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Dooz Gigi Bag crossbody strap in moss green Italian leather

Our World

Dooz epitomizes luxury, drawing inspiration from the worlds of art and design. Combining distinctive silhouettes with artistic craftsmanship, Dooz reflects Rachel’s background in multidisciplinary design and embodies her journey of creative exploration.


Influenced by a lifelong passion for fine arts, fashion and industrial design, Dooz founder Rachel Borghard explores her artistic process through the medium of accessories, drawing from her experience in multidisciplinary design.

Dooz Gigi Bag saddle detail of woven squiggle leather shapes and stitching

Artisanally Crafted

Each Dooz bag is cut, stitched and embossed by hand at our small studio in Los Angeles, California. We focus on curating a collection of meticulously edited pieces, produced in small batches and refined over time.

Italian Leather

Our Italian Napa calfskin is exceptionally smooth, supple and durable. Sourced directly from a renowned Italian tannery, this high-quality leather provides the perfect balance of elegance and structure, ensuring each handbag is both luxurious and resilient.