Your Self-Care Rx, According To Your Moon Sign

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By Lauren Rubin –

“Self-care” is a buzzword these days—and for good reason, I might add. As humans, we seem to be more stressed, overwhelmed, and overworked than ever. Recently, the World Health Organization even included “burnout” as a real occupational syndrome in its classification of diseases. It’s clear that we’re a society in grave need of some self-love, some slowing down, and some thoughtful nurturing: all important tenets of self-care.

With the barrage of information available, though, it’s easy to get lost in the land of self-care. Are you the type who would do best with a crystal sound bath to rebalance? Or maybe you just need some good old-fashioned journaling and a long, slow yoga class?

Instead of playing the guessing game, astrology can save the day when you need to part through a sea of options to find what suits you best. In particular, studying your Moon sign (which represents what we need to feel emotionally secure in the world) can clue us in when it comes to self-care.

Break out the dry brushes and the essential oils: It’s time to dive into this practical self-care guide based on your Moon sign.


Aries Moon

Synopsis: Burn baby, burn! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, known for its fiery nature and starting energy, so Aries Moons require a healthy dose of excitement. Lunar rams value passion and spontaneity, so they almost always require a physical outlet for their boundless energy if they want to stay sane. 

Everlast Boxing Gloves

Self-care Rx: Get your body moving! A high-energy HIIT or boxing class is a great way for Aries Moons to move energy through and out of their bodies. Follow up the heavy sweat sesh with a deep tissue massage, which brings much-needed relaxation to an ever-active Aries. Pro tip: Have the technician focus on the head and scalp, since Aries rules the noggin. No time for a full massage? Snag this at-home scalp massager for self-care in a pinch.


Taurus Moon

Synopsis: Taurus = sensuality, stability, luxury, comfort. Taurus Moons do best with established routine and predictable pleasures. They genuinely appreciate and care about the finer things in life, so reveling in good food, soft fabrics, and endless amounts of lounge time is literally good for their mental health. Lucky, huh?

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Self-care Rx: For Taurus Moons, indulgence 101 is the name of the game. Step one: Set up the coziest lounge space you can imagine. (Cashmere sweatpants, silk sheets, an essential oil diffuser, and a self-heating mug for tea are all encouraged.) Step two: Have your favorite comfort food delivered. It might be fancy sushi or your favorite fast-food burger—whatever lights up your heart (and stomach). Step three: Stream your favorite TV show, dive under the covers, and make sure your schedule is cleared for the rest of the day to relax sans responsibility.


Gemini Moon

Synopsis: Oh, Gemini. They always seem to catch some flack in mainstream astrology, but look me in the eye and tell me they aren’t your most fun friend. Geminis are the kings and queens of communication, so you best believe that Gem Moons need a lot of stimulation, socializing, and good old-fashioned chats. As long as they can express themselves freely and often, lunar Geminis should feel secure. 

Friends Drinking Wine in Bed – Brooklinen

 Self-care Rx: Upgrade your basic wine night and get all your best friends together for a sixth-grade-style sleepover with pajamas, junky snacks, and epic bonding on the menu. Order a deck of these “deep question” prompt cards and get ready to spill your innermost feelings and thoughts over a glass (or five) of sangria. I can’t think of a more productive way for Gemini Moons to combine self-care and socializing.


Cancer Moon

Synopsis: Cancers are our little crybabies of the zodiac—in a good way! They’re super in touch with their emotions and might even rival Pisces in their sensitivity. When the Moon, (a planet already associated with emotions) is in Cancer, you’ll find someone very deep, very caring, and very “in their feels.” Cancer Moons are particularly maternal, so regardless of their gender they must feel safe to express their nurturing side in order to feel confident and assured.


 Self-care Rx: Lunar crabs tend to give, give, give to others, but you’d do well to flip that care onto yourselves. My recommendation? Practicing oceanic breath. This style of meditative breathing mimics the sounds of the ocean—perfect for a water sign like Cancer—and can help calm the digestive system, which is doubly ideal since Cancer is ruled by the stomach. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t suggest getting a pet as part of your prescription. Since Cancer Moons simply love caring for others, a pet can give you that satisfaction while ensuring you won’t get taken advantage of.


Leo Moon

Synopsis: The ‘self-absorbed Leo’ trope exists for a reason, even if it’s a little harsh. Moon in Leos require regular external validation, particularly when it comes to their appearance. And why shouldn’t they get it? They tend to be beautiful creatures who put a lot of thought into their image. They’re also a highly creative sign, so lunar Leos do best when they can freely express their artistic side.

Mio Body Brush 

Self-care Rx: Dry brush to your heart’s content, little Leo. Your self-care prescription includes a daily dry-brushing session followed by a luxuriating body oil routine to bring self-love straight to your physical form. Invest in a high-quality body oil like this one that’ll make you feel like a glowing goddess, or get the creative juices flowing with a DIY body oil recipe that you can fine-tune to your liking. This thoughtful, meditative practice will also result in some seriously smooth skin that Leo Moons will feel proud to show off.


Virgo Moon

Synopsis: Virgos might get a bad rap for being perfectionists, but that’s because order and organization are their friends. Organization actually brings peace and emotional security to a Virgo Moon, so they tend to be slightly obsessive about cleaning and crossing off their to-do list. A simple, well-maintained, and stable life is an ideal recipe for keeping Virgo Moons from freaking out.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Basics

Self-care Rx: Since Virgos go gaga for routine, why not turn that tidying you already have scheduled into a self-care session, too? While cleaning the kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, pop on your headphones and listen a self-improvement audiobook such as The Gifts of Imperfection, written by the beloved Brené Brown. Cleaning will soothe a Virgo Moon’s desire for order, while an audiobook—like this one on radical self-love—can help you loosen up and love yourself a little more, even when the countertops need wiping.


