Your Secret Weapon For Kicking Ass At Work

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One of the most common astrology questions I receive is, “which sign is the worst?” And while my answer is, and forever will be, “there are no bad signs!” there are those certain character traits associated with each sign that no one gets particularly excited about. But I’d like to throw a quick curveball and argue that it’s these exact traitsyou know, the ones we’re so quick to judge in others and brush under the rug when we spot them in ourselvesthat make us the most powerful ... especially at work. With so many competing personalities, pressures, and projects, office life isn’t always easybut with the help of these sign-specific “secret weapons” you’ll be able to traverse any workplace tribulations with ease AND learn how to love yourself along the way. So, who’s ready for Monday?

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Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Secret weapon: being “too sensitive”

More often than not, water signs get a bad wrap for being, well, watery. You know sappy, sensitive, and all that jazz. And while this is obviously a limiting narrative that fails to describe the tendencies of every single Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, there is an underlying truth that water signs are deeply emotional beings. Traditionally, displaying emotions in the workplace has been labeled as a sign of weaknessespecially for women, who often have to embody the most masculine version of themselves to be regarded with any semblance of equality to that of their male colleagues. But let’s face it —it’s these notoriously “feminine” traits, like emotional intelligence, creativity, and empathy, that not only keep businesses afloat and employees happy, but allow the proverbial bar to be raised time and time again.

So instead of wasting your intuitively-driven gifts at work, I challenge you to buck the system and get vulnerable with your teammates. As a water sign, it’s not uncommon for folks to pour their hearts out to you unprompted, and in the workplace this is liquid gold. No, not for gossiping purposes, but because understanding someone’s internal landscape inevitably yields a better working relationship. By embracing your thoughtful nature and showing a genuine interest in the lives of your coworkers, you’ll start to see what drives their quirks and proclivities, making office politics a total breeze. Next time you are faced with a sticky conversation or frustrating email? Approach the colleague in question from a place of empathy instead of annoyance, and watch both of your worlds transform for the better.



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Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Secret weapon: being a “waffler”

Just as the wind can pick up and change in a moment’s notice, air signs are notorious for behaving in a similar way. And honestly, who can blame you? There’s an undercurrent of duality that runs through every Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, which means it’s hard to find someone who can play a better Devil’s Advocate than you. You may have received slack in the past from changing your stance mid-conversation, or struggling to make a decision quickly, but this “waffling” nature can actually be a huge advantage in an office setting. Why? Because your ability to look at the big picture and see every side to a situation is rare, and therefore uniquely invaluable.

When you’re entrenched in a tricky project or struggling to put new processes into place, being able to step back, detach, and clearly lay out all of the potential solutions isn’t easy for mostbut it’s what you’re great at. This big picture thinking also comes in handy whenever negotiations are in order. So the next time you find yourself interviewing for a new job, squaring off with a potential client, or selling your idea to the team, try putting your knack for stepping into someone else’s shoes to the test. Run through the myriad of directions these conversations could go in and finesse a response for each. This strategic foresight, paired with your curious and clever nature, is a surefire recipe for success.


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Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Secret weapon: being “selfish”

Let’s cut to the chaseas a fire sign, you naturally approach life from a me-first perspective. But this worldview is not to be confused with selfishness. It simply means that you have an innate sense of your personal powerthe profound ability to manifest magic that so many of your colleagues envy.  Now, something beautiful happens when you recognize your own poweryou do whatever you can to protect it. Instead of smothering your inner flame, you shield it from the elements and keep it burningor in other words, you set some serious boundaries.

My fire sign friends are some of the most passionate, career-driven people I know, but they are also notorious for setting boundaries at work (and sticking to them). It’s a common misconception that working harder instead of smarter is what you have to do to “make it.” But fire signs know this to be untrue, and it’s up to you to use your power to change this narrative. As someone who is naturally extroverted, there’s a good chance you’ve already captured the attention of your colleagues and can easily lead by example. Things like choosing to eat lunch outside or turning off email on weekends might seem simple to you, but making a point to demonstrate this behavior AND celebrate your coworkers who follow suit can help boost office morale in a big way.


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Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Secret weapon: being “critical”

Personally, one of my favorite things about earth signs is that they go with their guns, and they’re not afraid to own it. In a world that’s so fast-paced and flippant, it’s refreshing to come across a person with a real opinionsomeone who actually sticks with what they stand for, even in times of pressure. Whether you’re a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you were lucky enough to be born with a level head on your shoulders, making it easy for you to think rationally and arrive at a conclusion from a place of logic. While others may struggle to sift through the chaos, you opt for the head over heart approach, spotting potential pain points from a mile away and developing solutions that just make sense.

This ability to identify problems (otherwise known as being “nit picky”) can occasionally rub people the wrong way. But when it comes to life in the workplace, your knack for providing constructive criticism is absolutely a strength. Sure, conceptualizing big ideas is important, but it’s the attention to detail that separates a good project from a great one. Questioning methods, editing work, and redirecting strategy are just a few of the ways you can employ this skill for good. Your colleagues might not love being challenged at the start, but once they see that your critique comes from a place that is goal-driven and focused, they’ll start singing a very different song.


- Elizabeth Bobbitt

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