Our names are Mia Kazovsky and Rachel Borghard – a Pisces and Taurus, respectively. You could say the stars aligned when we met as students studying Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. Nearly five years after graduating, our friendship evolved into a creative partnership with the co-founding of Dooz. We set out to create a brand that is highly personal, fosters connection, and encourages self-expression. Astrology was the perfect launching point for this vision. As two young, female entrepreneurs, we are determined to help shape the fashion industry into a friendlier, more people-focused space. We launched Dooz with the aim of bringing positivity and self-love into fashion, celebrating individuality and showing off what makes you you. We hope to play a meaningful role in the shift already happening throughout the industry.


Dooz is based in New York City and our pieces are handmade in Los Angeles. An essential part of our community-building mission is working with local studios and craftsmen and striving for the highest quality. We consciously support local businesses because we value where our products are made and who makes them. Our customers value that too. Dooz also encourages conscientious consumption by making timeless pieces that are built to last.


Astrology is assurance that the universe gets us, and Dooz celebrates that empowering idea. The 12 signs are embodied within all of us, and we believe in owning that. Dooz celebrates the freedom of embracing who we are every time we get dressed.