Libra Moon

Synopsis: I always call Libras the best partners in the zodiac, and Libra Moons are no exception. They thrive on partnership and feel most at peace when in union with another. Because Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, it’s also important for Libra Moons to be surrounded by aesthetically-pleasing elements—an attractive partner, beautiful art, a well-designed space, etc.—to feel their best and juiciest selves.  

Modern Vanity Mirror – West Elm

Self-care Rx: Lunar Libras need to be loved, straight and simple. But since we can’t always control our external environment and the players in our lives, that love needs to come from within. Your Rx starts with gifting yourself some lingerie, a silk pajama set, or a ritzy robe—whatever you feel most gorgeous in. Then, spend some time in the mirror telling yourself what makes you special. Physical and non-physical traits should make the list, and if you find yourself being unnecessarily negative, try this practice stolen from Gay Hendricks’ Learning To Love Yourself: When you can’t muster up the strength to say, “I love my [body],” try saying: “I love myself for not loving my [body] right now.” This practice is actually great self-care for any sign.  


Scorpio Moon

Synopsis: There’s no way around it: Scorpio Moons are intense. People often forget that Scorpio is a water sign (joining Pisces and Cancer), meaning that they feel things ~extra deeply~. This means that despite being an indescribably passionate sign, they are highly prone to trust issues. And while sexual energy seeps from every pore of a lunar Scorpio, they’re the type to hold out for someone loyal and soul-stirring. 

Good Move Dance Photo

Self-care Rx: To channel that sexy passion into something productive, a sensual dance class might be just the ticket to unwind. Whether it’s hot and sweaty hip-hop, a powerhouse pole-dancing class, or a sensual bachata session, moving your body to the beat is sure to squash any stress. Feeling a little shy? Fear not, Scorp Moon. Steal some steps from YouTube and become your own choreographer if you want to practice in the privacy of your own home. Bonus points if you create a bangin’ playlist to match your moves; water signs are experts at finding the perfect song to suit any mood.


Sagittarius Moon

Synopsis: A Sagittarius Moon is magnetized to adventure. They tend to love travel, socializing with new people, and collecting new and exciting experiences. In fact, feeling “stuck” leads straight to discomfort and insecurity for a lunar Sag. They’re also highly intellectual and feel most themselves in pursuit of new facts and wisdom that they can show off.

Take A Hike Hat

Self-care Rx: You’d better believe I’m going to prescribe the outdoors to a curious Sagittarius Moon. Talking a walk through a new park, or better yet a hike up a new trail, is a great way for you to get a taste of something novel while still getting grounded by nature’s energy. Bring along a book on Stoicism (I know you guys go nuts for philosophy), find a cozy spot to sit in, and reflect on how these ancient virtues might apply to your self-care practice today. As an added bonus, your newfound knowledge about Stoic philosophy will make great cocktail conversation.


Capricorn Moon

Synopsis: Capricorns like stability and control, so someone with a Moon in Capricorn feels most comfortable in the presence of structure. They aren’t, however, known for being well in touch with their emotions, so they need to put a little extra (structured) effort into regularly checking in if they want to take adequate care of themselves.  

One Line A Day Journal – Amazon

Self-care Rx: As the boss of the zodiac, you get an assignment: start journaling! Cap Moons feed off structure (have I said that enough yet?), so scheduling time to journal about your emotional state, followed by crossing it off your to-do list, will be a double hit of satisfying self-care. Use this time to really reflect on your deepest emotions and desires. Because that very idea might make you feel unsafe, I’d suggest locking your journal in a safe box so you don’t have to worry about your innermost feelings ever being exposed to the world.


Aquarius Moon

Synopsis: Ahh, Aquarians. The beloved “weirdos” of the zodiac. Aquarius Moons have likely felt at one time or another that they are different, don’t quite belong, or are misunderstood. For this reason, they need to feel that their uniqueness is supported and celebrated, not judged. They are also independent, idealistic, and experimental, so they feel best when they are forging their own path and going against what is normal or expected.

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna

Self-care Rx: Self-care for an Aqua Moon has to feel special. You don’t feel fulfilled when you’re comfortable (or dare I say, bored?) so your Rx includes some experimentation. Consider trying something alternative and new in your quest for self-care. My top picks? Infrared crystal chakra mats for energy alignment, a kambo (frog poison) ceremony for emotional and spiritual cleansing, or a sound bath in a Himalayan salt cave for the ultimate holistic experience.  


Pisces Moon

Synopsis: Those with a Moon in Pisces are unbelievably empathetic and often absorb the energies and issues of those around them—be it a best friend, or even a movie character. They need to feel free to let their dreamy imagination soar and take them out of reality from time to time. Lunar Pisces also require sufficient amounts of solitude to rebalance their energies and recharge.

Architectural Digest Tub

Self-care Rx: A classic water sign, Pisces Moons pair well with H20. Sylvia Plath once said, There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them”and while a bath should frankly be included in every sign’s prescription, watery Moons get extra benefit from a regular soak. Your Rx includes a tricked-out bath experience complete with bath pillow, overflow drain cover, CBD bath bomb, and adjustable bath tray. Fishes need some escapist entertainment, too—but nothing sad or stressful allowed, okay? Due to your empathetic nature, it’s best to pick a podcast, playlist, or TV show that’s funny or upbeat so your sensitive system doesn’t get dragged down during your self-care sesh.


While there’s a clear relationship between your Moon sign and your emotional state, don’t let the above prescriptions limit you. If your Rx isn’t meshing with you or you want to channel a different sign’s energy one day, experiment with the other suggestions in this list. Develop your own self-care toolbox so you can keep your precious system from sliding into burnout territory with regular, loving maintenance.  


Lauren Rubin


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