We're Mia Kazovsky and Rachel Borghard – a Pisces and Taurus, respectively. You could say the stars aligned when we met as students studying Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. Our friendship evolved into a creative partnership with the co-founding of DOOZ. We launched DOOZ with the aim of bringing positivity and self-love into fashion.

Handmade in America

Designed in NYC. Made in LA. To be worn anywhere. DOOZ pieces are handmade by craftsmen and local studios in Los Angeles, California. We support USA manufacturers because value where our products are made and who makes them – and we know you value that, too.


Dooz is zodiac-inspired style. We are a brand that encourages self-expression through astrology. On any given day, dressing for your sign or channeling the energy of another sign can remind you of your strengths and help you fulfill your potential. Celebrate your individuality and show off what makes you YOU.