fashion style aesthetic favorite colorAQUARIUS

You're intelligent and unique. Cobalt blue emphasizes your battle between hiding in the background and outwardly expressing yourself in the most original way.


Dooz pisces creativity lime green favorite color fashion stylePISCES

You're a dreamer, a thinker, and a feeler. You deserve a color that makes you feel safe, allowing your mind to wander. Lime green sparks your creativity and inner child.

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