Your Personal Style According To Your Venus Sign

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By Nia McDow –

Fashion is a big part of our day-to-day lives. We dress in a particular way to show others who we are or to make a good impression, but sometimes finding our footing in the fashion world can be seriously stressful! Trends are constantly changing. What’s in? What’s out? How do we keep up? And more importantly, how do we discover our personal style amidst the ever-changing fashion climate? What if I told you it’s easier than you think and you don’t have to do a lot of research to find the answers.

Aesthetics & Astrology

Cue your birth chart! Your birth chart is where you ask questions when you want to know something about yourself. And it just so happens that your Venus placement can help define your true aesthetic. So quit saving potential Pinterest outfits because I’m about to break down your personal style according to your Venus sign.

Venus & You

Venus is the planet of love, ruled by both Taurus and Libra. Venus eludes feminine energy, romance and aesthetic. When you’re looking for a potential partner, knowing your Venus sign is super beneficial because often those with compatible Venus signs (for example a Pisces and Scorpio Venus) make great partners.

Aside from love, you can also use your Venus sign to enhance your style, feel more confident and attract others. You can find your Venus sign in your birth chart, represented by this symbol ♀.


Aries Venus

Think Bold

With your Venus in Aries, you know what you want. Your aesthetic is bold and unapologetic. You attract those around you because you’re real and your style should be authentic to you. Try adding in bright accents of color to your wardrobe. If you’re the type to wear all black you might be questioning my advice, but trust me you will love it.

Dooz Aries Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Taurus Venus


As a Taurus Venus, your love language is likely gifts. You are a true material girl and fashion is something that comes easily to you. You love to indulge in self care through retail therapy and you are always on top of the new. 

Dooz Taurus Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Gemini Venus


With a Venus in Gemini you're interested in many styles. The best part about you is that you have the confidence to try on anything. So if you’re currently feeling stuck between what to wear, try putting pieces together that you normally wouldn’t. You're super creative, so you can pull it off!

Dooz Gemini Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Cancer Venus


If your Venus is in Cancer comfort is a huge part of your aesthetic. You enjoy fall and winter fashion most because 'tis the season of oversized sweaters and fuzzy blankets. Don’t be afraid to go out in what makes you feel the most comfortable and confident.

Dooz Cancer Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Leo Venus


Having a Leo Venus means you always want to look your best. You strive to be the center of attention (even if you don't realize it). Whenever you’re putting together an outfit, you're notorious for "never having anything to wear." Similar to Taurus Venus, you are a trendsetterYour aesthetic emulates "it-girl."

Dooz Leo Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Virgo Venus


If your Venus is in Virgo, you can be picky about your partners as well as your style. I mean, you have high standards. You often have a hard time finding clothes you feel are worth buying. This is a combination of your particularity and constant questioning – "Does this really look good?" You’ll benefit from earthy tones and find inspiration from the oh-so-popular "clean girl aesthetic."

Dooz Virgo Venus sign aesthetic style collage


Libra Venus


If you have your Venus in Libra, you have the ability to effortlessly draw people in. This can feel like both a blessing and a curse, as you’re able to pull off anything. A romantic, feminine aesthetic will bring you the most self love and peace. Similar to Pisces Venus, finding style inspiration from your favorite TV shows and movies is super beneficial for you.

Dooz Libra Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Scorpio Venus


With a Venus in Scorpio you like to keep your love life hidden from everyone else, but you still wear your heart on your sleeve and will always be there for those you love. You find vintage fashion to be the most interesting because of the mystery surrounding each item. I don’t need to tell you how thrifting and going to markets will brighten your aesthetic, you already do it.

Dooz Scorpio Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Sagittarius Venus


With your Venus in Sagittarius you crave adventure! You're not afraid of trying something new and often feel fulfilled by jumping out of your comfort zone. I encourage you to try to explore your style more.

Dooz Sagittarius Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Capricorn Venus


As a Capricorn Venus you find it hard to find clothes that you like. Similar to Virgo and Taurus, you're picky and will only wear something that you absolutely love. Your closet should be filled with classic pieces that you can dress up when you please. You should fill your closet with items that never go out of style – elegant and classic.

Dooz Capricorn Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Aquarius Venus


With a Venus in Aquarius, you want to be inventive and original. You prefer not to follow the trends unless you’re able to make them your own. You’re seen as a trendsetter, as you’re always looking to improve your fashion whilst still standing out. Your aesthetic is all about being unique and creative.

Dooz Aquarius Venus Sign aesthetic style collage


Pisces Venus


With a Venus in Pisces you have a dreamy outlook on style. You like to channel your inner fantasies, often taking inspiration from your favorite shows or movies. Dress everyday like you’re about to meet the love of your life, or your ex.

Dooz Pisces Venus Sign aesthetic style collage 

Collage images credit of Judith Ha on Pinterest

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