The Ultimate Taurus Season Checklist For Every Sign

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By Elizabeth Bobbitt –


Have you been feeling yourself lately? Or at least, feeling an overwhelming pull to embrace that “treat yo’self” mentality? That’s the kind of energy to expect when Taurus season comes to town, and honestly, we’re here for it. Taurus is ruled by Venus - the planet of love, art, beauty, and romance - and connected to the Second House, which focuses on values, comfort, possessions, and wealth. It’s the amalgamation of these themes that gives Taurus season the propensity to be such a cushy, cozy time - but in a culture that traditionally associates self-care with selfishness, it’s far too easy to ignore the universe’s plea to pump the breaks and deeply engage with the human experience.

Enter the Ultimate Taurus Season Checklist, designed to help even the busiest of folks (yep, including you) wholeheartedly embrace this time of year. Taurus asks us to be slow, sensual, and sensory - firmly rooted in the present and obsessed with enjoying the best that life has to offer. A balanced Taurus understands the world through sensory experiences - which is why this list is broken into exercises that satisfy each of the five senses. So grab your fluffiest robe, fill your favorite coffee mug, and work through this list with that determination of a Taurus. The results will be juicy!



Overculturally, Tauruses get a lot of heat for their tendency to forego social obligations in favor of staying in. But Taurus is not an anti-social sign - it just wants you to get comfortable with saying “no” to people and places that don’t make you feel at home. So instead of shutting down your social life this month, bring the party (and people you love) to you! An at-home wine tasting experience is one of the easiest and most entertaining nights to host. Simply have each of your guests bring a bottle or two of their favorite wine and encourage them to come prepared with a few facts about each. Alongside a killer cheeseboard, you’ll get to spend the night sampling vino and summoning your inner sommeliers, all while donning PJs if you see fit. Is there anything more Taurean than that? 




Since Taurus is inextricably connected with Venus, this season is the perfect time to welcome a little more art and beauty into your life. I recently stumbled across Museum Views by Google - which lets you take virtual tours of the world’s most impressive galleries and cultural sites. From sitting in the front row of the Sydney Opera House and soaking up360° panoramic views of the space, to wandering through Barcelona’s infamous Sagrada Familia, you’re in for a surprisingly intimate digital experience. Of course this is no contest for seeing these spots in person, but there’s something to be said for getting to stare at your favorite painting on super zoom for as long as your heart desires. Next Sunday, try replacing your classic Netflix and chill sesh with something a little more elevated. For more inner-museum goodness, go here.




More than anything, Taurus season is about coming home to yourself. It’s about finding the things that make you feel the most like you, and sussing out your signature scent is an integral part of this process. There’s an understated power in finding the perfume or oil that helps you channel _______ when you put it on, and that blank space is yours and only yours to fill. Whether you’re looking to feel more sensual, independent, or feminine; a combo of all three or none of the above, applying a few spritzes of your go-to scent can make it happen, and fast. If you’re up for the challenge, Scentbird’s subscription service sends new perfumes to your doorstep until you find your favorite, but never underestimate the fun of a little trip to your local beauty counter. 




It’s no secret that a Taurus loves their sleep, so consider these next few weeks your time to seriously uplevel your bedtime routine - focusing on sound. One of the best places to start is meditating a night, and apps like Plum Village and Insight Timer are filled with guided meditations and peaceful sounds specifically designed to help you drift off. If struggling to stay asleep is your problem, investing in wax earplugs can help you really cocoon. I was an insomniac for years before discovering these noise-cancelling babies from Quies, and now I can reach REM with the best of them.




Sure, this season is about celebrating the finer, floatier things in life – but let’s not forget that Taurus is an earth sign – calling us to balance this headiness by getting grounded. For most of us, our feet are what connect us to the earth – so giving them some extra TLC via Reflexology is the perfect way to do this. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s believed that different parts of our feet correspond to specific organs in the body, which can then be treated via foot massage (AKA Reflexology). In addition to helping you feel more grounded, the benefits of this practice include easing depression, preventing migraines, and eliminating toxins. If you have a partner, practicing at home à la YouTube is an intimate way to connect with the one you love. And it’s been known to lead to a Taurus’s other favorite romantic past time … ‘tis the season, no?



No matter what your sign is, embrace the grounded energy of Taurus this season; shop the Taurus Sweater-T and Taurus Céleste Bag:


– Elizabeth Bobbitt


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