Libra #DOOZMUSE Diary: Andrea Bridon

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Welcome to #DOOZMUSE Diary, where we spotlight friends of the DOOZ community to take a glimpse at their lives through an astrological lens. Today we feature Andrea Bridon, a Libra.

Hey Andrea, what are your big 3?

My Sun is Libra, my Moon is Gemini, and my Rising is Sagittarius.

3 adjectives to describe you?

Hardworking, bold, adventurous.

Where do you live/where are you from?

I have lived in NY for about 2 years now, and I currently live in Brooklyn. I'm originally from the DMV from Virginia, a town called Bealeton.

Sagittarius fuchsia knit sweater tee with zodiac sign

What do you do for work? Does your sign play into your career at all?

I'm a model / makeup artist. I've been using this time to explore my other passions – in fact, I'm in the process of creating my own skincare brand called Forever Glow Skin! Being the Libra that I am, I'm very open to exploring different paths, but I can be indecisive when it comes to choosing which projects to tackle first... but once I have a task or project to do I'm on it!

Libra loves all things beautiful, so it's very fitting that you're a makeup artist and you're creating your own beauty line. Your Gemini Rising probably plays a huge role in your having so many interests, always learning and trying things out.

What’s a typical morning look like for you? How does astrology play into that? For example, are you an emotional water sign who likes to get their feelings out by journaling every morning?

I usually start my morning routine on my roof – I do stretches on my yoga mat to get my body moving and my thoughts flowing. Drinking a glass of lime water in my wine glass to wake my body up. I'm big on information-seeking, as well. I like to remind myself how much I have done and how much excitement lies ahead. I usually express how I feel about current situations by journaling. I feel free when I express my feelings because it's like I'm talking to myself and getting more in tune with my emotions before I go about my day.

Those practices sounds like a really great way find harmony as you start your day, and we know Libra is allllll about harmony. The information-seeking, that's totally your Gemini Rising. Might have to start pouring my morning water into a wine glass. That beautiful little detail is super Libra-esque, wanting everything to be pretty. 

Virgo burgundy half moon leather handbag on stack of books

What books are on your nightstand right now?

Dream Dancer by Janet Morris and The Laws of the Sun by Ryuho Okawa.

Current playlist/songs on repeat?

I'm a huge Tame Impala fan. Favorite song on replay is Breathe Deeper from their new album.

Andrea's beauty routine

What’s your one beauty secret? 

I love to apply cold pressed oils on my skin (a little extra sepcial when they're infused with green tea or CBD oil). I love natural  products for my skin. 

We'll be looking out for your skincare line! 

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How do you style the DOOZ Sweater-T? 

Usually with a simple jewelry piece – either my jade, my name, or my Libra sign.

How, if at all, does astrology impact your daily life? Do you read your horoscope?

I read my horoscope almost every week. I am very in tune as far as numerology. I am a strong believer that numbers are connected to our everyday lives, especially if you see them in doubles. It's a way that the universe speaks to us as a reminder to [keep us] on track. 

Do you gravitate towards certain signs as friends/collaborators/partners?

Honestly, I don't let that bother me. Libras get along with pretty much any sign until you give them a reason not to work together.

Yes, Libras really prioritize partnerships and relationships.

How do you unwind/decompress at the end of the day?

I usually unwind by boiling tea infused with sea moss and rolling a CDB J. I love lighting Incense and candles to set the vibe to a peaceful setting, and I love music that helps me think and create.

Are you watching/have you recently watched anything you’d recommend?

When I have free time I love watching documentaries & anime. Right now I’m a huge fan of this show Tiny Houses. 

What’s your favorite thing to do on the weekends?

I love to thrift shop, sit by the water at the beach, be around friends, cook great food for others. I especially enjoy outside activities like hiking & biking. The weekends are my time to reset.

That love for being outdoors and being adventurous sounds like your Sagittarius Moon.

Any given day is incomplete without…?

Looking in the mirror, stretching, having the strength to get up and keep going, having that personal pep talk. I'm incomplete if I don’t do these things.

That's super powerful. And of course, have to say it, Libra does love a good mirror moment!

What are your favorite DOOZ pieces? Which color(s) do you gravitate towards, even if they’re not signs in your chart.

I gravitate towards colors like green (Taurus, Pisces), purple (Sagittarius), yellow (Gemini), and pink (Libra).

Well, the Sagittarius Fuchsia looks amazing on you. We love that you're repping your Moon sign.

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