A Day In The Life of A Virgo: Hayley Hill

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By Hayley Hill –


I must admit, I am a little late to the game, so-to-speak, when it comes to astrological signs and their deeper meaning. However, in the last few months, so many things have come together and I have found justification for my somewhat obsessive cleaning behavior and empathy towards most people. This is what we Virgos are KNOWN for. Finally, some resolve. Here is my day, living life in Brooklyn through the lens of a Virgo. 

Hayley's Instagram Photo of Williamsburg

Some Virgo qualities: 

  • Analytical/Critical eye
  • Perfectionist
  • Organized
  • Loyal/Faithful
  • Independent
  • Intense
  • Harsh
  • Supportive
  • Never does anything half-assed
  • Artistic
  • Patient
  • Takes responsibility
  • Seriously picky

I wake up around 8:00am and start my morning at Hardwater Coffee, a coffee shop that my boyfriend designed and opened in Williamsburg. It is my favorite place to have breakfast and sit in the huge backyard to soak in the sun before work. I love seeing my friends and neighbors coming through as the day begins. I order my usual iced matcha and write down my “To-Do List” on my tiny notebook from Muji. This clears my head and helps me organize and prioritize for the day and week. A new learning of mine: This is very Virgo. 


Hayley's Instagram Photo of Hardwater Coffee

Ever since these new Revel scooters came to Brooklyn, I have been on them incessantly. It has become my new commute to work everyday in DUMBO. I have absolutely noticed a boost in my mood and focus, because surprise, surprise, I am no longer accosted in the morning by strangers blasting their music, or dancing on the pole that I am holding on to or cramming into a packed M train. Not to mention, I no longer feel like the seven dwarfs “Hi-Ho-ing” all the way to work one tiny step at a time until everyone is out from the train line. I have learned that while most of the time we Virgos are always the cheery ones, we can also be a bit harsh in descriptions. The train brings out my harsh side. 


Hayley's Instagram Photo of Herself in a Helmet

So, I was on my way to work and…(cue cop sirens.) My exhilarating ride has come to an abrupt halt. Lesson learned: don’t pass a car on a scooter, it will cost you $138. I am obviously quite bummed, but I brush it off and make my way to work because well, life goes on. We Virgos are very positive. 

I arrive to work and having been in the news industry for years, I like to read about what is going on and stay informed, then I read up on new design trends. This gets my day started and then I dive in. I am the Social Media Coordinator at Brooklinen and my desk is right by a big window, so I am often gazing out and admiring the Williamsburg Bridge in the distance and soaking in the beauty of this city. I have lists upon lists that keep me well organized and I find joy as I check my “To-Do’s” off during the day, editing photos and planning layouts. 


Hayley's Instagram Photo of Brooklinen Sheets

Today I have a shoot in Greenpoint, so I am off again. I pack up my cameras and cruise through the neighborhood. I pay particular attention to all the colors I see for inspiration for a personal photo project I am working on. (I shoot a lot of film photography) I see bright neon graffiti, earthy red brick, bright blue doors and start thinking about color palettes – seeking beauty in the grungy parts on the city. 


Hayley's Instagram Photo of herself

After work, I am ready to shake my booty at Good Move, where I go for dance class. This is where I physically let loose, but also my mind and spirit are free to explore movement and play. Dance has always given me a very strong sense of independence and strength and I find it so liberating to have that supportive bond with friends. I also love the fact that I am strengthening my mind by learning choreography and tapping into my performative side. Virgos are learners; we don’t do anything half-assed and we are constantly in search of growth. 

Hayley's Instagram Photo of Good Move

I jump into my comfy, cozy Brooklinen sheets, of course, after I clean up, take a little magnesium for my muscles and poof! The day is done. 


– Hayley Hill


Cover image and other images courtesy of Hayley Hill

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  • You have always been that spark of good energy and bright light that always makes others around you feel happy and loved!!💝

    Mama Hill on
  • Very nice post. I am a Virgo rising, my husband and younger daughter are also Virgos — can identify. Beautiful photos!! Thank you, Hayley! Thank you Dooz for masterminding this fun #adayinthelife series.

    alla kazovsky on

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