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The Scope sat down with Libra #DOOZMUSE, Layla-Jane Saad, to chat about connection, authenticity, and how astrology memes brighten up any given day. Join us to get to know Layla-Jane and dish about her candle obsession and 7-step skincare routine (big time Libra vibes).

What are your big 3 – Sun, Moon, and Rising signs?

I am a Libra Sun, Virgo Moon, and an Aquarius Rising.

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

I currently work in a sales / customer service role at a luxury health club and I'm also an online content creator! My sign(s) play a massive role in my work. I meet new people on the daily with my job and foster connections. Being able to get along with all different personalities is crucial and I’ll thank my Libra stars for that one.

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope? 

I may not read daily horoscopes, but my daily dose of astrology memes really makes each day a little lighter. Astrology is an amazing conversation starter for me and I love connecting with both those who know everything about their chart and those who know nothing!

Dooz muse Layla wears the Aquarius cobalt blue knit tee and matching Aquarius white cotton bandana

What's your favorite holiday? (Yes, your birthday counts as a holiday!)

Listen, I have never considered my birthday a holiday until this very moment. You said it, not me.

We all miss parties, gatherings, and events of all sorts. If you could plan your ultimate shindig what would it look like? Who would be there? What would go down?

I need to hop on a flight with a handful of my closest girls and spend some time in the palm trees and sunshine with a perfect blend of sunrise beach runs and late night rooftop bars.

What’s the most memorable gift you’ve given recently? How are you approaching gift giving this holiday season?

Oh this is a good one. My birthday has just passed! The Sparknotes version: I was lead through an hour-long Higher Self Meditation with a Spiritual Life Coach last year and when it came to visualizing myself at the end, I saw myself in a bright orange dress. I don't think I've owned anything orange pretty much ever. For my birthday this year, I was gifted a beautiful orange dress to put on for a photoshoot so I could ALWAYS see myself as my highest, happiest self. *wipes tears*

Dooz Aquarius cobalt blue knit cotton sweater tee styled with Aquarius leather reversible belt with logo buckle

DOOZ partnered with Actually Curious to get to know Layla-Jane a little bit deeper. The following are a few questions from their thoughtful, question-based card game:

What were the holidays like for you growing up?

I actually come from a very small family, which has its pros and cons. Always a small gathering, lots of quality time, and competitive board games. My mom owned a catering business, so we always had the most decadent meals and amazing desserts!

What foods remind you of home?

Again, my mom’s business makes this a hard one! I grew up with so many options and creative dishes. We always had these butter cookies with a powdered sugar glaze that we made with different cookie cutters for each holiday – Valentine’s day, St. Patty's, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It was always my favorite when she made them!

I wish I could share _____ with human kind.

True connection and deep understanding.

Imagine yourself in the future. What will your greatest life accomplishment be?

If I am living my most authentic, present self and inspiring/encouraging others to do the same. 

To wrap up the Actually Curious portion of this interview, a featured Libra question: Who was your childhood crush, and where are they now?

Singular? Crush? Only one? Justin Bieber is doing pretty well for himself.

Dooz Aquarius zodiac white printed cotton bandana

If you could give someone one DOOZ piece, who would it be and what would you give them? Would you pick their sign?

Oh yes! I’d give my fiery Aries BFF the Aries Céleste Bag for all her adventures.

Festive string lights or scented candles?

Scented candles, but an overwhelming amount of them.

Someone hands you the AUX at a party, what do you play?

Music that's probably wayyyy too slow to fit the vibe, or a bunch of music I can claim no one has never heard before and make sure they never forget I was the one who showed it to them (hello, Aquarius Rising).

What’s your one beauty secret? 

Facial oils! My routine would not be complete without topping off with a hydrating oil. Some of my favorite are Chia oil, Rosehip oil, and Jojoba oil! 

How would you style your DOOZ pieces for a night out?

A white mini dress with the Libra Céleste BagBlack leather pants with my Aries Duo Belt and a black tube top. My Aquarius Bandana with a black mini dress and white booties. *heart eye emojis*

If you were to select one color from the DOOZ celestial rainbow, what would your power color be and why?

Aquarius baby! That royal blue is electric. It is powerful enough to be bold, but still calm, cool, and collected. 

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day? 

A 7-step skin care routine, 4853943 candles, and Eucalyptus in my diffuser.

Any given day is incomplete without…?

Coffee and listing 1 thing you are grateful for.

What are your favorite DOOZ pieces and why?

I absolutely love the Zodiac Bandana because it is so versatile. It completes any look! I also love all of the Aquarius collection because that color is a SHOW STOPPER. I live for it.


Dooz Aquarius cobalt leather half moon handbag, reversible leather belt, and cotton short sleeve knit tee


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