The Brand

Astrology is assurance that the universe gets us; isn't that why we read our horoscopes? The 12 signs are embodied within all of us, and we believe in owning that. Dooz celebrates the freedom of embracing who we are every time we get dressed.

The Team

Rachel Borghard and Mia Kazovsky – a Taurus and Pisces respectively – met while studying Fashion Design at Pratt Institute where they bonded over interests outside of fashion. Influenced by architecture, modern art, and film, they shared similar design aesthetics. They often half-joked about starting a line together some day, and nearly five years after graduating, their friendship blossomed into a creative partnership with the co-founding of Dooz. 

Sourcing + Materials

We work with specialized mills and tanneries, sourcing refined raw materials to ensure that each Dooz piece only gets better with time.

Made in USA

We partner with expert craftsmen and manufacturers in Los Angeles, California to execute our visions. We aim to make our products the best without compromising our values.